enchiladas verdes in Germany

Discussion in 'On The Road Again' started by huisache, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. huisache

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    I am going to be in Furfeld, near Heilbronn, in Wurtemberg for a few days and was wondering if anybody knew where I could get some good enchiladas. Thanks.. My request for a good chicken fried steak in Uzbekistan in 2005 went unanswered but I really would like to hear from somebody about the Krautchiladas. Thanks
  2. LondonOllie

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    Err....quick question...

    ...why would you want to seek out Enchiladas in Germany?
    Unless you don't live anywhere near TX or the SW, that seems a bit of a weird request!

  3. Lake_Travis_Horn

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    I've had "Mexican food" in Singapore, Norway, England, and Scotland, but not Germany. It's been pretty iffy. Lived in S'pore for a while, and it varied from pretty good to almost mediocre. Think it depended on which cook was on. Norway was good but weird - Scandinavian cheeses don't quite work in Tex-Mex. Live in Nottingham now and have found a place that is good. The cook is Turkish and the waitress that we usually get is Hngarian, but it's close enough to tide us over between visits home.

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