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Discussion in 'Cactus Cafe' started by TRRW#31, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. TRRW#31

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    So I've been watching a lot of documentaries on Netflix. I just saw two great ones, Reel Injun and Ultimate Predator. I would like to get some recommendations.
  2. Perham1

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    Ok, I got one for you: Gates of Heaven. Take the movie seriously as a Homeric expression of the human condition. Ebert calls it one of the best movies ever made. There are many who vehemently disagree.

    Errol Morris (if you know who that is) is awesome. Also get Fast, Cheap, and Out Of Control; The Fog of War; and The Thin Blue LIne. All by Morris.

    Ok, now onto Werner Herzog:

    Cave of Forgotten Dreams (I haven't seen this yet, but heard it's great).
    Grizzly Man
    The White Diamond
    Encounters at the End of the World

    Morris and Herzog aren't everybody's cup of tea, but if you like them, you'll be in heaven with these movies.
  3. TRRW#31

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  4. rickysrun

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    A little off the beaten path, but I thoroughly enjoyed King of Kong and Hands on a Hard Body. They require no thinking, but the characters are no less than fascinatingly-strange.
  5. halsteadfrost

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    Here's a list of Docs from this year and a link for their list from last year as well:The Link

    I personally recommend Marwencol & Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work those are the two of the best docs I've seen this year.
  6. TRRW#31

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    I have seen King of Kongs. I liked it. There is one called "Star Trek the Captains". Very cool if you're a fan.
  7. TheNewGuy

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    Bigger, Faster, Stronger
    Man on Wire
    Exit Through the Gift Shop
    When We Were Kings

    Seen any of the ESPN 30 for 30?
    - The Two Escobars (best one, hands down)
    - The Best That Never Was
    - Pony Excess
    - Really any other one you want to pick up
  8. Dionysus

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  9. Burnt Orangeman

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    loved the Fog of War

    saw this just the other day on Nat Geo channel, absolutely riveting
    Stopping the Second 9/11The Link
  10. Michtex

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    If you are into sports documentaries, try:

    Go Tigers! The Link A movie about the 1999 Massillon, OH football team.

    Hoop Dreams
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  12. Larry T. Spider

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  13. Burnt Orangeman

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    Looking for Richard by Al Pacino
  14. TigerPride

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    The Massilon football documentary is insane. Very insightful as to how things in a sports program can go wrong..........redshirting in HS [​IMG]

    If you like war docs.......try Restrepo......very sad indeed.
  15. PFD

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  16. Perham1

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    Best o' the year:

  17. converse

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    Hoop Dreams - the kind of movie you remember and think about again & again. Also, you come to care about the characters and feel invested in their success.
  18. TheNewGuy

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    Dear Zachary

    Not my favorite in terms of movie making, but an unforgettable story.
  19. Third Coast

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    Everyone should watch "Life in a Day". Especially if you're like me and don't get out much. [​IMG]
  20. Y Sanchez

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    It is a rare day when I do not watch something on the Documentary Channel.

    Fascinating stuff.
    The Link
  21. TC21

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    Food Inc. - great doc that makes you think about food and the invisible powers that control it
    Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead - cool human interest piece
    Forks Over Knives - informative and interesting look at animal vs. plant based diet
    Beer Wars - thoroughly entertaining
  22. Horns11

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    I saw "Hands on a Hardbody" at Dobie Theater. I'll never forget the audience's reaction to when the guy compares his "quest" of keeping a hand on a truck to the movie "Highlander."
  23. Third Coast

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    I see that it has been mentioned, but I just watched "Man on Wire" tonight on Sundance and was simply amazed. For those that don't know, it's about Frenchman Philippe Petit's walk between the World Trade Center towers in 1974. Wow.
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