Document reveals all-in prices for Texas football season tickets

Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by Mesohorny, Jul 23, 2015.

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    Patterson conveniently omits the new parking charge when calculating increases from last year. I'd also submit that the lesser seats which saw a decrease are the ones with the most annual turnover.
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    In my case, not counting Longhorn foundation donation:
    Two season tickets increased from 420.00 to 525.00 per ticket.
    Parking increased 50.00 per ticket.
    So total went from 840.00 to 1,150.00. That would be a 36.9% increase if I am not using the Patterson math theorem. Patterson's math theorem does not factor parking costs as part of the percent increase.
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    In my case, not counting Longhorn Foundation donation:

    Two season tickets increased from $840.00 to $1100.00.

    Now I am required to pay for parking. To be in the same location as I have been parking in requires I pay $195.00 which I did.

    You figure out the math!!!
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    FK , if your 2 season tickets increased from 840.00 to 1100.00 and you paid an increase of 195.00 for the same parking, then your cost
    increased from 840.00 to 1,295.00 which is a 54.17% increase. Maybe Patterson misplaced a decimal point?
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    He forgets what he wants. Too depressed to think about it.
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    In addition to ignoring parking, Steve P'.s chart ignores Grandfathered Longhorn Foundation Status. I joined the LHF in the 1990's and paid the minimum fee - $150/year. I have never asked for better seats than the ones I received that year. My seats are not between the goal lines and are on the lower level, west side. They are considered 1A under Steve P. In some years I gave more than $150 to LHF, but a few years ago I bumped it back down to $150. My donation story is complicated because I understand math and rules and use them to my best advantage; see * below.

    So I have Grandfathered LHF status for my seats, which means a $150 LHF donation. Last year my tickets cost $420 each, my LHF donation was $75 per seat, not the $400 per seat that Steve P has listed in his chart as the 2014 Annual Seat Donation, and my parking was free, for a total of $495 for each seat including parking and LHF. This year I refused to increase my donation ($75/seat), paid $525 per seat for tickets, and paid $50 per seat for parking, for a total of $650 per seat, including parking and LHF. My "Ticket Cost Change" column (including parking, but not LHF), is not the 25% lie that Steve P. states as fact, it is 36.9%; from $420 to $575. My "Total Per Seat Change", which includes parking and the actual cost of my LHF donation, is not the 13% lie that Steve P. states as fact, it is 31.3%.

    Am I being petty? Maybe. He could have said prices are going up and left it at that. Instead he decided to sell a story that is not true but was designed to make him look better. The longer you have been an LHF member who has kept your donation steady, the more your prices went up as a percentage. That's your thanks for living through the crap years. Now he could not tell people that, so he came up with this "6% average, but you know, it's actually less than that, but we rounded up!" story. It's an insult to my McCombs Degree to think I cannot do math, and it reflects a lack of integrity to try to get away with that "6% increase" yarn. (I remember now why I have no respect for marketing majors.)

    "Athletics," in the words of the memorandum that Steve P. sent me in his very first Patterson's Posts, "is the front porch of the University." Well, right now, the front porch is sagging, with a few rotted out boards, has an aggressive rabid possum hiding under the steps, a "Go Away" note on the door, an Arizona State Flag in the window, and a new sign above the mail slot that says "Pay Here. Cash Only."

    I'll stick around for The Irish in Austin next year, but I have alreday told McCombs that McCombs won't get any more donations from me as long as Steve P. is the AD. If enough Deans of the various schools/colleges hear that Patterson is pissing off the alumni and coloring how we feel about giving money to UT, Patterson will be gone sooner rather than later.

    * I decided to donate $150to the LHF because the difference between $150 and what it would take to get me 40 yard lines seats for TX/OU, divided by two seats, plus the cost of a TX/OU ticket was more than what it costsmost years to buy a 40 yard lineTX/OU seat from a scalper. Plus, I can usually expense buying tickets from a scalper to take a client to TX/OU, but have not figured out a way to expense my LHF donation.

