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Discussion in 'Cactus Cafe' started by Rip76, May 4, 2008.

  1. Rip76

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    The days of great music are gone.

    Lyrics meant something, vocals meant something...The band meant something
    Elton John and his band were just so damn good.
    What a rhythm section....

    My sister is 16 years older than me, and was really into Elton. I'm glad she introduced me to this music at a young age.


    Levon (Live '71)
    The Link

    From my favorite Elton album (Tumbleweed Connection)

    The Link

    My Father's Gun (From Elizabethtown)
    The Link


    Empty Garden (John Lennon tribute)
    The Link

    Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters
    The Link
  2. The Muzzler

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    You are soooo right. I am always amazed at the music of Elton John/Bernie Taupin. These guys are the only people I am aware of who write songs thee way they do (1st Bernie's lyrics, then Elton puts to music). I have been a huge fan since 1974, and I continue to be a fan today.

    P.S. Check out the latest autobiographical album...."The Captain and the Kid"
  3. mr. sunshine

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    My sister turned me onto Goodbye Yellow Brick Road when we were kids. In turn, I've recommended some Elton to my kids (and hers) and you'd think I was offering them some Liberace. Damn shame.
  4. doylehargraves

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    Tiny Dancer is one of the best songs, ever.
  5. Not that Bob

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    Don't bag on Liberace. He was a very good musician and showman. He used to come to Austin and perform in the old Municipal Auditorium. Great shows.

    FAST FRED 500+ Posts

    Liberace and Elton John have a lot in common.

    I'm a fan of them both.

    I think of Elvis as a very talented phenomenon.

    I rate Liberace and Elton John somewhat higher on my entertainment scale as very phenomenal talents.

  7. kbrown

    kbrown 1,000+ Posts

    Tumbleweed Connection was my favorite too, followed closely by MadMan

    "Burn down the mission walls..if we're gonna stay alive..."
  8. RollingwoodHorn

    RollingwoodHorn 500+ Posts

    I saw Elton John in Vegas about a month ago. Great show.
  9. CameronHorn

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    yes, you are so correct. i also grew up in the 70's and it was a most different age then than now especially with music. i was first introduced with Elberberry WIne (Dont Shoot Me I'm only the Piano Player), besides the ones you first listed i also enjoyed Capt. Fantastic, Rock of the Westies, Blue Moves, Honky Chateau, Tommy (Pinball Wizard) and many others. his music and lyrics were played with great respect and heart. yes, those days are gone but some of the best memories of my life stem from the days when i was going down to the local record shop and purchasing the latest Elton either on 45 or LP and then trying out the new tunes on my old turntable.
    you truly brought back some great old memories today.
    Thanks RIP76
  10. Rip76

    Rip76 1,000+ Posts

    Elderberry Wine... great song...

    Honky Chateau
    Don't Shoot Me
    Captain Fantastic
    Rock of the Westies

    all great albums..

    Some great underrated Elton songs:

    "High Flying Bird"
    "I Think I'm Gonna Kill Myself"
    "Holiday Inn"
    "Texan Love Song"

    I'll never forget this picture on the inside of "GYBR"

  11. 1918Speedway

    1918Speedway 250+ Posts

    I remember hearing "Your Song" when it was new - I was living in Jester at the time. I thought that was the best song I ever heard and I've been a big fan ever since. I guess I've seen Elton's live concerts about 6 times, including the Vegas one.

    And yes, Tiny Dancer is the best.
  12. rickysrun

    rickysrun 2,500+ Posts

    I Guess That's Why They Call it the Blues....I never get tired of that song, I turned my kids on to Elton when he did a show on PBS...amazing
  13. gsoda3

    gsoda3 250+ Posts

  14. WorsterMan

    WorsterMan 10,000+ Posts

    One of my favorites for sure. When Your Song came out in 1970, his sound was so rich, so unlike anyone else and it continued that way for years. I attended several of his concerts and always walked away amazed and pleased.

    My brother always said if he was marooned on an island and could only take the music of one artist to listen to for life, it would be EJ. I would probably choose the Beatles, but EJ would be a close second.

    Yellow Brick Road was a high-watermark for him IMO. Madman, YBR and Tumblweed were my favorite albums. Some of my favorite songs:

    Madman Across the Water
    Tiny Dancer
    Your Song
    Where to Now St. Peter
    Burn Down the Mission
    Candle in the Wind
    All the Young Girls Love Alice
    Ballad of Danny Bailey
    Iv'e Seen That Movie Too
  15. axle hongsnort

    axle hongsnort 250+ Posts

    tell me more about the vegas show plz?

    obviously, any true music fan digs elton, but i was wary to see what i perceived to be as a washed up commercial romp.
  16. Bookman

    Bookman 1,000+ Posts

    I have this new girlfriend. She was going over my cds this last week and said "you have twenty-one Elton John cds?"

    I replied "Elton John ******* rocks."

    Because of that, I've been listening to Elton John a lot this week. Funny timing with this thread.
  17. hullabelew

    hullabelew 1,000+ Posts

    Check out this string of EJ albums in less than 5 years. If blows me away how prolific these guys were in the 70s. I became a fan when Bennie and the Jets single was released. I was raised on country music but EJ and the live Three Dog Night were my first rock album/single purchases. I didn't have an older sibling to influence my music taste, so some top 40 radio and listening to albums of my friends older siblings was where I got my exposure to stuff that wasn't played on WBAP 820 out of DFW in the 70s.

