Does the University of Texas Have One of the Least Obnoxious Fan Bases?

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by RainH2burntO, Jun 19, 2018.

  1. RainH2burntO

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    I was thinking about aggie the other day, and some other very obnoxious/offensive fan bases (Ohio State), and began to wonder...Who are some of the least obnoxious fan bases? Most obnoxious?
  2. Hideo Gump Jr.

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    Don’t think we’re any better or worse than most. Aggy is on a whole different level vs. us but when I attended a game at Pyle vs. Memphis State wearing tiger gear I was treated with courtesy. I guess the lopsided score that day allowed the Home fans to be gracious.
    Whole different experience at Longhorn games, though.
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  3. PecosBill

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    Nebraska fans are respectful, knowlegeable and good sports that understand the game in my game day experience.

    Arkansas and Colorado are not on my travel gameday list anymore.
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    I know I will probably get slammed for saying this but just my opinion. I think our fans are among the most obnoxious in college football. Some of that goes with the territory of our popularity and the large number of "t-shirt fans" that never took a class on the 40 acres. Back in the day when our student base was actually interested in football, their intoxicated exuberance added to our unsavory actions and words toward other fans. I remember sitting in NEZ for Aggie game in '94 and a corps member walked by holding hands with his girlfriend and he was pelted/dodged at least a dozen empty Jack and Jim bottles that were hurled their way as they walked past. I also remember many fans (probably my drunk self included) hurling insults at USC fans as we walked out of the Rose Bowl. And you can look as recently as last year's Maryland game and the thousands of paper fans that turned into projectiles aimed at the refs and Maryland players in the 4th quarter. Overall, I don't think you will see Burnt Orange on many lists of "classiest fans".

    Back when Nebraska was in our conference their fans were almost sickening nice. After James Brown crushed their natty hopes in the '96 Big 12 championship game their fans all were congratulating our fans on a great game and best of luck comments. My friends in other big 10 schools say they aren't that nice these days.

    And IMHO, I will take Aggie and their stupid nonsensical traditions, yell leaders and SEC coattail riding all day long over the a-holes from OU that i experience ever year at the State Fair.
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  5. Htown77

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    In my opinion our home game fans have gone downhill in quality the past 5 years in football and baseball. A lot of the classy season ticket holders have dropped and what has replaced them are a lot of types like the crazy bearded dude in the david ash jersey that is always behind home plate in the 9th inning of baseball home games. In my first 20 years of going to UT games, I had only 1 negative incident with a fellow UT fan and rarely saw any problems. The past 5 years I constantly see somebody that did not go to UT and are only going to 1 game being obnoxious to those around them and unnecessarily starting problems with the season ticket holders around them. I think we used to have some of the best fans. Now, we arent arkansas bad, but we are not great either.

    I think it went really downhill when everyone started stupidly saying “OU sucks” everytime we play Texas Fight even though we aren't playing OU. It is very aggyesque. So are the people who stand the whole game.
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  6. Horns11

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    I don't think we're obnoxious... I think we're fair-weather compared to most schools though. Part of that comes with our football scheduling. We never get to play our biggest rival at home (although that one is unique), leaving our Austin matchups as second-tier games for the most part. The last raucous sellout I can remember was the 2008 Mizzou game. Yes, it has been that long. We had some loud moments (OT win over ND or KSU) since then, but not a real "fan" experience for the majority of those games. And I'm not even certain that USC coming this year will be any different until I'm proven otherwise. I'm hoping beyond hope that Del Conte starts his gameday improvement plan immediately and starts to bring some of the pep back.

    The minority who "seem" obnoxious are the ones LHABSOB is talking about... the t-shirt people at the State Fair or ones who couldn't sniff admission to the school today.

