D'Onta Foreman signs 4 year deal with Texans

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Driver 8, Jun 18, 2017.

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    Good for D'Onta!
    Interesting, the guy flashing a hook em is Alfred Blue (from LSU)
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    So if the gun was clean and no pot found on him and he wasnt high why bring him in so he wasn't operating the vehicle under a substance what did they even arrest him?
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    Smooth - good lawyer.
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    Maybe all of that information was not readily apparent at the time of the arrest.
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    Gun laws in Texas, absent a CHL, generally only allow for "Defense to prosecution". Travelling a certain distance, travelling to an event or location where the firearm is to be used (i.e., a gun range), the gun being secured, all these things can only be used as a defense. They do not prevent an officer from making an arrest. Texas law also does not differentiate between loaded and unloaded firearms. Ergo, gun + pot in the same car, the officer will always make an arrest and let the system figure it out.

    This is why I feel EVERYONE who has a handgun should get their CHL, even if they never intend to carry. Of course, with pot involved, he was still screwed.
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    If I were advising a young man about to start an NFL career, I think Rule One would be: NEVER allow your friends to get into your car. Or put anything in your car. Or touch it. Or even look at it.

    Actually, this would be Rule One-A. Rule One would be: NOTHING GOOD EVER HAPPENS in a strip club parking lot, so don't go there.
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    I have my LTC, so I'm not sure, but I believe the law changed a couple of years ago, allowing one to have have a handgun in your car without an LTC. The antiquated "traveling" requirement was discarded. I can't figure out why he was charged with the weapons violation either. Surely his lawyer is giving us the whole story. :confused2: Oh wait...
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    maybe it's a tack on drug law? possession of mj - break law 1. have gun while in possession (even if legal gun) - break law 2.
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    That could well be the case.
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    Thank heavens for that. Thanks for posting.
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    There's always going to be a need to keep it real with one's friends.
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    Awesome! NFL ready.
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    He also had a 4-yard TD run a couple of drives later on a stretch play. Got hit around the 2 yd line by two defenders but had too much forward momentum for them to stop him.
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    Foreman looks good early for the texans against the bengals even with a horrible o-line. He is clearly the texans best back. After getting them down to the six O'brien takes him out for 5 wide and an immediate penalty. Coaches to often try to prove they are the smartest person in the room.
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    After having watched some of the Texans game last night, I can only hope D'Onta has all of his insurance plans paid up...that O-Line SUCKS. It's going to get someone killed.
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    Torn achilles
    On a beautiful touchdown run


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