Empress Davenport new assistant at Lamar

Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by BabHorn, Sep 21, 2018.

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    Congrats Empress!
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    Lamar had a good team last year. Only lost one conference game. In pre conference they lost to Baylor, New Mexico and Purdue which is nothing to be ashamed of. Maybe Empress can help them improve some more. Recruiting is tough at such schools. All the big cheeses get the top players and you have to select the best of the leftover scrubs.
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    I was a bit nervous that Empress might not be retained after Lamar hired a new head coach but she made quite the impression on the new boss.

    “I was very impressed with Empress once I accepted the job and learned she didn't allow the players to miss a beat during the transition," coach Franklin stated. "That was huge for me knowing that our players finished the spring semester strong academically. Empress is well known and connected in the Texas basketball world by coaches and players. Her playing experience at Texas and overseas provides immediate credibility with current and future Cardinals. I am fired up to keep Coach Davenport on board to complete our staff."

    Some memorable first names on the coaching staff at Lamar:
    Aqua (HC)
    Empress (Assistant)
    Charinee (Assistant)
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