Does Wisconsin have an argument with a W?

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by #2is#1, Dec 7, 2019.

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    You have one delegate from each of the P5 plus SEC gets an extra, plus one from the next grouping.

    Like it or not, there is too much TV money and bowl sponsorship money to expand the playoffs.

    Why did UIL expand the playoffs? Because of $$$. As far back as the 70s, Permian, Plano, PNG netted $30-50,000 per appearance in the Astrodome and Texas Stadium. (It has to be significantly more now.) For some poorer districts, that is meaningful money to athletic departments.
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    I think it should be required of Georgia players and coaches to be asked and to honestly answer the questions of: 1) are you disappointed you’re not in the CFP?; and then 2) do you think you are or can be motivated to play/coach your best against Baylor? Which would be followed by “because if you lose again to the Big 12 runner up no one really wants to hear your bs excuses”....
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  3. slowrider

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    Hold on a second. You believe that the two loss PAC12 champions deserve to be in over the one loss BIG12 champions?
  4. slowrider

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    Anybody selected to be on a selection committee with any knowledge of football are going to have biases. Former coaches and players will favor former teams, conferences, relative affiliations (Frank Beamer’s son coaches for OU), etc.

    I agree that we ought to move to an 8 team playoff. All Power 5 champions get a bid and three at large bids should be selected by the computers. First round games to be played at the higher seeds home field and the semi’s and championship would be played at rotating bowl sites like we have now. This takes the human bias out of the equation and every one knows the deal ahead of time. To equalize the playing field, all Power 5 conferences will be required to play 9 conference games and schedule at least one Power 5 OOC opponent every year.
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    Oregon has 2 losses, including one to a 7-5 team. They have 2 wins over ranked teams: #22 USC on the road & against #11 Utah on a neutral field.

    Oklahoma has 1 loss, to an 8-4 team. Oklahoma also has 3 wins over ranked teams: #25 OSU on the road, #7 Baylor on the road, & #7 Baylor on a neutral field.

    (All rankings listed are their current CFP rankings.)

    But you think they should have been selected over Oklahoma for the playoffs? I’m curious as to why you believe that.

    I’m not saying that Oklahoma will beat LSU, but Oklahoma does appear to have been the more deserving team than Oregon for the playoff spot based on the above, traditional criteria.
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    With all due respect, I find it incredible that people accept being played. Saying that everybody has bias and therefore it is acceptable to have 7 active AD’s on the selection committee is about the same as saying that it is ok for elected officials to take a little money under the table because they all do that. So Beamer’s son is on the OU staff? You just told us OU gets two votes.

    The selection process is opened to criticism, at best. So why in the hell add to the distrust by doing something so stupid as having people whose career is based on the success of their athletic programs involved in a decision making process that gives their football team an opportunity for a bu- - - hit MNC. Or, blocks their rivals of the opportunity. Their recusal process is a front. The “good old boys club” offers plenty of opportunity for lobbying the group.

    There is a lot of dinero involved here, not to mention the “leg up” on recruiting. This is business. Big business! If this crapshoot continues I would hope that someday soon a school will miss out on the “big dance” invitation and take the committee to court. I am no lawyer, and hate frivolous suits, but lawsuits for everything else pop up every day. Why not lost revenue/opportunity due to a screw job by the committee. Perhaps then we get a playoff.

