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Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Mr. Deez, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. Mr. Deez

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    Mrs. Deez came across this. And you've been outed, @OUBubba .

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  2. mb227

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    I saw a report this morning that a Seattle school is doing away with their Halloween parade and festivities because it somehow discriminates against Black kids, apparently because they CHOOSE not to participate. Instead, the school is doing an "equity" festival...

    The left is trying to destroy ANY remaining vestige of childhood fun.
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  3. bystander

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    You beat me to it...

    Seattle school cancels Halloween parade because it 'marginalizes students of color'

    This is Liberalism and anyone who calls themselves a Liberal actually thinks like that. It's just a matter of degree. These are not Democrats. They are mental. And they will never change; instead they will continue to do things like this.

    From the article:

    "David Malkin, whose 7-year-old son attends B.F. Day, called the decision an "exercise in affluent White vanity that is wokeism."

    "I don't see any way in which this actually addresses any inequities to the extent that there are any inequities," Malkin told Rantz on his show Monday. "You know, this just seems like grandstanding on behalf of the principal and the staff who are predominantly White."

    Malkin, who is Asian, said parents weren't involved in the decision.

    "I'm sure they don't want to hear from anyone of any race or ethnicity that doesn't really want to go along with them in lockstep," he said."
  4. mchammer

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    For the left, racial equality is actually revenge on whitey. Politics of envy and resentment. Communism has morphed into cultural Marxism. Make everyone equal by making everyone poorer.
  5. mchammer

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    Case in point:

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  6. Statalyzer

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    That's it exactly.
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  7. nashhorn

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    Seems that as many of us in here predicted those idiotic bathroom rules about transgender allowance have come true in Va. A father has made the claim at a school board meeting of his daughter being raped. Of course he was hustled out of the meeting.
  8. Horn2RunAgain

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    Caught the tail end of his interview on fox. He's still distressed over his daughter being raped at school. I think we all can agree the anguish and deep anger inside of him is warranted and understandable. The school board /admin turned their back on him and treated him (and daughter) as a non entity
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  9. nashhorn

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  10. Monahorns

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    Abolish public schools. We can create coops to hire teachers directly. They can meet in homes educators can buy/rent ex-public school buildings. End the Communist take over.
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  11. Horn2RunAgain

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    I think you'd have the same issues in the same parts of the country this is currently taking place. West coast teachers aren't of the same cut of cloth Midwest teachers are.

    Town halls and such are working. See Southlake and Wylie. Parents stepping in and correcting the racial divide that certain teachers preached. That's the way it should be.

    In Oregon, and some parts of CA, WA same thing in reverse. Lot of parents are either riddled with white guilt or don't give a **** if their kids heads are filled with social engineering for 5 hrs a day. It's a waste, but it's accepted there
  12. bystander

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  13. Monahorns

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    Of course. If the people want CRT taught to their children then it will happen and the government schools are more than willing to comply.

    But I think any gains in public schools in conservative areas will be incomplete and temporary. You have to take out the root or it will grow back. You either have to abolish the public schools or outlaw teaching Marxist ideology as truth. Most people don't want CRT taught but aren't willing to do what it will take to end this menace.
  14. bystander

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    @Seattle Husker & @OUBubba

    This is why Liberalism must be crushed at the polls. Absolutely buried into the ashbin of history.

    DC prep school students face expulsion for 'single expression, act, or gesture' deemed offensive

    "Students at one of the most prestigious college preparatory schools in the United States could reportedly risk expulsion for single instances of speech someone deems offensive.

    St. Albans School in Washington, D.C., is circulating an "anti-bias" draft policy among its administrators regarding potential punishment for "hate speech," according to documents obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

    "It is the impact of hate speech, rather than the intent of those perpetrating it, that is of utmost importance," the draft policy says, adding that boys could face expulsion "even in the case of a single expression, act, or gesture."

    According to the draft policy, offenses can include "misplaced humor," and such infractions "should be reported immediately to the student’s adviser" by students, teachers or parents.

    "We also expect that anyone, whether student, faculty, staff, or family member, who witnesses, or has knowledge of an incident of hate speech, will report the incident to the appropriate individual," it reads."

    This is an absolute cancer that is metastasizing through-out our country. It is SICKENING. These people are beyond obsessed. They are weaponizing totalitarianism.
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  15. Mr. Deez

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    I'm not surprised. My dad went to St. Albans (was a classmate of Al Gore's). It's loaded with very wealthy, politically connected families. It's going to be a cesspool of self-flagellating white people with money. (My dad got in on choir scholarship.)
  16. bystander

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    Crazy stuff man... small world too.
  17. bystander

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