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Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Mr. Deez, Feb 8, 2012.

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    Htown77, the 1800s led to the greatest era of wealth and freedom in history. Marx didn't write what he did because things were bad or were getting worse. He did it because he had a certain belief system, which by the way was built on an incorrect view of society, history, and economy. He was quite a know nothing.

    Also, extremist capitalism didn't create child labor. Child labor was the norm from ancient times. Everyone on the farm worked from as young an age as possible. It was through the material progress humans enjoyed through extreme capitalism that led to the idea that maybe children shouldn't have to work so hard so young.
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    Oh yes, people losing limbs due to no regulations while making next to nothing in polluted factories and losing thier jobs once they lost said limbs and not receiving anything for it was wonderful and seeing that in no way influenced Marx. People compared the plight of the 1800s factory worker to southern slavery and debated which was worse, because you know, great societies are generally compared to slavery.

    The living and working conditions of the 1800s factory worker may be some of the worst in human history for a non slavery/genocide event. Marx had the absolute wrong solution, but seeing those wretched conditions would certainly create radicals.

    Our government was horribly corrupt in the 1880s and a president was even assassinated over it. Progressive refrom like the FDA and the Sherman Anti-Trust Act made life better. Just because nowadays progressives advocate for stupid reform does not mean we should roll back the smart reforms of the early 1900s. There is a successful middle ground between ban everything and ban nothing.

    I guess we can just ban all common sense regulations and walk through s*** in the streets and have two feet of visibility due to smog like they did in the 1800s or do in India today.

    Adam Smith and economic theories work in a theory that ignores human nature. You should always shoot for the least regulation possible because the less regulation the higher the growth. However, human nature requires there to be some regulation and much more of it in some places as opposed to others. The 1800s proved lack of regulation creates miserable conditions. The 1900s and communisim proved overregularion creates miserable conditions. You have to meet in the middle and not advocate for under and over regulated systems that are proven failures.
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    I've heard quite a number of NFL players compare the their jobs to slavery, so not all comparisons are valid.
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    True. Slavery is not good comparison for hadly anything in modern america if anything at all. Being paid millions to play football and being paid nothing to work in a factory in the 1800s with no safety procedures whatsoever is certainly not he same thing either.
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    I don't disagree that factory conditions needed to be improved. They did. Most of your comment was a non sequitur.

    But think of this. Everywhere industry has sprung up workers have chosen to leave the farms and go work in factories. These people could have left and went back home. or in the very least told the rest of the people back home not to come to a factory because life is so much worse. But they didn't and they still don't. And they don't because they have evaluated their options. For as bad as the factory job was, it was a better option overall. Regulation and labor organization played a role in improving conditions, but competition did as well. 2 of those 3 factors have nothing to do with government.
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    Whose writings do they wish to be taught; Kanye West, Snoop Dog, and Maya Angelou?
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    If that "iconic rap duos" English is as bad as most rappers, those students will be in worse shape when they come out than when they went in.
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    I think that as far as colleges go, the inmates are running the asylum.
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    The Silicon Valley let it slip what they really think of you. Or, many of you.

    -- You are “misogynistic, racist, stupid, and violent people;”
    -- You live in a “sh*thole;” and
    -- Your family, friends and co-workers are uneducated.

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    Is Melinda Byerley the official spokesperson for Silicon Valley? Who bestowed that title on her? You have to go back to the 2 years she was at eBay/Paypal to find a company that wasn't a failed startup on her resume.

    She's currently the "Founder, timeshareCMO" which likely has 1 employee, her. I could see holding up Zuckerberg or Tim Cook as "Silicon Valley" but some no-name never-has-been is too much.

    Based on her Twitter feed, y'all have beaten her into submission.
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    I lived in the area for several years
    Her view is fairly standard -- and its even worse for Texas. While they usually ignore "flyover" country generally, they actively hate Texas at all times.
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    Based on Hornfans, I think the feeling is mutual from the Texans.

    There is something to be said for education level need of the rural towns. As I visited my hometown there are a lot of people that started their college education only to never finish and head back "home". Some for good reasons (i.e. taking over the family farm/ranch) but they seem to have more than their share of deadbeats. At least, the deadbeats stand out more due to the sparse population than in major cities.

    I do think people need to be willing to move. I visited Sydney, NE, the home of Cabelas corporate office. Nice town. It grew from 3k to 7k in 10 years. Now that BassPro purchased Cabelas I'm expecting that down to die a quick death. People need to be ready to move, in spite of their quickly lowering home values.
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    Based on her tweet SH, I think the feeling is mutual by more than just Texans. That tweet was disgusting. And......
    Not sure about this loose use oh "ya'll" here.
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    reminds me of .....
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    To a great degree, the Sherman Anti-Trust Act and follow-on legislation has hurt competition and arguably made life worse.
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    Why do you think Marx was a know nothing? What was his incorrect view of "society"?
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    The Golden Globes also honored the 40th Anniversary of Rocky, an Academy Award Best Picture that night. Rocky captures the essence of what "Art" is - the study, celebration, and practice of the Human Condition. That's why art can be literature arts, musical arts, theater arts, performance arts, visual arts, and yes...martial arts.