    Unfortunately, that means the students who do get in to the school today (it's capped at Top 6% where I live) aren't typically the hyper sports fans. Our student base looks a lot more like Cal-Berkeley than it used to, which is great for academia but not as much for crazyass football fans.
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  7. utempire

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    Disagree completely. nu, aggy, ohio st., michigan, ou fans are leaps and bounds more obnoxious than ours. Objects hurled at us at collie station, truck keyed, it's not even close. UT fans are the most loyal of any. We travel, we show our pride by wearing UT gear no matter if we're good or bad all across the country. aggy and nu fans rip their car decals off, get in the fetal position, and hide their loyalty when they lose and when they are terrible. nu fans gratitude has faded since they don't win every week like it was in the cakewalk, win 1 big game vs ou and be in the top 5 big 8.
  8. utempire

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    I do agree that having our biggest rival away from home degrades our home schedule although I wouldn't change it (best rivalry overall in college football), just keep scheduling better non-conference games like we've been doing.
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  9. Detective Shilala

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    I'd argue we have a pretty decent fanbase to your typical outsider but the closer you get to being a rival (or a fan) the worse it seems.

    Its kind of like family. We save our worst for the people closest to us.

    For example: to me, the "UT fan" I sat next to at the 2002 UT A&M Game who did nothing but rag on "Chrissy" Sims even as CS torched the aggies for his 3rd year in a row and won something like his 15th home game in a row, I thought he was easily the stupidest most obnoxious fan I had ever met.
    But to a fan from a another team that is strange to us and doesn't know any better, this ignorant *** would have gone unnoticed.

    I imagine its the same with any fanbase which has its quotas of alums, so called football experts, and t-shirt fans.
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  10. utempire

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    I agree with a lot of this. A great atmosphere was also the 2012 West Virginia game. Better opponents always brings more fans and a better atmosphere. Everyone has some bad fans, aggy especially is a poor sportsmanship bred fanbase.
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  11. easy

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    I think out of all the games I have been to the TCU fans were the worst. Had absolutely no clue what was going on in the game just there talking trash. A lot of people say bama and Ohio state are bad but I’ve never had a problem with any of them. I think the best time I may have had with another fan base may have been with western Michigan when they made the run and played whisky in the cotton bowl
  12. LonghornCatholic

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    We used to be the cool hip fans.

    Shaggy changed that. We're as bad (and good), as most other schools.
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  13. SabreHorn

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    Worst fans:

    1) UConn - vulgar, stupid, know nothing about the game, but show up for the sole purpose of cussing opposing fans and to impress you with how many hyphens they can put in one word. Particularly fond of cussing women.

    2) Ohio State - princes of polyester, rude, crude, love to tell you how horrible you, your school, and your team are, while they worship at the feet of some 300 pound tuba player. Can they actually complete a four word sentence without profanity?

    3) VT - What can you say about a fanbase that will tolerate a bowl trip with 19+ players out on bond, some for multiple offenses. (Was starting QB out on 2 or 3 rape bonds?) Then there is their undying loyalty to Michael Vick. Give them credit though, they rehabilitated little Vick from charges with a 14 year old up to second offense being a 16 year old. Their fanbase is obnoxious, stupid, and knows nothing about football.

    4) State Penn - Their fans and FSU are the most disappointing I've been around. There are 3 year olds in Texas that know more about football than their are in Happy Valley. CLUELESS and obnoxious.

    5) Colorado & FSU - Major disappointments. Wanna know about football? You'll get better answers from girls in middle school in West Texas than you can out of the collective fan bases of these two. They don't know enough about the game to be rude or obnoxious.

    6) Auburn - Sit up high because they love to throw their Jack Daniels bottles at the bench,


    1) Nebraska - Nobody even close. Listening to them t "Heisman, Heisman, Heisman" to Ricky while and after were beaten. The fact that they give the opponent a standing ovation after the game is impressive - well, maybe not Colorado.

    As for our crowd, I consider it to have dropped dramatically in class and dignity over the last few decades, and quite frankly, it is embarrassing. Our fans yell during the opponent's school song. Just because OU fans don't recognize or know the words to their school song, and yell over The Eyes of Texas, does NOT mean we should seek to lower ourselves into that same sewer. It is not just the OU game, but every game.

    As for A&M, I have only had two incidents at The Cesspool on the Brazos in fifty years:

    1) When Gary Kubiak tried to play injured, and was hit by Kiki (clean hit), I stood to applaud as Kubiak was helped from the field. An old man next to me wanted to fight me for standing and applauding. His rage and hate was amazing. His wife kept yelling at me, "he has a heart condition, don't hit. please don't him". She apologized and removed him.

