Does anyone want Herman back next year?

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Htown77, Oct 11, 2020.

  1. nashhorn

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    I fear you are right zucker, have felt for awhile. The Eyes cannot recover. Twenty years from now there will be a reversal but by then I’ll be gone.
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    Hard pass on him returning. This s*** show isn't ALL his fault. The athletic department is sick (and greedy) and has been for awhile. That said, this isn't the guy to lead Texas out of the abyss.
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    Fire Herman and CDC before they destroy it all.
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  4. Joe Fan

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    Nahlin suggests ...
    -- he is gone, even if he wins out, and may not even get the chance to do that (not sure if that has ever happened). There is a suggestion he has one chance to hold the job but its almost impossible for him to get there
    -- the money trouble is real, helping certain boosters gain leverage
    -- they seem to want the Ur
    Worth noting Nahlin isn't always correct. But who is?
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  5. Joe Fan

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    There is a split on this
    OB agrees with you
    Texas athletic director Chris Del Conte is failing at his job. There is no other way to put it. It is hard to sugarcoat. Impossible to ignore.

    Oh, Del Conte is good at telling jokes at fundraisers. He has a great sense of humor. If you want to drink and hear a guy tell jokes, Del Conte can provide entertainment that rivals any comedian on open mic night. Heck, Del Conte’s biggest achievement was creating Bevo Blvd., a lively street with food trucks, music and alcohol. Del Conte was responsible for creating concerts after Longhorn home games, prior to the pandemic, of course. Del Conte definitely knows how throw a damn good party.

    When it comes to making hard decisions about his coaching staff (dating back to TCU), leading an athletic department, or preventing The Eyes of Texas tradition from becoming arguably the most divisive issue between fans and players in school history, Del Conte is doing nothing to justify earning $2.5 million annually until 2027. Del Conte has created this chaos. He has to do a better job of finding solutions.
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  6. horninchicago

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    Probably not the 2 guys I have on Ignore.
  7. horninchicago

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    Ha. Bevo Blvd. Yep, they are correct. That's all he has done.
  8. SabreHorn

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    There is a little matter of the new arena, which Patterson ****** up seven ways from Sunday after the school committed to putting the medical school and hospital where Frank Erwin Center stands. Seems someone cut a deal to get the $325+ million arena built for free.

    While multiple members of the Moody family have attended The University, their money has gone to the Methodist Church and SMU. Someone got them to write a $150 million check to the athletic department.

    Don't know who OB is/are, but they grossly overestimate CDC's authority, particularly with the removal of the midget. Perhaps they should talk to him one on one to learn his thoughts, OR MAYBE, JUST MAYBE they do know him and he won't share confidences with them because they can't keep their mouths shut.
  9. ViperHorn

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    They also built the library at Blinn.
  10. SabreHorn

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    As well as the library at Washington & Lee, although that may have been Mary Moody Northern on her own.
  11. mchammer

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    I gave CDC my advice months ago on this board but he apparently ignored it or didn’t see it. Here it is again: CDC rents a big *** bus and announces he is driving Herman and any interested players to a BLM protest. In reality, he drives to the middle of nowhere, drops them off after dark, and then drives away laughing his *** off. Sometimes folks are too dense to know what is good for them. This is how CDC can show them the way.
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  12. SabreHorn

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    Bus doesn't hold enough fuel to get them to Jo'berg.
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  13. mchammer

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    While the above was a glib response, the root issue is that CDC got suckered by a group acting in bad faith. Either he didn’t recognize it or he was naive in thinking it would work out. I was involved in a deal like this once before. We speculated later that we were being strung along for sport, and/or possibly for a chance of under the table shenanigans. Life is short - walk away.
  14. BornOrange0855

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    Thank you,MC Hammer.
  15. WillUSAF

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    Nope.....He gone!
  16. Joe Fan

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    It is an idea worth considering, at least in the broad sense
    Whether we should clean shop completely, give all players their releases - start completely over. Sort of a voluntary SMU death penalty move
    This would obviously send Meyer running the opposite direction, but it may be what we need to do. Start over with new players who actually want to be at this school
  17. LonghornDave

