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Discussion in 'Horn Depot' started by orangecat1, Apr 21, 2012.

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    not quite as low as $200, but still a record for August, $211. wow! I think this is just about as good as I'm gonna do in the summer, but I better not relax, and keep focused on the meter, because the Sept. could be sneaky high.

    I think the Sept. bill will be about like the July bill, about $185. Now I just need to calculate the +/- of usage.
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    I was sitting at -950, so now I'm at -1350. I've been doing a better job changing filters this year also, so maybe that helps.

    I'm starting to think that maybe the combo. of the new filter grill, changing filters and getting lucky with the cooler temps. are what has allowed me to have lower usage.
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    we're almost halfway through the month, a very hot month it is, and it looks like I'm on pace for about $187, and that is a good bill!!

    It's truly amazing how low we could go. I talked to a lady at my part-time job yesterday,(we're both inside pet lovers) and she told me about two ideas to reduce consumption.

    1. fans on the floor, instead of standing up.
    2. air filtration device, don't make the air filter work so hard. She says the air filtration device makes the air seem cooler.

    I think she's right. My wife was cooking today, and the house felt a lot hotter than it has recently, because today, the oven was putting out a bunch of smoke. I opened windows and ran the a/c because I was trying to get the smoke out of there. The air filled with smoke still feels hotter than it should imo, and this now hours after the fact.

    I'm gonna look into the air filtration thing.
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    City of Austin, about 1600 sq. ft. of conditioned space, used 898 KWH, and the total electric portion of the bill was $108.42. It would be less, but we pay extra for the "GreenChoice Charge," which buys wind and other alternative energy to the city's grid.
    We have a lot of green features added to our house, which are starting to pay off.
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    accuratehorn is a hippie. [​IMG]
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    ..and the other shoe drops. The rate just went up, because the delivery charge went up from 2.62 cents to 3.15 cents per kwh.

    It's pretty easy to see what happened. ERCOT made us all get digit meters and then they use that as an excuse to raise the rate.

    My bill is WAAY down from this time last year though.

    My usage is down, this bill is down from last year's bill by 533 kwh.

    It's gonna be hard to keep up that deficit, but I'm gonna keep trying.
  7. orangecat1

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    -1350 + -533 = -1903.

    I'm an entire month south of last year's bills. yahoo!

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