    2) In 1977, the DPS officers refused to let the APO's run the flag, and would not let the Cowboys & Spurs greet the team - back before Plonsky purposely changed that tradition. I got into a heated discussion with two DPS officers in the South endzone. Later that evening, after beating them 57-28, I was at Senator Bill Moore's home, grabbed a bottle of Chivas, two glasses, and took Dr Williams (???), president of A&M ,out on the back patio to "drink and discuss" those events.

    While A&M fans are rabid, and hard to put up with during off season, I have found them better behaved at games than our fans in recent years.

  14. LonghornCatholic

    LonghornCatholic Romantic Catholic

    UCF and Ohio State are neck and neck for biggest jerks.
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  15. ViperHorn

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    You need full body armor at both. Easier to get out of Boulder than Fayettenam.
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  16. n64ra

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    Worst I've encountered in order are:

    1 Ohio State
    2 BlowU
    3 Arkansas
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  17. yelladawgdem

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    My personal experience with Nebraska fans has been the great turn around.

    For decades they unquestionably had the best fans in America. I was at the CU-Nebraska game in Boulder in 1995, one of NU's national title years. The crowd was pretty close to 50/50 and was a true Husker beat down. The CU people did not leave however. They stayed so that they could scream, cuss, throw things and cement their reputation as horrible fans and excuses for human beings.

    I had my Texas jacket and cap on in Boulder that day, with a red "N" button pinned on the front. Also a red/white shaker in my back pocket. Had a couple of dozen Husker fans introduce themselves through the course of the day/game/tailgate, etc., and talk excitedly about the formation of the Big 12 the following year. It was a great experience. And I still say that Vince Young is a big, tall, fast Tommie Frazier. And they both got robbed of Heisman's.

    A year later, we were 3 screaming orange dots, in a Sea of Red, as Derek Lewis ran straight towards us on "Roll Left". After watching their chance for a 3rd straight national title come to an end in crushing fashion, I found their fans to be the most gracious I had ever seen. After the game, that night at dinner, turning in the rental car, and at the airport, they came in droves to say "congratulations", and a phrase I still hold close, "they played like champions". Damn. These people know what a champion looks like. I didn't think I could ever be as impressed by a fan base. Fast forward two years to a cold, windy Halloween afternoon in 1998. The Ricky Heisman Game. They had not lost at home in a decade. And now they get throat punched by Major, Ricky, Mack and a defense that had to remind them of some of Switzer's in the 1980's. Everything you have ever heard about playing and winning up there was true.

    ESPN Game Day and the Big Red come to Austin in 1999. Many will always remember it for Matthew playing the bongos later that night. Or students in the Peace Fountain after the game. I'll always remember that we played and beat a vastly superior team 24-20, and likely knocked them out of another national title game. They certainly returned the favor a month later in the Big 12 Championship game.

    Then the programs headed in opposite directions. We won 6 in a row. There was the one blow out in 2003, 31-7. But the others were gut wrenching losses. In 2002 we are leading 27-24 and they are on our 15 yard line with 15 seconds left. Solich decides to throw once more before letting his kicker put it in OT. Intercepted at the one!! Then 2006 with VY in the stands freezing, we kick the winning FG in the final seconds, 22-20, in the snow flurries after NU fumbles on a converted 3rd down that would have iced it. A year later, a 17-3 Husker lead disappears as Jamal Charles rushes for 206 yards IN THE FOURTH QUARTER, for a 28-25 Texas win.

    Then the officials put one second back on the clock. The FG is good and the Horns win 13-12 and head back to Pasadena. For the Husker Nation, that was enough. Enough of Texas. Enough of the Big 12. They took their ball and went to the Big 10. Where now they are Northwestern's *****. Just for good measure, we played again in 2010. You would think beating a 7 loss team that had given up on it's coach would be easy. Guess again, only a late, freak touchdown made the score of 20-13 look competitive. My personal experience's with Husker fans went downhill with each of the losses. And that says a lot. Because I'm a great fan; modest in victory and gracious in defeat. Crap I even congratulated some Ohio State fans. Congratulated them and told them "they played like champions".