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    Interesting that a mid season move has been considered due to the portal, recruiting early and the complete sh show. Problem is there probably is a number of folks still mad about the mishandling of Sabin.
  18. Statalyzer

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    CDC also genuinely listens to fan complaints and tries to make sure they are fixed. That's rare, and worth something.
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  19. horninchicago

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    Seems to be ignoring one big glaring complaint, but that's just me.
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  20. Phil Elliott

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    I am in that group.
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  21. SabreHorn

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    that’s one I’ll. Ever get over because the slums spent a lot of money to make that package deal happen, and then or friend Billie Powers defied everyone.
  22. WorsterMan

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    Herman's statement is what turned me SHARPLY against him as the HC of UT.

    The statement was WRONG and not only harmed the university, it's alumni & fans but it also harmed him while undermining his already tenuous tenure.
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  23. Duck Dodgers

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    He-Man's statement is so terrible, so stupid, I need to take it apart line by line, to empathize just how bad it was.

    We're going to pack 100,000 people into (the stadium) and millions watch on TV

    First off, no one is being packed into a stadium. These are your fans, not boxes being stuffed into a moving van. Fans in your stadium are a school's most important, valuable, should be cherished, customers. They've been coming to games for longer than He-Man's been alive, in a lot of cases.

    It's 100,000 people, all with dozens of other things that they could be doing that day, at far less trouble and expense than going to a football game. You should not belittle or patronize these people by talking about them being packed into something as if they are riding a subway and you're doing them a favor by taking them home.

    Also, UT longer has to worry about getting 100,000 into the stadium - after the off-season disgrace, and the pitiful performance on the field this year, the place would be 1/4 empty even if attendance limits were lifted.

    that are predominantly white -- not all of them certainly, but most of 'em white,"

    Most of Texas and America is white. I know that may seem strange to a man who's running an organization with a terrible racial imbalance, where an ethnic group that's 13% of the country, is what 80% of the players? 85%? He-Man's the one that has the group that looks nothing like America, not the fan base.

    Plus, maybe the reason why a lot of blacks can't afford to pay 100 bucks a ticket to go is that the Athletic Department is wasting 5 mill a year to pay his non-championship winning self to chalk up 8-9 wins a year on average. Perhaps we should cut He-Man's salary by half, and use the funds to offer up 5 dollar Randal Stampede Zone tickets.

    Herman told the American-Statesman. "We're gonna cheer when they score touchdowns, and we're gonna hug our buddy when they get sacks or an interception.

    Yes the fans cheer when Texas does well. The patronizing attitude of this is hard to get though without just wanting to rent a U-Haul yourself and park it in his driveway. But it's just a set up for the theme of it all:

    "But we gonna let them date our daughter? Are we going to hire them in a position of power in our company? That's the question I have for America. You can't have it both ways."

    In current America there is no more dangerous to your personal and professional life than to be called a racist. It's like being accused of being a fornicator in Puritan times, or a counter-revolutionary during China's Cultural Revolution, or a blasphemer in a Muslim country. Yet this guy accuses, without evidence or example, UT fans of being racists.

    Are Texas football players ringing doorbells in their Sunday best, hat in hand, asking proud papps if they can go a-courting with their daughters? About the only girls who need their parents permission to date or go out are minors, and hopefully Texas football players are not trying to date 16 year olds.

    And about hiring them - what percentage of UT football players are graduating with engineering or business degrees such that any competent organization would hire them to run a section of it? Sorry He-Man, Ethnic Studies and Sports Management degrees are not the keys to being hired on to run a company.

    When he needed to hire someone to run a position of power in his company, namely the offensive and defensive coordinators, to replace the ones he had to jettison to avoid being fired himself, did he hire a former UT football player? Nope, didn't hire a Texas grad in either case. Hard to listen to someone who does the exact opposite of what he's whining about.

    I've seen a lot of Texas coaches - Mackovic, Brown, Strong. I've thought all 3 should have been fired when they were. But I didn't dislike them, I though just that the program needed new and better leadership. But I actively dislike He-Man, to the point that I'd just as soon see Texas lose, and him squirm under the heat and pressure of his failure, than a Texas win.
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  24. BevoJoe

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  25. BevoJoe

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    Answer to Question #1 - Not only no, but HELL NO! My daughter is only 8 years old.

