Dumb Political Correctness

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Mr. Deez, Feb 8, 2012.

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    All the old movies on TCM and Grit. It blows my mind the woke haven't shut down those channels. They would be flipping out, but the woke I'm sure don't watch those channels.

    A couple of months ago I watched Geronimo with Chuck Connors as Geronimo. WTF, 60 years ago you could find an Indian to play Geronimo with all the Western Movies and Indians back then.:idk:
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    GWU dropped "Colonial" because that was "active purveyors of colonialism and were complicit in militarized and radicalized violence, oppression and hierarchy".

    New name is the Revolutionaries. Glad that folks involved with revolutions never use violence or oppression or have any hierarchies!

    George Washington University announces new 'Revolutionaries' nickname
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  4. Horn6721

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    So is the American REVOLUTION fought by Colonials led by George Washington pc now but the Colonials aren't?
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  5. guy4321

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    Countdown to when the student body votes to say the George Washington Revolutionaries is "active purveyors of colonialism and were complicit in militarized and radicalized violence, oppression and hierarchy".

    2023? 2027? 2031?
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    how many times can they change names
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    I'd guess 1,776 times.
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    You'd also think an Institution of Higher Learning would know the difference between a Colonial and a Colonizer....
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    I played soccer for several years. I was even lucky enough to play in an exhibition game against the Women's National team, with great, patriotic players such as Michele Akers, Mia Hamm, Kristine Lilly, Brandi Chastain, Carla Overbeck, Joy Fawcet, and I''ll stop there because the only one that may ring a bell with y'all is Brandi (who ripped her shirt off after scoring the winning PK in the World Cup)

    Megan Rapino is an absolute embarrassment to the world of soccer.
    She was a bench player for most of her years on the National team, but always managed to grab attention. She would run on the field after someone scored a goal and make sure she jumped around, of course dying her hair platinum, then purple, I think it is blue now, she is a complete and total showboat when she has not earned it. I hate showboats. Looking at her gives me a visceral reaction.

    And, y'all probably don't follow soccer like I do, but, it's funny. A few years ago Rapino was kneeling and not singing the National Anthom. Now that is out of vogue, but what is? Trans men playing in women's sports.
    So, here she is making ahuge deal out of that, all for attention.
    She is like a crow attracked to whatever shiny, ridiculous cause there is because she loves the spotlight.

    I'll not comment on her "Ambassador of the game: BS. She was part of a group that signed a letter asking for more pay. But, after that, she has been the worst thing to happen to women's soccer.
    Her skills have always been limited. She is slow, lazy, doesn't track back on defense, and as she has aged her passes are terrible, she can't hold on to the ball. The 2 things she did well were corner kicks, but she can't make decent crosses any more. She does make pee nalty kicks, and the last Olympics she made a few that kept us in the tournament. But,at the level these women play, you are supposed to make PKs.

    So, you have a nasty, loud mouthed, attention seeking, washed up player taking up a valuable spot on the USWNT. It makes me sick.
    Please do the world a favor.
    Go away, shut your pie hole, and I never want to see you fugly face again.
    Let's make soccer about soccer again.
    My World Cup prediction, sadly we will be lucky to take bronze.
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  13. nashhorn

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    As a father of two daughters who played soccer all through HS and one at a small college I recognize every name you mentioned and feel the same about Rapinoe. Her retirement comes too late imo. I wish it had come years ago.
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  14. Facing Addiction

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  16. Sangre Naranjada

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    @Hollandtx I saw this headline and photo juxtaposed and immediately recalled your quoted post. Apropos, no?

    The USWNT’s problems, explained

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  17. bystander

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    Man, am I slow. Here I was looking for a link, then I finally said, "Oh... I get it."
  18. bystander

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    Full transparency. Tommy Hines and John Carlos suffered very little in the way of athletic impairment at the 1968 Olympics. I thought maybe this team was being fueled by it's common bond of activism. And they may have been in the past. Now you have an aging icon and the young upstarts are more woke than developed on the field. Add to that, Alex Morgan is acting like she's taking her daughter to Sea World. Others were taking pics, laughing and dancing after the tie with Portugal.

    Imagine Michael Jordan or Black Mamba acting like that.

    They've apparently taken their eyes off the ball. Or they're just not as good as they were. Lloyd has retired, Chastain is gone and Green Hair is hanging on by a thread.
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  19. Horn6721

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    It seems most of them are seeing a different ball. Someone needs to remind them of why they are there.
  20. nashhorn

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    I confess with shame I was secretly hoping someone would boo Rapi. I feel guilt but it’s true. Heard an interview with a former player that ripped her pretty sternly recently. She called her slow and lazy. Wish I could remember her name but don’t. Not surprising because I find my not remembering things altogether too frequent an occurrence these days.
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  21. CallawayHorn

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    I can say few things with confidence:
    • At least we are not Germany. What a year THAT federdation is having.
    • The women seem to have forgotten WHY they are there. Its not to make political statements! They are there to play the game. Set distractions aside and focus.
    • We face the real possible scenario where we are outclassed tactically and technically against the Swedes. If we get by the Swedes, The prospect of facing a Japanese team is NOT promising
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  22. ViperHorn

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    Yes, and the "stars" are old and cannot keep up. Morgan is constantly behind the ball trying to keep up. Sweeden should put and end to the misery (probably by multiple goals).
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