    And I'm sorry about the NU people. I liked liking them. I loved the offense. I love watching teams go up to the line of scrimmage, knock people over, and run off tackle. But I will always have the great memories of those early years.


    P.S. - During the Big 12 title game in 1996, as they measure (a bad spot) to set up the 4th down, the delightful Husker Grandmother that sat beside us and had chatted with all game long, says of Mackovic "Surely he isn't going to go for it??!!!??". I replied, "Oh he isn't just going to go for it, he REALLY REALLY REALLY wants to throw the ball". When Priest Holmes walks in two plays later, her 9 year old grand daughter says, "Mawmaw, they have only punted once all game. Has that ever happened before"?

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  18. 4th_floor

    4th_floor Winning isn't everything; it's the only thing.

    I think we have a good share of obnoxious football fans. The ones that really annoy me are the ones who are screaming about play calls, or referee calls. I remember one sitting behind me in the upper deck in the mid-90s screaming at Mackovic,"WHY ARE WE RUNNING ALL OF THESE SLOW DEVELOPING PLAYS!!!!" He screamed it on every offensive play until we ran a very slow developing screen, that resulted in a 60 plus yard TD. So after the cheering stopped, I turned and yelled "I REALLY LIKE THAT SLOW DEVELOPING PLAY!" which was followed by a lot of laughter in the section.

    I haven't noticed such obnoxious baseball or basketball fans at UT games, but I haven't gone to either in a while.
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  19. utempire

    utempire 500+ Posts

    Completely agree with this about nu. They are not the gracious fan base anymore now that they don't win all the time. It's easy to be gracious when you're beating everyone 70-9. They hate UT almost as much as aggy which is saying a lot. There are quite a few of them in Austin and they are rabid UT haters. Some of which are friends of ours and I've seen it firsthand on a weekly basis. Which leads to another point is that UT fans and Austin are way to welcoming to opposing fans like agroids and others that think they own the place, then they get mad and think we're arrogant when we stand up for ourselves once in awhile or during game week. I say screw the haters and let them get what's coming to them.
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  20. Horns11

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    NU went from classy to bitter over the last 20 years. First it was the "your free-scholarship-per-county football walk-on system is illegal" and that made them mad. Then it was "partial qualifiers have to sit for at least the first year" and that made them madder. Then it was losing their home win streak to Texas and the missed facemask on Crouch against KSU and that kind of leveled the playing field to be "normal" fans and not just classy ones any longer. Then it was Texas dominating them for the next 10 years and no more big national successes and they've developed into this bitter, whiny, conniving bunch of jersey/jort wearers. Then it was "hey how about we redistribute the conference funds equally" and that was pretty much it for civility. They took their ball and ran to the B1G where they're middling and still bitter.

    I actually think that Frost will help turn it around there, but probably only to about how good they were from 2002-2009, which is to say like between 8-4 and 10-2.
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  21. Htown77

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    The local corporations/companies buy season tickets for basketball then leave them empty all season, so there are not any fans at basketball games to be classy or obnoxious.

    Everyone keeps talking about how much better a smaller basketball stadium will be, but since I am sure UT will still sell to the corporate season ticket holders that never show up, a smaller stadium with less single game ticket availability will just exclude a good portion of the people who actually show up.
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  22. Detective Shilala

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    Its funny, we are criticized for being the lamest fans and most obnoxious fans at the same time.

    I think we're pretty milquetoast.
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  23. SeattleHorns

    SeattleHorns < 25 Posts

    I can't believe with all these comments that no one has addressed the giant Sand Aggy in the room. TT fans are the only ones I know of who would destroy their own stadium by ripping out the bleachers, not to mention the tortillas and other flying objects. I'm also fairly confident that profanity is a major in Lubbock.

    They have my vote for #1 most obnoxious.
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  24. utempire

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    I think we all enjoyed their usual crushing of aggy hopes and dreams and who they were most amped up for. I've been to one game against ksu and it was fun with nothing bad happening.
  25. Statalyzer

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    FWIW the bleachers thing at Tech was an issue with stomping on them so hard that a few of them started coming loose, so they had maintenance take them out and the students helped pass them back and out of the way at the direction of stadium ushers. Still a pretty crappy fan base overall, but not as bad as Ohio State, Arkansas, Central Florida, or Colorado.

