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Discussion in 'Baseball' started by BabHorn, Jun 5, 2018.

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    I have to agree on the town and crappy urban culture, though my understanding is there's some revitalization going on in Detroit. He should live in Ann Arbor....it's beautiful....the "Austin" of the state Michigan! Congrats to KC!!
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    Good monetary position for Kody. Great news is he will be in rookie league and minor leagues and not Detroit.

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    Anybody tracking our 2018 recruits?

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    Thanks! I figured he was gone. Not sure what at what round the $$$ become too alluring. Beyond Clemens, what other eligible UT players are likely gone? Seems like we've not been getting our share of the HS MLB talent like we used to. Hopefully, that starts to change this year! Don't really keep up that much on baseball recruiting.
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    The past recruiting cycles for David Pierce have been his transition years of recruiting @ UT. He took charge a little late in the summer for the first one. Then he had to scour the scene for transfers and odd experiences in order to get his first recruits. For instance, Zubia was hurt his freshman year and had to sit out that freshman year at Tulane. Transfers from other college level programs have given his program a shot-in-the-arm in the beginning. Add that to season ending injuries to a couple of his recruits, and you should have really low expectations in DP's first two years of being the head coach here.

    The bottom line ---- that is what makes getting to a regional and then a super regional the first two years so extraordinary. It gives the fans a clue as what to expect in the future with normal HS recruiting cycles. If he gets to the CWS in his second year, the HS recruiting will get another strong "tail wind".
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    Agree, but the real question for any Texas Baseball coach is "do you recruit the superior talent and facing at least a 50/50 chance that talent goes pro out of high school and leaves a hole in recruiting or do you recruit good talent with a greater probability of that talent showing up on campus?" Looks like a top rated HS pitcher who committed to Texas, but was drafted in the second round has all but forgotten the commitment and will sign with the Mets.
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    Nolan Kingham taken in the 12th round (#352) by the Braves

    Chase Shugart taken in the 12th round (#370) by Boston

    Think this is low enough that they'll return next year?
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    I suspect that Nolan and Chase are both gone and that Henley likely will be too (though we are into 20th round and he hasn't gone yet). The signing slots/bonuses anywhere within first 10-15 rounds usually is enough to make the jump appealing enough to pass on fourth year of college. Could be an entirely new starting lineup for weekend games next year.
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    FW is probably correct, but Kingman should think about it harder than Shugart. Another season showing fewer brain farts on a team that should make it to Omaha would probably move Kingman up to at least the middle single-digit rounds. Shugart has to lose his headcase reputation in order to move up. If he decides he is who he is he should go.

    The unfortunate part is both teams are class teams which makes the decision harder.
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    Growing up on Cow Bayou will do that to you. Ever ride in a car with Steve Worster driving? Fortunately, Woo's did not follow him on the field.
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    Kyler Murray was drafted an incedible 9th and his bonus is at $4.75 million, but he will play football at OU. I don’t think he has a chance as a pro quarterback, but it appears that he can collect the bb signing bonus and still play football for OU.
    Does he get the bonus now and what happens if he gets a bb career ending injury? I thought a professional payday would eliminate college participation, but at the least I would think that the contract and money would be on hold until he finished football at OU.

    I know what I would do. I would go join the bb team and buy season tickets to the Thooners.
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    I know Ricky took the money and he was drafted out of high school. He never was on scholarship and played as a walk on; unless he quit baseball and then received a scholarship towards the end of his career at Texas.

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