Dumb Political Correctness

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Mr. Deez, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. Mr. Deez

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    O'Donnell over Couric? How do you expect to be taken seriously after saying something like that??? lol
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  2. Joe Fan

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    I dont get it why anyone likes Couric
    She makes me want to hurl

    (but bravo to you on the reflexive auto like -- can we ever be certain that is not just some Russian bot?)

  3. Mr. Deez

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    I can understand that more when we're talking about young people who have moved up from the lower echelons of employment. However, when I hear of people who are well-educated and supposedly professional doing this sort of thing, I can't help but wonder what the hell they were thinking. Think what you will about their politics, but Bill O'Reilly, Al Franken, Joe Barton, Anthony Weiner, John Conyers, etc. are well-educated, accomplished men of great achievement. They overcame a ton of competitors to get their they were. Furthermore, they weren't horny 25 year old guys. They were supposedly mature adults of great personal and professional experience. And yet they showed laughably poor judgment and ruined or at least risked losing ruining everything.

    One can argue that she wasn't the bees knees, but to put her beneath Rosie O'Donnell is utterly indefensible.
  4. mchammer

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    My guess is that your assistant felt a little insecure at her job and sucked up to you as compensation. It can be perceived as admiration, or even flirting. I wonder if that played a part when the big shots like Charlie Rose thought some of the interactions were mutual.
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  5. Mr. Deez

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    Very cynical. She was actually very good at her job and very mature for a 20 year old chick. She was consistently on time, worked hard, acted professionally at all times, and once trained in how to do the work, performed her duties very well.

    And she didn't suck up. I can tell when my *** is being kissed. She was genuinely kind from the very beginning, but I can tell you when I truly became her hero. One day she took a call from a defense counsel who was a partner in a very respected Austin insurance defense firm. (In other words, he thought he was hot ****.) He asked for me to discuss a case I was working on, and she told him she wasn't sure if I was in and had to check. He bitched her out for not immediately putting me on the phone and told her she should be showing him more respect than to give him that kind of answer. (To this day, I still don't know what he thought was so bad about her answer.) She came back and told me what he said and was obviously hurt - trembling lips, close to tearing up, etc., and it just enraged me to no end.

    I picked up the phone, and he immediate says, "Hey Deez (obviously used my real name)! What's happening my bro?" I responded, "Don't you call me your bro after the way you talked to my assistant. Shame on you for being such an obnoxious prick to her after she was nothing but professional with you. I don't care who the hell you think you are or what you want to discuss, but she's a human being and doesn't deserve to take your ********. Now, I'm going to put her back on the phone. You are going to apologize to her for acting like such a jerk and promise to her that you'll never speak to her that way again, and then I'll be happy to discuss the case with you." Throughout that tirade, he kept trying to interject, and I just talked over him. He knew he was wrong.

    He did what I told him to do, and she was literally jumping up and down.
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  6. nashhorn

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    What I think you're missing here Deez is the pure addiction to power. These men succumbed to the corruptness of absolute (in their mind) power. It was the same 'above it all' feeling as Clinton exposed. I propose that many of the women now coming forth did not refuse nor complain out of pure fear. Not fear as in fear for their physical life but fear for their living life.
    I agree with SH about age and corporate permissiveness. When I was first entering the corporate world the entire atmosphere was sexually charged, and I can imagine MANY stories if told today, would be from a much different perspective because many of the women, although consensual (that is no-fight) at the time, are regretted today. But what is unique here? We like to think we are so much more culturally educated in this 21st century but really nothing has changed regarded men chasing and changing for women since Sodom and Gomorrah. Well except perhaps sharing bathrooms
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  7. Joe Fan

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    Katie Couric is the "Eva Braun of morning television."
  8. Crockett

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    I can say when I was younger and less culturally aware, a woman grabbing my tush was not a cause for irritation or concern. In fact, I remember at a social event (church sponsored) one woman was dusting off my tush after I sat in some powder ... with her husband looking on ... and I thought it innocent and nonsexual. He said "Hey" and I was surprised there was any concern at all. But this was 1983 and personal space was perhaps not so sacrosanct.
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  9. Joe Fan

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    What if it were done by a somewhat out Rosie-ODonnell-looking LGGBDTTTIQQAAP?
  10. Crockett

    Crockett 5,000+ Posts

    Unless I, in my relative innocence, had perceived it as intended to humiliate me, I'd have been unconcerned. I guess if it happened today I'd object ... just because it so violates learned social norms. It is perhaps of relevance that Crockett's tush in 1983 was markedly more attractive than it is today.
  11. Crockett

    Crockett 5,000+ Posts

    Good point Nashorn. I do recall back in my newspaper days back in the 1980s covering a central Texas school district. The superintendent was a blowhard, but he could be charming. One day he tried to coerce sexual favors from an elementary school principal. Happened about 9 a.m. By 10 a.m., husband of said principal came in and blackened both his eyes. School board met in emergency session later that day and he was a former superintendent. What I found out later was he had other victims who had been more fearful of him than the principal who stood up to him.
  12. Statalyzer

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    Damn, I think anybody would want to work for a boss who's got their back like that.
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  13. Joe Fan

    Joe Fan 10,000+ Posts

    Today's liberal perv in media is Public Radio "icon" John Hockenberry, who is not only paralyzed from the waist down but has wife and 5 kids (which will probably get him some type of progressive award in the future).

