Elite 8 • Texas vs Miami

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by Dionysus, Mar 26, 2023.

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    Not sure... But worth a try right? Once Carr and Rice were hurt/worn out you do something different. Either that or double off a non-shooter. They were isolating on one guy and Terry didn't switch anything up.
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    You are aware we had 2 5tars this year .
    Beard went out and got Carr, Allen, Disu in the portal his first year that won our first NCAA game since Barnes.. He went to the portal for Rice and Hunter for this year. Where would be without these transfers but relying on Morris and Mitchell! I feel comfortable by guessing it would not be in the elite eight. I presume you think that 2 more 5 stars to go with Mitchell, Morris and Hunter can repeat what Terry accomplished this year. Really.

    This thread is poorly titled. I am not aware of any posters that are Terry haters, but are like me, Terry doublers as the long term solution. You did not support the ‘Horns and Terry any more that the rest of us. I know you did not me.
    Now that Terry is the HC, you will not support the Horns and Terry anymore than we do and hope he succeeds.

    Terry has a record as a head coach. More than likely that will be his record here as HC.
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  3. kurupt

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    Stfu with all these assumptions. And the tittle of thread is spot on. I don't care nor give a damn about you supporting him or Texas. The bottom line is that he's the coach and you're going to have to deal with it.
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  4. kurupt

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    Go coach your intramural team.
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  5. old65horn

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    Good job of picking a screen name!:yippee::yippee::yippee::bow::bow::bow:
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  6. 2003TexasGrad

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    Nah, hes right. Who is a Terry hater? Very Orwelian of you. Rational skepticism isn't hate. Terry got the job so lets all hope for the best.
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  7. ronich

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    He is right because it is what it is now, but his delivery could use some work…
  8. Sangre Naranjada

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    I used "hater" simply because it has more impact than the words doubter, fence-sitter, or some other mealy-mouthed compromise word. It also seems to have made a fair number of posters at least evaluate their actual feelings towards Coach Terry, which isn't a bad thing.

    I also used "hater" because there was (and maybe still is) a more virulent subset of keyboard gangstas, none of whom have shown up on Hornfans thank God, who did express outright hatred for the man in the first couple of weeks after he was named interim. The use of the word hopefully makes people here question with which subset of our fanbase they wish to associate.
  9. longhornlegend

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    No kidding. Nance was leaning miamis way the whole time so he got what he loved. Lots of losers announcing sports these days!
  10. Run Pincher

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    It seems like it's always, what the other team needs to do to beat Texas. Rarely anything about what Texas needs to do to win, except a very occasional, "oh, by the way, Texas should do this." To make it seem like they're unbiased.
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  11. 2003TexasGrad

    2003TexasGrad Son of a Motherless Goat

    Just saying mealy-mouthed out loud makes me feel mealy-mouthed.
  12. Statalyzer

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    By the way, looks like Miami didn't hit a single FG over the last 4:45 minutes of the game.


    Right, the instance the Miami player jumps and stops pushing against Cunningham, Cunningham is going to move backwards due to simple physics. That's not a foul.
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  13. X Misn Tx

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    i mean...the phrase isn't "doubters gonna doubt"

    "hater" is just the more common expression. no harm, no foul imo
  14. stevedallas

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    Wrong. I posted the first time in awhile. I have cancer. Sorry. I am on the site all the time.

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