    Answer to Question #2 - Absolutely not! Especially if they just walked out of college. They will be treated like everyone else, start as an associate, work hard, and hopefully, 12-15 years down the road, they will make partner and be in charge of one of the many Tax Practice Areas, maybe even Managing Partner of the firm, same for public accounting firms and other types of businesses.
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  26. 4th_floor

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    Only 2 on ignore? You are a much better man than I.
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    I am always surprised how I seem to differ in opinion with so many here. Or do I just differ with the vocal crowd. It looks like I may be the only one on this thread and maybe the only sponsor on HF that feels this way, but I think he gets one more year. I felt when Ash and Yurcich were brought in we set the stage that these guys get 2 years.

    On the social stance, I wasn't offended by TH statement from June that we all want to drag up again now that we have 2 losses. I think he gave some honest insight on some double standards that still exist in our world today. Do I think the guy is arrogant- hell yes, but I also don't want some meek pigeon as our HC. I am pissed about The Eyes and how he and everyone at the University has handled that situation. It pissed me off after the UTEP game, even more after I watched from the stands after TCU and even more as I watched from the stands on Saturday. Hartzell, CDC and Herman need to get that situation under control now. Like many of you suggested after UTEP I called CDC's office to let my feelings known. I spoke to a young lady in the Athletic Dept who took my comments for CDC. They need to figure it out.

    Maybe I am giving 2020 too much credit for the screwed up year and I hate losing but I don't think the sky is falling. Everyone seems to be putting their chips in the middle for Urban- what if that doesn't work out he goes to USC or another program that doesn't bring all the BS dealing with TX and our expectations bring.

    Losing sucks- My wife and I took my 12 and 13 yo daughters to their first OU game on Saturday and baked in the stands to watch an inferior product get put on the field- we should be a better team than TCU. And I think we are better than OU if for no other reason than our Sr QB to their Fr QB. But I just know always changing our underwear gets fixes the problem.

    I don't think the UGA win in Sugar Bowl was a fluke. I don't think Utah win in the Alamo Bowl was fluke and maybe I am just becoming indifferent but the losses the last 2 weeks didn't hit me like either Maryland loss, Tech '17 or WVU '18.

    Many years ago my good aggie friend came to me with some marital strife. He was a few years into his marriage, was very successful in his business, had lots of women chasing him and he thought he could find happiness elsewhere. I counseled him after having gone through a failed marriage myself that the grass isn't always greener on the other side and that the relationship could be stronger if they were able to work through the challenges. 15 years later, after going through counseling- they have a devoted marriage and a great family. I know Head Coaches aren't the same as a marriage. But if we somehow come through this with Herman, I have no doubt we will be stronger on the other side. So I'll be on the one lone soldier on here to say "I'll take Herman back next year".
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  29. WorsterMan

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    So this is good Joe, let's unpack this a little bit.

    With the advertised new & improved OC & DC, a very good Sr. QB, many returning starters, experience across the board and a team projected by many to win the conference....

    If this team finishes 3-7 or 4-6, even 5-5, coupled with the summer statement, IMO that would be a very damning season record for the TH regime. Those results can only telegraph to CDC, the BMD's and the Cigar Chompers he lost the team and cannot & will not get it done. Will they look at it like: let's cut our losses now?

    Now, I know what many of us would do at season end but we don't count., Predicting what the powers that be do at season end is a little harder to predict.

    1. The nuclear button means they owe Mensa a lot $$$$$$$
    2. Is the anger enough to dig deep into those pockets to make TH go away?
    3. Who ya' gonna call?
    4. Urban Myth is getting a lot of buzz....
    5. In the end I don't think UT Admin will go along with UM due to his baggage. I could be wrong.

    What say you?
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  30. El Sapo

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    Sterlin Gilbert didn't. Herman replacing his OC and DC in year three is just as big a red flag as Charlie Strong's revolving door of assistants. For about the last 10 years now, anyone who saddles up to this program would be smart to just rent an apartment.
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