Dumb Political Correctness

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Mr. Deez, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. 2003TexasGrad

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    I've been told Indians prefer lukewarm water because its better for your body as it goes down. Don't quote me on that.
  2. Seattle Husker

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    I've heard at least one Indian say that. Not sure if that's science based or not.
  3. Mr. Deez

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    Refills aren't a thing in Europe for much of anything, because nothing is free. If you want water, it'll almost always be bottled water (chilled but with no ice). Same with soda, and free refills are out of the question. The big fountain drink also isn't a thing. If you get a fountain drink (which is rare outside of fast food places), it won't be bigger than a half-liter (a little over 16 ounces). If you're into the 64-ounce big gulps, this isn't the continent for you.

    The same goes with food. In a lot of American restaurants, you can binge on free bread or chips and salsa (for Mexican places). Not in Europe. If you want any of that stuff, you're going to pay for it, and if you want a second round of it, you're going to pay again. There's a Mexican place in Newmarket we sometimes go to, and since Deez, Jr. is a total pig when it comes to tortilla chips, we usually blow £10 (about $13) on chips and salsa.
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    Jeebus. This is what PMs are for. Take the bromance there.

  5. Mr. Deez

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    You know what else you don't often see (and this was also true in Germany)? Toilet plungers. It's kinda strange. The toilets use less water and don't seem to flush with quite as much authority, but in 9 years of living in Europe, I've never clogged a toilet nor seen one clogged. Plungers must not be very necessary.
  6. mchammer

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    It’s due to the quality of the toilet and the channel behind the bowl. That is why in the US, you see variation in toilet clogging. Thus I presume Europeans make better toilets overall.
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  7. humahuma

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    Or Europe doesn’t have Chuy’s Elvis platter.
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  8. Mr. Deez

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    What could possibly go wrong? Link.
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  9. 2003TexasGrad

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    Dammit you quoted me :smile1:
  10. 2003TexasGrad

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    They mean "non legal" name? Ok then? Trans and non binary are such a tiny percentage but whatever. I dont really care but yes let's imagine how revolutionary this is.
  11. Clean

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    Just read that aggy head basketball coach, Buzz Somebody, has met with his team 15 straight weeks on Tuesdays to discuss SJ issues after the George Floyd shooting! Also the headline said that sec bball teams won’t come out for the National Anthem.
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  12. 2003TexasGrad

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    I wonder if the aggy bball team is worried they may get shot if they assault the police or if they OD on drugs while getting pulled over...
  13. Run Pincher

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    I wonder if that discussion includes what happens to white people when they break the law?
  14. Joe Fan

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    The SEC named Vanderbilt’s Sarah Fuller co-special teams player of the week
    For? for her one 30 yard kickoff.
    her “perfectly executed kick sailed 30 yards.”

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  15. mb227

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    In light of the coach being canned shortly after the game, the cynic in me suggests this was not about filling a need due to the 'rona but rather about getting his woke points to make up for a sorry resume...

    Nothing I saw on that one kick suggested she would have made a FG of any distance under real pressure (although I question how much pressure Mizzou would have been bringing given the lead they had for much of the game).
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  16. Joe Fan

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    Maybe this^ will lead to a solution to the harsh financial issues created by Title IX?
    Just make all sports unisex - one level or class for everything, open to all genders
    No womens sports programs are profitable (i think the lone exceptions have been UConn women's BBall and little ut's women's BBall during handful of seasons, but that's it). Other than family, no one watches or attends. The market is just not there and has never been. Football and mens BBall (in some but not all cases) carry the full load.
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  17. nashhorn

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    Texas W VB certainly draws a crowd.
  18. Joe Fan

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    No women's sports program is self-funding
    The scholarships themselves are very expensive
    Have you ever try to estimate the cost of one volleyball schollie (4 years tuition, room, meals and board)?
    Now multiply that total x 15
    Then add to that travel, training, tutoring, uniforms, S&C facilities, ....
    It's a big number
    Ticket sales do not come close. not remotely close
  19. nashhorn

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  20. VYFan

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    Also eliminates that pesky transgender problem. If a dude wants to have a sex change operation and take hormones, he stays with the same competition.
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  21. UTChE96

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    Probably because of all the bidets. I installed one at my home a few years ago. Never had a clog since. TP usage went way down! Bunghole bliss!
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  22. Mr. Deez

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    That has to be a factor, because of the reduced TP usage. However, I haven't seen a plunger in the UK either, and the UK is generally a non-bidet country. Nevertheless, I'm impressed that "took the plunge" and bideted up.
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  23. Joe Fan

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    In a bit of a shocker, Brit court (the High Court) has ruled that children under 16 are unlikely to be able to give informed consent to undergo treatment with puberty-blocking drugs. It looks like it was a 3-vote unanimous opinion

    Pretty brave of them knowing they will probably face an angry liberal mob over the decision

    Gender reassignment: High Court rules on puberty blockers for under-16s
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  24. Joe Fan

    Joe Fan 10,000+ Posts

    I was thinking of an expanded post on this very topic but just seeing the word bidet makes people squeamish. So I will say there are additional benefits users will discover, over time, beyond merely saving on toiler paper ("save the trees") and preventing clogs.
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  25. Monahorns

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    Only football makes money for colleges. Some basketball programs make a little money. The blue bloods mainly. Texas men's basketball makes a little money but not much.
  26. Joe Fan

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    Apparently at least one poster thinks UT volleyball is self-funding
  27. nashhorn

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    Wait now JF, if you’re referring to my comment I was only responding to attendance. The VB games I went to last year and year before (I won’t go now) were packed. I made no comment about revenue.
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  28. cnb

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    They get drinks brought to them by the cops.
  29. Sangre Naranjada

    Sangre Naranjada Winebibber

    No, not true. That only happens when a drink is requested. And trust me, it's really not any special privilege. The last cop who pulled me over really fouled up the Old Fashioned I ordered for the road. The drink was at the wrong temperature and he didn't even have Angostura bitters! I had to settle for Peychaud's.
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  30. Joe Fan

    Joe Fan 10,000+ Posts

    OK, no worries, you still have plenty of time to discuss revenues.
    Do you think they self fund or not?
    If not, do you think they come close to self-funding with the decent attendance?

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