    Stallone's Rocky, Bruce Lee, and Scorsese's Raging Bull all capture the human condition that real martial artists, like Ali, explore and celebrate in real life. That includes mental discipline, courage, intestinal fortitude, confidence, sportsmanship, familial and cultural loyalty and respect. One of the most important matters martial artists study is the ethics of violence to defeat evil and bullies. No other art form can distill these human matters in the way human physical conflict has been able to. What Streep explores through her art, which is pretending, boxers/wrestlers/martial artists experience through a visceral level.

    And I say this about Streep as a fellow Yale fine arts and cinema snob. She's out of touch and ironically the physical essence of close-minded thinking.
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    Why are lefties so afraid of letting Milo speak?

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    Speaking of Streep, one of the things she attacked Trump over is the dubious story about the disabled reporter --

    ".... It was that moment when the person asking to sit in the most respected seat in our country imitated a disabled reporter, someone he outranked in privilege, power, and the capacity to fight back. It kind of broke my heart when I saw it. .......... And this instinct to humiliate, when it’s modeled by someone in the public platform, by someone powerful, it filters down into everybody’s life, because it kind of gives permission for other people to do the same thing. Disrespect invites disrespect.”

    But here is British journalist Charles Moore (Margaret Thatcher’s official biographer) on Streep's portrayal of Thatcher as a dementia sufferer. Which she did while Thatcher was still alive and without ever consulting or seeking permission from her family.

    ".....Trump supporters…point out that the gestures were almost exactly the same as those he used when he publicly mocked Ted Cruz and (separately) an American general, neither of whom is disabled. He was mimicking weaselly excuses, not disability.

    In any event, Meryl Streep should be careful when she speaks about disrespect for the afflicted. The makers of the film The Iron Lady, in which Ms Streep starred, produced a box-office hit about the senility of Margaret Thatcher, while Lady Thatcher was still alive. No Thatcher family or office permission was sought. Many thought the portrayal was intrusive.

    Meryl Streep won an Oscar for it, so she did very well out of imitating a vulnerable person in public. Her defence would probably be her favourite word — empathy. But this “empathy” was imposed upon Lady Thatcher without regard for how she, or those close to her, might feel.

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    Brits and free speech

    Amber Rudd is their Home Secretary. She gave a speech at a conference proposing tougher rules on foreign workers with an eye towards protecting jobs for citizens.

    An Oxford prof filed a police report over this and they are investigating.

    We would be getting this stuff here, if Hillary had won

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    Milo did beat out Hillary’s campaign manager Robby Mook to win LGBTQ “Person of the Year.”
    By LGBTQ Nation, which calls itself the “world’s most followed LGBTQ news source.”


    Milo noted winning the poll was not his only recent accomplishment. He also lists --
    "My banishment from Twitter, recently announced book deal (pre-order now!), cross-country college tour, my jawline, and a really cute Siberian fox & sable fur I just snapped up."
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    He wasn't mocking the reporter's disability. I don't even think he knew he was disabled.

    If you want to say he's crass and un-Presidential...you absolutely can. The insults about Fiorina's looks and the accusations about Cruz' father give you more than enough ammunition.

    But the media focuses on these made up or blown out of proportion statements instead of the above. I wonder if it's because Fiorina and Cruz are conservatives? And they also gloss over the degree of mocking of Trump's and his supporters' physical appearance Hollywood indulges in.

    In the case of the disabled reporter it was to distract from the fact that people in New Jersey were actually publicly celebrating the 9-11 attacks as opposed to the "fact checking" done by the media. The statements on the bus with Billy Bush are also reliably blown out of proportion. I have heard joking comments 100x more offensive in my fighter squadron and ship amongst men in a confidential space. Those comments don't change the fact that they were excellent at their job as commanders and commissioned officers of the President of the United States, and I trusted my life to them. I also had the opportunity to go with these guys to air shows as their demo narrator, and yes - women throw themselves at you if you're wearing a bag. What Trump and Bush were joking about is exactly what every professional athlete, rock star, and celebrity experience. And the Clinton media machinations surrounding the timing and bribing of people over the Access Hollywood episode further diluted any credibility to their message.

    Trump is not a saint nor a lighthouse of honourable character. The Oval Office has never been such either. If you're a parent who wants to point to politicians as examples of moral character, you're an idiot. That's your job when you have a kid. Newsflash - Trump is a morally flawed man, like regular people and also other political/business/military leaders. Let's just get on with it.
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