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Discussion in 'Horn Depot' started by Stuck_At_Work, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. Stuck_At_Work

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    Looking for a good place to find reviews/ratings of doctors. I'm having surgery in two weeks with a Dr Smoot (in Austin), but I can't seem to find any info on him online other than his bio. If y'all have any recommendations on where to look, please let me know.
  2. valencia

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    Texan Monthly every year publishes a list of the Best Doctors in Texas. Do you know any RNs? If so ask them in private what they know.
  3. Wild Bill

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    I'm a retired anesthesiologist in SA, but I have 2 sisters and a B-I-L in Austin who are docs. For Gen. Surgery, I would recommend Bob Askew (a 'sip). I don't know Dr. Smoot, but I'll ask around.
  4. Stuck_At_Work

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    Thanks Wild Bill. Really appreciate it. He is an orthopedic surgeon in case it matters.
  5. Wild Bill

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    One of my sisters replied that she does not directly deal with him, but when they've had patients in common, "he's been fine". Also, everyone seems to like him. Sounds to me like you picked a good doc. Good luck!
  6. Stuck_At_Work

    Stuck_At_Work 1,000+ Posts

    Thanks Wild Bill. Really appreciate it.
  7. NEWDOC2002

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    It depends on the body part. Some ortho's excel at certain surgeries. I refer shoulders to one guy, knees to two or three, etc.

    The rankings online are crap, btw. And no, I'm not in the rankings.
  8. Stuck_At_Work

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    Ankle injury.
  9. Horn89

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    I don't know Smoot, but I'm sure he's fine. If for whatever reason you want a second opinion, Mark Dalton is a foot/ankle specialist and a nice guy.

    Also, I'm a subscriber and supporter of Texas Monthly, but their "Best Doctor" rankings are utterly worthless.
  10. X-Ray_Horn

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    If he spends as much time on your ankle as his hair, you'll probably do fine. [​IMG]

    Poop on Smoot

  11. txtxyeha

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  12. UTTG

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    You might look into Dr. Archie Whittemore or one of the docs in his group. He has worked on me several times.
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