    70 Tumbleweed Connection
    71 Madman Across The Water
    72 Honky Chateau
    73 Don't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player
    73 Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
    74 Caribou
    75 Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy
    75 Rock Of The Westies

    I have always thought the band of Davey Johnstone, Dee Murray & Nigel Olsson were INCREDIBLY underrated. I love the sound of Olsson's drums....prob. second to Michael DeRosier from Heart.

    I have always loved Captain Fantastic the best, but I need to go back and relisten to Yellow Brick Road. After the movie Elizabethtown came out, I went back and relistened to Tumbleweed. I love that one, but for some reason, Capt. Fantastic is still my favorite.

    My brother interviewed Bernie Taupin in the late 80s. He said Bernie was a really great guy. Then he threw Bernie for a loop when he told him how much he enjoyed his work with Alice Cooper. Bernie started laughing because he assumed my brother was going to say Elton John.
  18. Rip76

    Rip76 1,000+ Posts

    "I love the sound of Olsson's drums....prob. second to Michael DeRosier from Heart."

    Dead on.

    Another one of my favorite Elton songs is "Friends,' from the Friends soundtrack.. great song.

    Bernie could write lyrics

    "Talking Old Soldiers" -

    Why hello, say can I buy you another glass of beer
    Well thanks a lot that's kind of you, it's nice to know you care
    These days there's so much going on
    No one seems to want to know
    I may be just an old soldier to some
    But I know how it feels to grow old

    Yeah that's right, you can see me here most every night
    You'll always see me staring at the walls and at the lights
    Funny I remember oh it's years ago I'd say
    I'd stand at that bar with my friends who've passed away
    And drink three times the beer that I can drink today
    Yes I know how it feels to grow old

    I know what they're saying son
    There goes old man Joe again
    Well I may be mad at that I've seen enough
    To make a man go out his brains
    Well do they know what it's like
    To have a graveyard as a friend
    `Cause that's where they are boy, all of them
    Don't seem likely I'll get friends like that again

    Well it's time I moved off
    But it's been great just listening to you
    And I might even see you next time I'm passing through
    You're right there's so much going on
    No one seems to want to know
    So keep well, keep well old friend
    And have another drink on me
    Just ignore all the others you got your memories
    You got your memories
  19. Hornius Emeritus

    Hornius Emeritus 2,500+ Posts

    I feel like a bullet in the gun of Robert Ford.
  20. Me So Horny

    Me So Horny 100+ Posts

    You know how I know you're gay?
    You like... Elton John.
  21. Hornin Hong Kong

    Hornin Hong Kong 1,000+ Posts

    I have tickets to his show here in Hong Kong on 20th May - have never seen him.

    Cannot wait.
  22. Rip76

    Rip76 1,000+ Posts

    Speaking of childhood memories, there is definitely one song that sums the Elton portion up for me.

    Island Girl

    I can still see that "Rocket Records" logo on the 45.
  23. Uncle Rico

    Uncle Rico 1,000+ Posts

  24. HornHawk

    HornHawk 250+ Posts

    Saw the Red Piano show at Caesar's last summer and it kicked ***. The set list, as I recall, was:

    Bennie and the Jets
    Philadelphia Freedom
    Pinball Wizard
    Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me
    I Guess That's Why They Call it the Blues
    Rocket Man
    The ***** is Back
    Candle in the Wind
    Tiny Dancer
    Someone Saved My Life Tonight
    I'm Still Standing
    Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting
    Your Song

    The voice is much more rough than it was in the heydey of the 70's, but the presentation and theatrics was still right on.

    Plus you got to Pamela Anderson on screen in a thong. The down side was that Carrottop was sitting two seats over from me and spent most of the evening flexing. And I am not joking either.
  25. The Muzzler

    The Muzzler 100+ Posts

    I have seen Elton at least 6 times, but two concerts stand out in my memory:

    - Houston, the Summit.....shortly after the Challenger tragedy, he dedicated Rocket Man to the fallen crew while showing some NASA video on the big video screen......not a dry eye in the house!

    - New York, Madison Square Garden, He sang Empty Garden (piano only) still get goose bumps thinking about that one

    Some of my personal favorites"

    - Where To Now St. Peter? - song about death
    - Levon
    - Rotten Peaches
    - Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters
    - High Flying Bird - about the death of a child
    - All of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
    - Ticking
    - All of Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy
    - Where's the Shoorah?
    - Dan Dare
    - All of The Captain and the Kid
  26. wedgie

    wedgie 100+ Posts

    I have to think Elton to introducing me to Yellow Brick Road and Capt. Fantastic. As a fifth grader when CF came out the lyrics just took me to a new level of music appreciation.

    Rock of the Westies did not do it for me but he did made up for it with Blue Moves. Since then I have not really been into his records. Still catch him in concert when I can though.
  27. smwhorn

    smwhorn Guest

    Crocodile Rock is absolutely unbelievable in concert. If you do not like Elton John, you are a big, fat loser. [​IMG]
  28. Rip76

    Rip76 1,000+ Posts

    More great one's...

    All of these from "Madman Across the Water"
    (What a freaking album)

    1971 BBC Studios
    "Holiday Inn" I love his "semi - country" styleThe Link

    Rotten Peaches (Great key changes)The Link

    Razor Face (I love these drums)The Link
  29. Art Vandelay

    Art Vandelay 500+ Posts

    Not to stray off of EJ, who I love, but damn -- just noticed Rip's sig. Pete Townsend had a serious vertical back in the day. [​IMG]
  30. Rip76

    Rip76 1,000+ Posts

    All your ups are belong to Pete...

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