    One woman “He rolled right up to me at my desk, grabbed my face and started kissing me,” ... When Hockenberry saw smiling photos of Meinzer and her new husband on Facebook, he joked, “Doesn’t one of you have herpes at least?”

    Another -- on the way back, John said, ‘Can we talk about something on the show?’ So I went to his room, which might seem stupid now but didn’t seem crazy then: We worked around the clock.” She took a seat at the desk in his room, she said, when he approached her: “He came up and put his arms on mine, and kissed me. Then he said, ‘I love you. We’ve always had this special thing.’ I pushed him away, and said ‘This cannot happen.’ I ran out of the room.”

    Another -- “There were lots of [sex] jokes,” .... “He’s touching your waist, hips—he totally touched my ***.”

  14. Joe Fan

    Joe Fan 10,000+ Posts

    Also -- liberal icon "fashion photag" Bruce Weber (mostly known for work with the sanctimonious defamation factory known as Rolling Stone)

    But the Oklahoma native froze when Weber asked him to expose his genitals, the papers say. After admonishing the model once again for being “so tense,” Weber reached over and removed Boyce’s underwear, the suit says.

    After taking more photographs, Weber “instructed Mr. Boyce to put his hands on himself, ‘wherever you feel your energy go,'” according to court papers.

    When Boyce put his hand on his chest, Weber moved it down to his groin, the suit says.

    “Mr. Weber grabbed Mr. Boyce’s arm, and moved it back and forth, so that Mr. Boyce was forced to rub his own genitals,” the suit says.

    Weber then moved Mr. Boyce’s hand to his own groin and put the model’s fingers in his mouth, the suit says.

    Boyce recalls being “terrified and repulsed.”

    Weber allegedly whispered, “If you just had confidence, you’d go really far” and “How far do you want to make it? How ambitious are you?”

    When Boyce didn’t respond, Weber removed the model’s fingers from his mouth, dropped his hand from his genitals and said, “You know what? Put your underwear on. I think we’re done here,” the suit says.

    Before Boyce could leave, Weber allegedly grabbed him and kissed him on the lips, according to the filing.

  15. Joe Fan

    Joe Fan 10,000+ Posts

    The average for liberal-icons appears to be two a day

  16. Joe Fan

    Joe Fan 10,000+ Posts

    Where will today's Wheel of Leftist Pervs stop?
    How about another Dem politician?

    Rep. Ruben Kihuen (D-Nev) is facing sexual harassment allegations that he propositioned a former staffer for dates and sexual encounters despite her repeated rejections.

    Pelosi and the DCCC have already called for him to resign

    It is interesting to watch how they pick which ones to let go of and which ones to try and hang onto.

  17. Crockett

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    Memorable quote from a Texas Republican Rep. Blake Farenthold on $84,000 settlement of sexual harassment claims against him paid for by taxpayers: “While I 100% support more transparency with respect to claims against members of Congress, I can neither confirm nor deny that settlement involved my office as the Congressional Accountability Act prohibits me from answering that question,” Farenthold said in a statement.

    Were legislation required to meet truth in advertising claims, I guess this would have to be the Congressional Freedom from Accountability Act.
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  18. nashhorn

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    Wow, good one Farenthold. You hold the trophy, for the next few hours at least. Oh brother.
  19. Joe Fan

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    Melanie Martinez Has Been Accused Of Rape By A Former Friend

  20. Joe Fan

    Joe Fan 10,000+ Posts

    If you did one of those DNA kits and were surprised to learn you were part African ....

  21. Seattle Husker

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    I'd agree with you but in my anecdotal story, it was a VP getting a hummer in his office from another woman in the company. This VP was not a white dude either.

    I think it's a culture issue. Clearly in Hollywood that culture is rampant. Do comedians count as "hollywood"? The question is whether than culture is also rampant in D.C. The jury is still out from my perspective.
  22. Seattle Husker

    Seattle Husker 10,000+ Posts

    A girl named "Timothy"...that messed with my head.
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  23. nashhorn

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    Not mine, they are equals.
  24. ProdigalHorn

    ProdigalHorn 10,000+ Posts

    That was actually my question about that link as well.
  25. ProdigalHorn

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    You can't make this up...


  26. Brad Austin

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  27. Joe Fan

    Joe Fan 10,000+ Posts

    Looks like Matt Lauer was not a lone wolf at NBC
    Word is two more NBC-types will follow suit soon
    One supposed to be a household name.
  28. Joe Fan

    Joe Fan 10,000+ Posts

    How are we supposed to teach Democrats its not OK to rape and sexually harass women?

    There seems to be a pattern forming among Dem serving as "Morning Joe" pundits
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  29. mchammer

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    Is this one of the NBC dudes to be outed? Ford a regular on MSNBC.
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  30. I35

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    WOW! The sexual misconducts and assaults by the Dems are like the fires in California. It's coming from every direction now.
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