Does anyone want Herman back next year?

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Htown77, Oct 11, 2020.

  1. Joe Fan

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    This should answer the original question for most people

    Texas’ Tom Herman: Players not mandated to stay for ‘The Eyes’ but team is unified going forward |

    As far as “The Eyes of Texas” goes, Tom Herman laid all his cards on the table Monday.

    The Longhorns coach said there would be no mandate that players stay on the field for the post-game singing of the school song. Administrators hope that players would stay to show appreciation for the fans, but nobody at UT has “mandated our players do anything,” Herman said.

    Thus, it’s unclear whether any players will stay for The Eyes after Saturday’s game against Baylor (1-1, 1-1 Big 12). It could be a jarring image at Royal-Memorial Stadium, but one that Texas fans may have to accept.

    “I think mandate is a very strong word,” Herman said. “That’s never been a word that’s been used to us as coaches from our administration, nor from us coaches to our players.

    FWIW, this directly contradicts Eric Nahlin's reporting on this matter from last week
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  2. Moskman1215

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    Did anyone else hear TH insult us during his press conference. He said something like - if he announces one of the players twists their ankle we all take to our forums and yell the world is ending. Hmmmm, he must be reading our posts.:hookem3:
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  3. SabreHorn

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    Did he have a press conference today?

    What time was it so I'll know what was so important that I missed it?
  4. nashhorn

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    Never a mandate? That says a lot.
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  5. 4th_floor

    4th_floor From now on, I want you all to call me Loretta.

    The world is not ending, but Herman's head coaching career might be.
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  6. Duck Dodgers

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    He-Man's a joke. From the article:

    "The running game needs work, and the defensive linemen need to create more backfield pressure. The linebackers need to make more plays, and receivers need to sharpen their routes and shake loose from defenders. Texas’ special teams needs work, and the whole group could tighten up its mechanics to reduce penalties."

    So besides:
    Running game
    Didn't mention the OL, but as I stated before, they could be a body double for a stool pigeon in a mob movie - both have their feet in concrete.
    Special teams (as an indication of how much of a joke the rest of college football sees this Texas football team, another writer said that the theme song from Benny Hill should be on every time Texas is on special teams)
    And penalties. Lots of those.

    Besides that, things are going pretty good. Well, besides the record, and annual loss to OU. And TCU. Other than that ...

    Herman said the team spent the off week doing heavy drill work. And not just against the scout teams, either. The offense needed “the speed” by going against the first- and second-team defensive units, and vice versa.

    Now this would have been a hoot to watch - the Texas OL v.s. the DL. The movable object v.s. the resistible force. You'd finally blow the whistle on it from boredom.

    He-Man continued:

    Herman remains optimistic about the Horns’ prospects (why, they're 8th in conference at 1-2). Texas has six regular season games left and has yet to play Oklahoma State, Iowa State or Kansas State.

    “We’ve got all of those guys in front of us,” Herman said. “And so we’ve just got to continue on this trajectory (
    uhh, the trajectory after 2 wins followed by 2 losses is down, down, Lo Pan is down. If they continue on this trajectory, they'll go 2-8. There is no doubt in my mind that everybody in that locker room sees tangible improvement.” Why would they think that, after 2 straight loses, the annual loss to OU, and 30 yards of rushing by the RB's (best of the day by them ended with a fumble).

    All eyes will be on the head coach. Herman cannot escape them, at night or early in the morn’.

    “I think, especially around here, if you start paying attention to the noise, the Internet, the Twitter and the constant bashing after losing a four-overtime ballgame (
    Texas was never in a position to win in OT. The defense was never a threat to get a stop, the game should have ended after the 3rd OT when Texas missed the FG, and then OU went for a short FG on 3rd down, only to have the first ever miss by their kicker. The OT outcome, baring some turnover by OU, was never really in doubt.), there are pitfalls to that,” Herman said.

    “As much as we preach that over the four years that we’ve (
    We? Who's this we? You mean you, and you had to jettison both your OC and DC last year to keep the heat off you after another non-conference-title-winning year, and 5 losses) been here in eliminating the distractions and eliminating the noise that this place, the University of Texas, is famous for (poor He-Man, he'd win if the fans didn't complain so much) … our guys are as dialed in and as unified as ever,” he said. Actually, for once he's right. Unified has as its core word uni, meaning one. Which is the same number of UT players that didn't run off the field after the OU game, but instead thanked the fans for spending their time, money, and energy to cheer them on. The other 84 player apparently just had to get back to their phones and check their twitter feeds.

    As I said before I've seen 3 other UT coaches get fired, Mackovitch, Brow, and Strong. All needed to go when they did. But I didn't dislike them. I just thought, correctly, they were not up for the task.

    But I actively dislike Herman. Dude need to gets to get demoted to some windowless office, and given only a C lot parking tag, until he quits and goes off the payroll.
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  7. SabreHorn

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    OK, given that I have only watched two Herman press conferences all year, but his grandmother asked him tougher questions when he was in elementary school.

    Why bother other than his contract compels him to do it.

