Does this surpise anyone?

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by centexorange, May 5, 2011.

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  3. Bye Week

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    No. No, it doesn't. What a great kid [​IMG]
  4. veggieboy

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    It surprises aggy.

    But they get surprised when their date doesn't say, "Baaaaa..."
  5. Pericles

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    Same old Colt McCoy.

    I miss that young man.
  6. zzzz

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  7. bevo barry

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    That would be a no.
  8. Texanne

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    No surprise here. I just thank the good Lord in Heaven that I got the chance to see him play in person for my University. That's something I'll never forget.
  9. Texas___Fight

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    Yes....overrated coaches don't produce true leaders and role models. [​IMG]
  10. Bluff Horn

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    Another pampered, lazy Texas athlete...
  11. Hu_Fan

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    IWonder if Holmgren is thinking "we not only got ourselves a quarterback, we got a coach as well." Which he did.

  12. Gadfly

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    I love that pic Hu Fan
  13. H-D Rider

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    I expected it since he was ring leader of summer workouts after Vince left.... [​IMG]
  14. Whiterock Horn

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    Not so much.
  15. Hook 'Em Danno

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    Gee, I really miss that guy... [​IMG]
  16. ViperHorn

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    Colt the leader in The Mistake by the Lake and McRaven leading the SEALS - suck on it aggy!

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