    Get rid of the damn committee members with a direct connection, and family members with a direct connection, to a D-1 school. If they fear a real playoff because they want to maximize the payday, at least remove as many elements of doubt and avenues of corruption as possible. In all of my years of business I removed myself from situations that could lead to problems down the road. That was good business; something academia, to include athletics, maybe can’t understand. This committee member selection process is dumb. Real dumb!
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  8. slowrider

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    That was my point. Anybody with football credibility will have biases. Do away with the selection committee. Conference champions will determine five slots and computers will determine the three at large bids. Simple as that.
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  9. slowrider

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    Either you believe the PAC12 is clearly a better conference than the BIG12 or you hate that OU is the BIG12 representative. Which one is it?
  10. zuckercanyon

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    Big 12 was down but OU did what they needed to. They're the flagship football program for the Big 12 and all Big 12 members need to root for them to get in to the CFP and show up so when it's our turn the voters won't keep us out because the Big 12 has no street cred.... IMO
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  11. #2is#1

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    Maybe he thinks as I do. Oregon got punished for playing and losing to a good Auburn team.
    Oklahoma played UCLA.
    If Oregon had played Georgia Tech they would be in the playoffs and Oklahoma would not.
    That’s just the argument, not saying right or wrong.
    Also consider Oklahoma lost last year to Texas, and went to overtime at home with Army. Didn’t hear much about that.
    The chatter about this years Clemson beating UNC by only 1 point went on for over a month.
    As stated in the above posts it’s human nature, but just a fact, some programs are looked at differently.
  12. slowrider

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    If the BiG12 champion is left out again to a another conference champion with more losses it will blow up. That might be music to some ears but it is the easiest path to the playoffs for OU and Texas for the foreseeable future.

    When BU and TCU were left out in 2014, the conference added the CCG. There are no other fixes short of stealing credible schools from other Power5 conferences which is unlikely. OU will leave and Texas will follow or vice versa.
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  13. RainH2burntO

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    I do not think the Big12 was down much if any
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  14. I_Dont_Exist

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    If Oregon had held on for another few seconds against Auburn or beat Arizona State they would also be in but they didn't. Despite their AD being chairman of the committee they were left out. The right 4 teams are in.
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  15. #2is#1

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    Do you think Oregon gets in with a win over Texas Tech in August instead of the last minute loss to Auburn?
    Interesting debate. As fans we love the big matchups, but as an AD or coach take the Bama way and schedule Duke.
    Also most conferences have 9 league games.
    SEC 8.
  16. I_Dont_Exist

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    I'm about halfway between maybe and probably on that one. They still would have the loss to ASU which is just another 7-5 team. Does that trump OU losing to KSU which is just another 8-4 team especially given the hit their SOS would take? Can't say for sure.
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  17. dangdirtysooner

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    If Oregon had played & beaten GT instead of Auburn, then Oklahoma would still have the superior resume. Both would have 1 loss, of which Oklahoma’s was to an 8-4 KSU team while Oregon lost to a 7-5 ASU team, both on the road by 1 score. And Oklahoma would still have wins over 3 ranked teams compared to 2 for Oregon, and OU would have 2 wins over Top 10 teams (Baylor road & Baylor neutral) compared to 0 for Oregon.

    As far as last year’s Oklahoma team, you seem to be equating the 2018 Army squad to the 2019 UNC team. That Army team was 11-2 & ranked in the Top 20. The UNC team that Clemson struggled with this year is 6-6. You also mentioned that in 2018 that Oklahoma lost to Texas. True, but that was a good Texas team that won 10 games & finished ranked in the Top 10. And Oklahoma best that Texas team as well. So no shame in the 2018 Oklahoma resume either.
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  18. dangdirtysooner

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    I agree that Oklahoma’s loss to an 8-4 KSU team and Oregon’s loss to a 7-5 ASU team are relatively equal. Then the deciding factor likely would come down to Oklahoma beating #25 OSU on the road, #7 Baylor on the road & #7 Baylor on a neutral field VS. Oregon beating #22 USC on the road & #11 Utah on a neutral field.
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  19. #2is#1

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    IDE, sooner, great well thought out points. Why I enjoy this board.
  20. zuckercanyon

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    By this line of thinking, TAMU should be in the playoffs just by virtue of losing to 3 #1 teams. Strength of schedule, man!
  21. ViperHorn

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    Another question becomes how can Alabama be ranked 13 when they lost to the only two ranked teams they played all season?
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