    The press conference should be sponsored by RediWhip
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  8. rick mueller

    rick mueller Burnt Orange Bleeder

    I'm on the same bus, HIC. I didn't think it was an actual word either and that we used it simply as clever word play. Shows how much I know.
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  9. horninchicago

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    Some dolt will be along shortly to let you know what a nitwit I am and have always been for thinking that too.
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  10. Joe Fan

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    Here is what Nahlin said about that -- which, IMO at least, conflicts with Herman's account

    " ... Seeing the issue at hand, Del Conte scheduled a “team” meeting on Monday morning. As we reported, Del Conte addressed the team on Wednesday evening after practice. Practice is where they work to get better; the meeting was to address the issue with the Eyes. I need to spell that out because many a Twitter celeb couldn’t quite figure out why Texas was worried about a song instead of improving the product on the field. Turns out you can do both!

    Del Conte didn’t go in there looking for a discussion or anyone’s opinion on the matter. This wasn’t a heart to heart. The school has already met demands and made a lot of concessions. He flatly told the football team what was expected of them just like he told the other teams. The message: stand with your teammates and fans, if you don’t want to sing, don’t sing.

    The Texas AD mentioned the issue was ripping the fan base apart.. ..."
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  11. EDT

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    The next Eyes will be worth watching for sure. Could be better than the game.:smh:
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  12. Joe Fan

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    Coaches can no longer pull schollies for bad on the field play, at least in our conference

    Grounds now for cancellation or "non-renewal" of the scholarship if the athlete --
    Is ruled to be ineligible for competition;
    Provides fraudulent information on an application, letter of intent, or financial aid agreement;
    Engages in serious misconduct that rises to the level of being disciplined by the university’s regular student disciplinary board;
    Voluntarily quits their team; or
    Violates a university policy or rule which is not related to athletic conditions or ability (such as a university policy on class attendance, or an athletic department policy regarding proper conduct on a team trip).
    I guess we could argue the bottom grounds but it would probably be poorly received under these circumstances

    If we do not land Meyer then I would not mind pushing some of these guys to the portal. The idea of playing for a school you hate makes no sense. Just let them go to a school they can take pride in having attending. And let us add some new players who actually take some pride in wearing the burnt orange.

    However, if we do land Meyer, then everyone gets a fresh start. And, in that case, there will be a natural round of portaling that comes from the changeover without any consideration of post-game or other off-the-field issues.
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  13. SabreHorn

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    Without revealing confidences, DKR and Fred had solutions to these problems. It was called:

    Stat 310
    English 354 - Early African Literature

    In the words of our beloved baseball coach Cliff Gustafson when informed one of his starters was in class not in the locker room, "what the hell is one of my players doing taking accounting".
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  14. Statalyzer

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    Shades of this thread going on here:

    I shall pump sunshine no more!
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    LHABSOB 500+ Posts

    After the meeting, I saw posts with people b!tching that it was a mandate and players are going to be on the field because they are forced to not because they are standing in allegiance to the University and the song. Now we say it's not a mandate and people are b!tching that they aren't being forced on the field. Without a doubt the earlier decisions by TH, the players and administration have brought us to a no-win situation now.
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  16. LonghornDave

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    This is quite depressing. I am no longer angry or dismayed.
  17. LonghornDave

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    I believe the chances of Herman coming back are slim and none. Maybe 5 percent but as I write I think 5 percent is too much. The only way Herman stays is if he is the best or only option. To me, if the money guys can get their candidate and maybe a pound of flesh this will end. I hope soon to prevent what could be unnecessary damage in the early signing period. There really is no reason for this to be unresolved by mid November and certainly before Thanksgiving.
  18. Htown77

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    Decided to check back in. Anyone left on the Herman train?
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  19. txhorn_et

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    Only if it’s headed to
    Petticoat Junction!
  20. El Sapo

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  21. zuckercanyon

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    I am HT77 and to this extent: Herman has another winning season and another bowl victory (or wins 7 with a bowl loss), I can't kick him out after the Mack lapse and the Charlie losing years. 6 wins and I can understand we're barely winning and I'm with everyone else. Otherwise, we're kicking out a winning coach to get some other shot in the dark (Meyer/Saban/Stoops notwithstanding). Do we really have to crap our bed everytime we don't win a conference title in 4 years?
  22. VYFan

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    I joined HF two weeks after that thread, and had never read it. Interesting to recall the posters on there, like SL Express.
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  23. SabreHorn

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    I'm on the Herman train if only to make sure that it doesn't stop West of the Sabine, South of the Red, or east of El Paso, then I'll jump off.
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  24. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    Humm, that suspiciously reminds me of the aggy roller coaster...
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  25. stevedallas

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    No. If I made his kind of money and put his product on the field, I would quit. I would not deserve the money. I am a Horn....a fan since 1970 and a grad in 1982....and I am done spending money on the program
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  26. Bill in Sinton

    Bill in Sinton 5,000+ Posts

    I do. Give him a little more time and I think we will be consistent NC contenders like Bama, Clemson and Ohio State. Please be patient.
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  27. ViperHorn

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    Bill, love you man, but before one can be a consistent NC contender, you have to be a consistent Conference contender. Nothing in Herman's tenure at Texas suggests that Texas is even close to being a Conference contender.
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  28. rick mueller

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    I had exactly the same thought.
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  29. majorfan2005

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    Why can’t we make this a poll
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  30. Htown77

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    Good idea. @Dionysus after next week's game (i expect us to beat Kansas so next week is our last real game), we should have an official Hornfans poll on what the good posters of Hornfans want to do on the Texas Football head coaching situation.

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