Dodds says it's goodbye to AM...

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by accuratehorn, Sep 21, 2011.

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    As long as we go back to the days before scholarship limitations when Texas had 3 times the players A&M did you guys ruled! More recently though we have won 3 of 5 and have the better team on paper by quite a margin. Who knows though, you guys could always try and get the officiating crew from 1963 to come back from the dead.

    BTW, you do know that your likely replacement is OU right? Loftin and Boren have become pretty close buds in the last few weeks.
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    meh. life goes on.
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    Did scholarship limitations just start in 2006? 3 out of 5 is also 5 out 16, numb nuts. (since we're just throwing out arbitrary dates to prove our points)

    Let's examine your greatest run and look at how much business FedEx was getting in College Station at the time, and how it led to 2 NCAA sanctions for lack of institutional control but not a single national championship.
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    So, there was no scholorship limit for Texas but there was for aggy???
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    My guess is that UT will continue to play in a lot of BCS bowl games while the Aggies will continue to not.
    Call it tradition if you like.
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    The only time Aggie was any good in the last 50 years, they had to cheat to get there.

    Aggie will always be Aggie. Too jealous to stay, too stupid to leave.

    Like this aggressor. He knows that his team will go from being mediocre at best in the Big 12, to totally irrelevant in the SEC. So, he posts on this board just to try to make himself feel better. Looks more like HE is throwing the tantrum.

    But it was a tantrum that caused Aggie to leave. Aggie thought they were important enough to cause things to change to their liking here. They found out that the only people who want them is Baylor. No one cared enough about Aggie to get them to stay.

    I could care less if we ever play those idiots again. They have less class than Miami, less integrity than Oklahoma, and less importance than Baylor.

    Aggie is the Monica Lewinski of football. People are interested in them only a little, but only to say, "you actually used to play them?? Disgusting!"
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    Malcolm Brown idolizes Ricky Williams. Ergo, he'll do his hero proud by running all over the aggys, just like Ricky used to do.
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    Rivals conduct matters all in good fun.

    For fun, for the 'get back' to Aggy for leaving the conference, here would be my terms, to be written up in University of Texas by-laws.

    1. Eligible to play Aggie again after 100 years, starting in the Fall of 2112. This, in honor of Aggy's "100 year plan" in moving to the SEC.

    2. Games to be played only in Austin.

    3. Ticket allotment for A&M set at 3,850 tickets -- in honor of this year's allotment by A&M to Baylor for their game to be played in College Stations.

    4. Payment for the game set at $100,000 to A&M, and $1 million to a state-wide charity. The dollar indexed year 2011.

    5. Games always televised on the Longhorn Network*, fully advertised and sponsored by the University of Texas throughout the entire telecast.
    (by 2112, the LHN may have been named just "The Network")

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    This thread should be bookmarked for future reference, like in two months.
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    Beebee should grow some nads and also sue the dog sh-t out of the aggys on behalf of the Big 12. They started all this crap by not wanting to co-share a network deal with Dobbs to begin with. I just hope the Baylor lawyers leave us some scraps on the gomer carcass.

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    The Horn talk radio made a good point today... every college in the state of Texas should blackball the aggies for opening the state to SEC recruiters. No one in Texas should schedule a game with them. Aggie games in the state of Texas only benefits them and brings more SEC recruiters into our state. Let them travel out of state for all away games. Treat them like the Big XII and SWC treated Arkansas for years and now Nebraska.
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    If Dodds lets the A&M game end, then all of the great work he did over the years improving the facilities and hiring great coaches will be forgotten and he will always be the guy that let his ego ruin one of the best games in college football.
    It will be a sad day.
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    Yes, the Texas game is definitely our MNC. That's why we fired our last coach the night he had just beaten you for the 2nd year in a row. This isn't 1960 anymore where A&M was a little Ag school and lived for it's chance to play Texas. A&M has a larger undergrad enrollment than Texas now and is competitive pretty much across the board whether you choose to recognize it or not. The SEC is causing themselves massive headaches to add A&M as a 13th Team and it isn't because it is some backwards school full of hicks.

    In all seriousness it's a great game and a great tradition. I live in Austin and have lots of Texas friends and its just fun. My Dad is an old Ag and lives in CS and so we trade off Thanksgivings depending on where the game is played, its really more of a family tradition than anything. Emotionally the game will never be the same for A&M since Bonfire but it's still a great thing.

    A&M will be fine without the Texas game and so will Texas. Both schools can find a top tier replacement. A&M certainly won't lack for quality games in the SEC. It's just a great thing that benefits both schools and makes everyone a ton of money. You are also just being foolish to say the game won't be even more intriguing with A&M in the SEC.