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    I can only imagine what the price hike will be next year with ND TCU and Baylor all coming yikes
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    Yep....get out the Vaseline and bend over.
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    I thought this was a pic of the Administration Building over at that aggy college.
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    I don't think you should include parking costs when calculating your ticket price increase. These are separate issues.
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    Free parking was included with the purchase of season tickets until this season. It was not designated as a perk separate from the ticket purchase transaction. It was part of the season ticket package.

    This year it is no longer free. So either you include the parking costs with this year's ticket expenses, or you subtract it from what was paid for tickets last year. It has to be accounted for in UT's increased cost to attend a game, if one is performing the same exact tasks to do so as the year before.

    Why not separate out donations charges from ticket costs too, if we're gonna line item the incorporated expenses to water down increases to attend the game? Because it simply does not reflect the true cost increase by UT to attend the game as usual.
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    Parking costs absolutely are part of the ticket price increase. The parking pass was part of the season ticket package in previous years.
    Just because they separate the parking pass from the season ticket package and charge separately does not mean it is not an increase in cost of the package. They could just as easily continued to give the parking pass and increased the ticket package the same cost of the new parking pass cost.
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    Tell me I shouldn't include the new cost for parking this year when wife and I are walking, God only knows how far, to the stadium in the heat of the early games, which I refused to pay. Actually I'll probably drop wife off on MLK then park and return, soaking wet, after parking in said "God only knows" area. With the other increases I simply couldn't go with the parking charge too.
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    I didn't order parking because I knew we wouldn't be going to every game this year so I just bought campus parking try it out it works for me maybe it's convient for you
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    no, that would be this one...

    since they were not content to just have their
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    Thanks easy, I'll ck it out.
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    No prob it's still a little bit of a walk but through the campus it's pretty shady with all the trees and stuff and I think there is a shuttle around there also but I'm not 100% sure on that
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    Already did. There are many ways to get to games and not everybody has the luxury of parking super close to the stadium. You will find a way to make it there if you want to. If you are handicapped and need special accommodations then those are available.
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    Ok, Hornpharmd, think about it like this. I used to get my prescriptions in a bottle. They charged me for the prescription, but not the bottle. Now they have upped the price for the prescription and want to charge me for the bottle, and the label that tells me how much to take and when to take it, and for the privilege of walking into the pharmacy. I guess I could be pedantic like you and say that the price of my prescription has gone up a lot and not mention the bottle, the label or the cost of entering the store, but the price of the whole experience has increased by a lot more than the cost of the pills.

    By the way, my cost for my UT FB tickets without parking but with my LHF contribution, my pedantic friend, has increased from $495 to $600, which is an increase of 21.21% and my cost of just tickets without LHF donation or parking has increased from $420 to $525, which is 25%. You will notice one consistency between the two percentages in this post and the two in my post above. All four of them are more than the 13% increase Patterson claims for my seats and the 6% increase he claims was generally levied. So here is what I know about the guy - he is a manipulator of facts and statistics and is not worthy of the trust and support of any fan of Longhorn Athletics, whether or not I include my parking and my LHF donation. That's all I needed to know, but you can tell me some more about how I can just suck it up, and I will tell you that you are correct - I can choose to suck it up or not, but Steve Patterson is still a manipulator and not to be trusted.
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    I understand what you and other posters are complaining about. Your analogy is poor though because you can still watch the game and get the full product (your seat and the game) with or without the parking pass. For a prescription analogy, charging for the bottle would be more analogous to say they were going to charge you extra to have a bench where your seat is....which is obviously ridiculous and won't happen. The real analogy would be for you to get your prescription they are now going to charge you extra to park close to the store or to use the drive-thru (if available), or even to get in the store vs. mail order.

    Many of these policies seem to be not only to increase revenue but to drive out the ticket purchaser who is using grandfathered tickets that were passed down from somebody and just sells extra tickets for extra cash. These new policies will push out some of that and allow other loyal Texas fans to improve their seats. They have man new policies on reselling of tickets, etc, that seem to indicate this.
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    A better analogy is selling you a car. The next time you buy the same car the price has been increased by 33% and bumpers will cost you extra as they are not necessary for you to enjoy driving the car. Although in the past , the car always came with bumpers. Other lots have better cars for less than the original price with bumpers.

