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  1. kbrown

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    Got Screwed. Probably the worst officiating I've seen in a long time. that charge against Nolan Smith was a joke.
  2. Bevo-Stevo

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    You mean the charge called around the 5:30 mark of the 2nd half? Are you kidding? Absolutely the right call. He threw his elbow right into the Hokie defender. Even Vitale said it was the right call....and he owns stock in Duke. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. TexasGolf

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    vtech almost gave the game away with less than 2 mins left.

    duke is just not that good. imo, pitt is the # 1 team
  4. Knoxville-Horn

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    The words "Duke" and "got screwed" are comical to me. I didn't see the play you were talking about but I'm of the impression that Duke always, ALWAYS gets its way.
  5. orangecat1

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    speaking of Duke, how fall do they fall in the polls? Could Duke possible be in the #4-6 area, or do they fall farther?

    I can't see them being higher than 4, but you never know.

    And can Duke still be possibly the weakest #1 seed of all-time, especially if they lose to N. Carolina and still get a 1?
  6. warrior

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    I like Ohio State, they have only lost to 2 highly ranked teams on the road. They should be the # 1 seed IMO.
  7. Bigtex112

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    The last time I saw Duke get screwed by the refs, it was the same year the Yankees got screwed in the World Series.....never.
  8. Joe Fan

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    off topic but interesting

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  10. snek

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    There's just one left, right Joe? Or am I thinking of another conference?

    I love a Duke loss, especially in the tourney, almost as much as when OU loses or when a tornado rips through that state and causes millions of dollars in improvements.
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  11. Statalyzer

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    Especially with all the Grayson Allen antics this year, they really deserved their early Duxit.

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