Eatery(s) w/ frozen offerings

Discussion in 'Around Austin' started by 14tokihorn, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. 14tokihorn

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    Anyone know places similar to the old 'The Kitchen Door'?

    ... Places that put up their dishes in a freezer case, for handy take out.

    Nothing fancy; King Ranch casserole... spaghetti dishes...

    Cooking that my elderly father, with a a typical Texas-bred palate could appreciate.

    His schedule/life style has drastically changed, spending alot of daily time at the local rest home, with his wife & home alone. I want to fill up his freezer.
  2. AustinBat

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    Food, Food in the shopping center across Exposition from Casis Elem. does. Thank you for finally adding a post - I'm tired to seeing about the Canadian fans!
  3. 14tokihorn

    14tokihorn 1,000+ Posts

    Well, how did I forget Food! Food! ?
    But no, they don't do frozen
    items. (just cocky, lip-pierced, communication-challenged counter people).

    There's got to be someplace that does this !!!

    Is there anyone on this board at all?
  4. AustinBat

    AustinBat 2,500+ Posts

    Just freeze it yourself! [​IMG] And I think everyone has quit looking after months of "Canadians at the Baylor game".
  5. Skipper

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    The HEBs that include the Cafe on the Run sections have various small meals available in two sizes which most likely could be frozen at home.

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