    As for the rest. Texas did what it thought was best for itself with the LHN and A&M just did the same with going to the SEC. In the end that's what it comes down to. Play the game or don't but nobody wins throwing it away. We can keep smack talking all day (have to admit it was fun) but in the end it would just be sad to see it end.
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    aggy's your delusion will not be missed. Recruits will not look your way after those strings of 5-7 or worse. Finally, at some point the State of Texas will have to step in and say no more loans so start cutting sports.
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    Wow. You want to compare your program to ours? Really?

    You've won a grand total of 2 out-of-conference games against BCS schools in FIFTEEN ******* years of the Big 12's existence. Your last bowl win was 2001 in the bowll, and your last post-New Year's bowl win was like 25 years ago. A&M couldn't be more irrelevant on the national scene. Nobody gives a **** about you.

    Texas averages 10+ wins a year for more than a decade, has played for 2 of the last 6 national championships, and was a controversial tie breaker from playing for 3 of the last 6. We've got BCS skins on the wall from programs like Michigan, USC, and Ohio State.

    And you make it into the top 10 after going 2-0 against SMU and Idaho, and run over here to beat your chest and talk ****? Seriously?
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    The problem with the Arkansas analogy is A&M is actually located in Texas, kind of hard to separate that. A&M won't be playing Baylor for at least 50 years and probably has no desire to play Tech but that still leaves 7 games in Texas every year with the Arkie game in Dallas. Who is going to boycott us? SFA? Texas State? SMU? Don't hold your breath, A&M can write really big buyout checks for games just like Texas can. A&M also will benefit tremendously from the LSU game as Louisiana has always been a significant part of A&M's recruiting territory and it is a short drive from East Texas. A&M has also been plucking players from Mississippi and Florida recently.

    From a recruiting perspective you could argue the A&M game helps Texas more than A&M. Putting Texas at the end of an SEC schedule is downright masochistic. Recruits want to play in big games. A&M will still have a schedule loaded with LSU, Arkie, and Bama every year plus games with Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Auburn, and South Carolina on a regular basis. Even the less exciting games with Ole Miss and Miss State, are fun environments with filled stadiums, the only blah games are Kentucky and Vandy (Nashville is a fun town though).

    Texas will have no more Nebraska. No more Colorado. No more A&M. It's a lot of Iowa State, KState, OSU, Tech, Baylor, Kansas, and Missouri. None of those schools are going to be making any "best college football environment" lists. Any of the add on schools to the Big 12 have little luster. The OU game is great but it's one game and it is never even at DKR. If that schedule gets you excited though more power to you.
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    That is exactly why we have no interest in continuing.

    You come to our place, spout a bunch of total inaccuracies & carefully chosen statistics to support your twisted view of what the series has been.

    Tell us how great you will be and how our future recruiting is only a pipe dream.

    Tell us how much we will lose because WE (not the group who picked up their ball and left) will cause the end of some magical/mystical rivalry (in your eyes, not ours).

    And then come back with some nice little post saying lets just forgive and be buddies.

    aggy hypocracy is as revolting today as it ever was.

    Take your ball, take your nut-squeezers, take your milkmen, take your jizz-jarr, and your administration whose integrity is not worth the contracts they sign, and make off to Hooterville where you can let your new Big Brothers have their way with you. 77-0 may be a yearly standard you see return starting in 2012.
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    Let's see. About those Baylor, Iowa State and Mizzou games you deride.

    Can you say Vandy, Ole Miss, Miss State, Kentucky, UGA and probably Auburn from what we've seen this year. The three teams you deride could beat any of those bottom feeders in the SEC.
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    Baylor, Iowa State, and Missouri all have environments that many Texas HS games blow away. Outside of Kentucky and Vandy every SEC school has a large and sold out stadium with rabid fans and tons of tradition. Georgia is actually one of the games I most want to go to, it's 95k and "playing between the hedges", and that Bulldog.

    Like I said, Texas will be fine and so will A&M. Play us or don't. It's just a foolish statement to act as though the game is irrelevant but whatever. Have fun playing Tech on Thanksgiving or whomever else you can find (most of the best ones are locked up in their own rivalries). It looks like our likely backup will be OU (Loftin and Boren get along great) or LSU or Arkie (both of which we have been playing for over 100 years though they started playing around that time recently). I'm sure they will stick us together in Bowl games at every opportunity.

    I'd just still rather play Texas, it would be more fun. Life will go on though.

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