    I'd put all of those as way worse than A&M or OU - them being our rivals magnifies it. OU fans are a bit obsessive (both fanbases at the Cotton Bowl when I've been were mostly wearing shirts about UT, although annoyingly our fans have gotten worse in this regard lately) but I never found them particularly low-class assholish - I think the 50/50 neutral environment at a state fair helps. You're around thousands of fans from both sides nonstop the whole weekend long, you have to just endure it and all but the most fervent and intoxicated dickwads can't be dicks to everybody for that long with no break. Plus nobody has the cowardly safety of their own home campus to fall back on.

    And on the other end I found Nebraska, Kansas State, Michigan, and USC fans to pretty cordial above and beyond most other fanbases. Nebraska fans did get really whiny, angsty, and downright irrational when it came to Texas in particular, but I still never felt that turned them into ****** human beings when it came to how they treat opposing fans, just very considerate people who whined with no objectivity.

    I think Austin has a lot to do with it also. If you're the type who wants to get out of the house and do fun things around the town, there's a heck of lot more options here than in a "college town" - plus Austin is a very casual and laid back city compared to most other big cities anyway which isn't conducive to rapid fandom. And on top of that I suspect the prodigious clogs of traffic and lack of decent parking keeps some people away too.
  26. Detective Shilala

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    Yep, you gotta hand it to sand aggy. Nobody could put an exclamation point on the fact that aggy was nothing more than an also ran in the Big 12 like TTU.

    At least in the SEC SEC SEC can be the best team from the state of TX. In the Big 12 they were third best. (if they had stayed they might be 5th best team from TX - ouch)
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  27. Seattle Husker

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    I'm clearly biased but I haven't seen any Nebraska fans cowering since we haven't been on top. Games still sold out...still travel en masse despite our less than admirable record in recent years. Really looking forward to the blonde chosen one resurrecting the program like a Phoenix emerging from the ashes. :p

    With all that said, UT is probably the least like program among the NU faithful for how the B12 turned out. The arrogance of our mutual blue blood programs was too much to reconcile.
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  28. Seattle Husker

    Seattle Husker 5,000+ Posts

    Nebraska fans have always looked at rivalries a little differently than UT. In the past, we had good nature jabs with our rivals but there was never the visceral disdain that I witnessed between UT. During the 80's we perennially lost to OU in a "biggest game of the year" matchup yet still the rivalry was one based on respect. We were harder on ourselves than critical of OU. With UT, it was different. I chalk it up to 3-4 issues which is more than simply losing to UT.

    1. B12 Championship game perennially based in Dallas.
    2. Elimination of Partial Qualifiers. In reality the NCAA changed a handful of years later.
    3. Removal of the NU-OU rivalry from an every year game to 2 of 4 years. Consider how UT fans would feel if the Red River Rivalry was suddenly relegated to every 2 years.
    4. B12 Network vs. Longhorn Network. This last one was the final straw for Nebraska.

    Though we are a middling B1G team now, the only thing most Husker fans miss about the B12 is playing OU.
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  29. LonghornDave

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    I get your points and they make sense but...when the Big 12 was created NU and Colorado were the big dogs, Texas, Ou and the south not so much. If NU wanted somewhere other than Dallas to play the championship or an OU game yearly, I think they could have required it. Just saying.
    The partial qualifier thing etc should be embarrassing to Nu for many reasons.
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  30. Seattle Husker

    Seattle Husker 5,000+ Posts

    Nebraska wanted it rotated between Dallas and KC. I think it was the first few years until UT said Dallas every year. We also wanted our annual OU game to remain but were outvoted. I do blame OU for that in that they went along with UT.

    Not embarassed in the slightest with the PQs. The statistics at the time showed they graduated at higher rates than JUCO players. The difference was that Kansas and Texas had established Junior Colleges. Nebraska did not. If the goal was truly academic progress Nebraska had a model that was better than the JUCO route but alas it would have ended with NCAA rules. At the time, the B12 has stricter rules than everyone else and it was a clear attempt to pull Nebraska back to the pack. Yeah...I'm still a little bitter as Nebraska has many success stories with PQs.

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