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Discussion in 'Baseball' started by Chop, Apr 26, 2022.

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    FWHORN, so you're sayin' there's still a chance...if all the games go our way...that we could finish 4th in the conference? :smile1:

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    OU beat WVA so Horns now sit in fifth two games back of the Sooners. Texas needs help from Tech to jump the Sooners and If okie state gets swept next week by a pretty bad Baylor team the Horns can still get as high as third. Look I know it sucks to be looking at permutations to get to fourth or third but to get a regional seed where you finish matters and if Texas can get to fourth and maybe make a run in the Big XII tourney then the possibility of getting a home regional stays on the table particularly given Texas’ RPI and SOS.
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    Wait, wut?
    I am with you, my friend, Hook 'em, Horns! :hookem:
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