    My assigned personal Texas Foundation/Ticket customer representative called me yesterday to ask if I knew anyone that might be interested in four seats directly behind mine. My first thought was a very nice family I have known for the last 28 years had dropped out. We met the first season after we both joined Longhorn Foundation and randomly drawing tickets so many years ago. We did not know each other prior.
    I agree hornpharmd, they are running people out, but not the people that are selling tickets for profit. They are running people out that attended the games.
    Not only cant we sell the tickets if we wanted to , at the end of last years we couldn't give them away.

    Now the AD is finding out they cant sell tickets for the seats of the people they ran off.

    I had him walk through the cost of the four tickets. 400.00 each for the section and 525.00 each per ticket.
    $3,700.00 plus 100.00 parking = $3,800.00 I told him good luck. I pressed him if they were going to discount the seats and sell them game by game because I wanted the same discount. He told me they were not going to discount sales of tickets in my section. We'll see, I will be asking anyone that sits in the seats behind me.
    I pressed him on how many were left in my section, and he started trying to sell me on the other locations tickets were available in my section. So a section that has always been full and sold out in the past now has numerous seats available right before the season starts on August 24.

    This is August 24, 2015 and they are calling grandfathered season ticket holders trying get tickets sold at a higher cost to replace the lost sales of grandfathered season ticket holders.
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    Sounds like we may be in the same section.

    One final analogy:

    Steve Patterson says that costs in my section including LHF donation and not including parking went up by 11%. "And that's rounding up," according to Steve Patterson.

    For me, that metric actually went up by 21%, and my all in cost went up 31.3%.

    That would be like someone lying to me about what I am paying at the same time that they are asking for my financial support. Oh wait. It's not "like" that at all, it's what is actually happening. And, I'm all, like, "hey, man, I don't like this." And he's all, like, "Like it or leave it, dude." It's, like, totally crazy.

    I'm greeted with lies, damn lies and statistics when I come to visit. Nice front porch.
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    This debate is ridiculous. "You can still see the game with or without a parking pass"??? Yes, and we'd still have to increase our gameday cost to attend from the past decades to pay for alternate parking anywhere around the game. Removing the included parking pass results in an increase in parking to donors from the past any way you slice it.

    Sure we could not drive our vehicle and drastically alter simple gameday methods as common as driving to work, but now we're paying for another means of travel or being forced into a major hassle of alternate transportation from what's always been. I wonder how it would fly if SP would ban driving to the game at all. Love to see that turn-out.

    Regardless, parking belongs in the increase of our ticket package costs. Moving it as a side purchase doesn't change that it was an included part of the ticket purchase before. There wasn't a separate compartment for your free pass. It was included in the price for free, now the same exact normal gameday process of donors to park and watch costs more for BOTH connected actions.

    Funny how the only ones debating in support of this added parking increase are the ones who didn't have a parking pass to begin with, so the increase didn't add to their gameday costs.

    Non-grandfathered fans ridiculously look down on longtime loyal donors as mooching the system. Who do they think paid for much of the program with tens of thousands of dollars each in continuous financial support for many years? Yes the sucky years too.

    Bottom line is SP is a lying POS and twists the numbers to support his dictatorial policies. There are countless examples and this one is blatantly obvious.
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    We like to drink so we take a cab or have my wife drop us off. It doesn't increase the cost of this donor. With that said, in the past, I would just sell the parking passes to scalpers.
  27. IvanDiabloHorn

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    Cab fare doesn't increase your cost??
  28. BananaChipBettor

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    Nope, because it's the way we've always done it. Actually, with Uber and Lyft, rides will be cheaper this year. Like I said, I will lose a little extra spending money by not being able to sell the passes, but it won't cost me more.

    It would increase my costs if I took a cab in response to being charged for parking passes, but that's not the case.
  29. IvanDiabloHorn

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    So... if free parking passes were the way we've always done it.....paying for parking passes or cab fare would increase our cost.
  30. BananaChipBettor

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    So, if cabs rides were the way you've always done it, nothing has changed. There is no change. No price increase, etc. It sucks for some, but it's not "an increase in parking to donors from the past any way you slice it."

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