End of a Dynasty?

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by PaPa Horn, May 30, 2008.

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    So with the loss tonight, has the Spurs' dynasty come to an end?

    I wonder how Buford and Pop will try to get younger, more athletic players around an aging Duncan, injury-prone Manu, and Tony Parker. SA and LA each had a blow-out victory in the series. The Lakers won all three close contests; I would argue that the Spurs showed a lot of wear and tear down the stretch in those games. They gave up a lot of offensive rebounds and did not have enough legs on defense and their jump shots.

    Or do they trade Parker or Manu? It is hard to imagine, but unless they spend a lot of money in free agency, I am not sure how they can get a top tier player. Of course Tiago Splitter has been developing overseas; hopefully we'll see him in the Silver and Black soon.

  2. LonghornJesus

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    The Spurs have around 2-3 years left of an elite Tim Duncan and a good Ginobili. But yeah, I agree that they are in desperate need of more athletic players.

    Hopefully they'll get a good, athletic player such as Brandon Rush or Joey Dorsey with the 26th pick. Use the Mid-Level Exception on a free agent such as Quinton Ross (excellent perimeter defender) and a decent big man and the Spurs will be set.
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    They better use their mid-level exception to get Webster to change the meaning of dynasty because, as it stands, it makes more sense to call them a giant squid. At least they have 10 legs on the court.
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    Ginobili has a lot of wear are tear for someone who is almost 31. He needs to rest. However, that won't happen because he plays international ball in the offseason every year. Oh btw its an Olyimpic year.
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    The West is no doubt tougher. New Orleans is a force. Utah is a machine. Phoenix, Denver, Dallas, and Golden State can all compete. But the Spurs still have a shot a winning an NBA champion ship with their core. My analysis:

    The Big Three: Tim is relatively good shape for a big man (and big men historically have longer shelf lives in the NBA); Tony is quite young and in good shape; and Manu's value as a sixth man can be extended with some R + R. Of the three, I place the biggest question mark on Manu because he's 31 and showing wear and tear. The Big Three are locked through 2010.

    Salvagable: Bowen, Barry, Oberto, and Udoka are, in my opinion, salvagable as role players. Sure Bowen and Barry have lost a step, but each showed signs of productivity, Bowen on defense and Barry on offense. They can still chip in minutes. Same for Oberto. Udoka who, at 31, is the youngster, can help out but needs to develop consistency. I would throw Kurt Thomas in this category, but I think he's gone regardless of his contribution due to his contract.

    Done: Finley and Horry. They are on the wrong side of 30 and either got abused by younger, more athletic players (Finley) or simply disappeared (Horry).

    The Spurs have a strong nucleus in the Big Three and with some young athletic players can compete strongly in the next 2 to 3 years. They did, after all, get to the Western Conference Finals.
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    End of a run, not a dynasty. They still have some good years left in them though, but they do need to add 1 or 2 younger players for sure. Injuries caught up to them this year and will do so again.
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    Agreed with the above posters.

    Celtics and Lakers are the "dynasty" of the NBA.

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  11. Nuclear Bear

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    Celtics, Lakers, Bull are the real NBA dynasties.

    90's Rockets, 80's Celtics, 80's Pistons, and the current Spurs all had great to fantastics runs, but weren't dynasties because there were other teams in their same era that were as good if not better.

    To me, the definition of a dynasty is that you are by far better than everyone else over a period of three or four seasons.
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    I hope Kurt Thomas comes back, but I think even more than a Brandon Rush or Joey Dorsey type player, they need someone who can create his own shot from the post. Right now, when Duncan is on the bench, all the Spurs scoring comes, directly or indirectly, from the perimeter.

    You obviously don't want to break apart the nucleus of Parker-Ginobili-Bowen-Duncan, but the real problem is, how is a team with three-point shooters like Bowen, Manu, Barry, and Finley not able to get that badly-needed shot to fall at the right moment in crunch time. Manu missing that 3 that would have given the Spurs an 84-83 lead after trailing almost the whole 4th quarter summed up the series for me - that and Gasol getting that offensive rebound near the end after Duncan helped out on Kobe and nobody rotated on Pau. The Spurs played good individual defense, but not good team defense - that needs to be worked on with the current players rather than by adding more guys.

    I'd argue their two needs are 1 - bench post player who can score of his own accord (like Malik Rose used to be) and 2 - younger guard who's got some athleticism and the confidence to hit the big shot in the 4th quarter. Guys like that aren't exactly a dime-a-dozen, but the good news is it doesn't have to be some college superstar who scored 20 a game, just somebody who can give Manu's ankle and the older shooters' entire bodies some extra rest, be able to run the floor, and be clutch when needed - but doesn't have to be a game-by-game primary scorer.
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    Why does everyone spend so much time debating whether or not they're a dynasty? The Lakers were a dynasty a few years ago, but only got 3 rings. The Spurs didn't win back to back, but they got 4 rings. I'd rather not be a dynasty and win 4, than be one and win 3.
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  15. GHoward

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    They need Kevin Durant.

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    Call it what you want a dynasty or whatever. I'm just happy because never did i think as a Spurs fan back in the 90s that we would win one Title let alone four titles. I still think we have one more title left in our tank.
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    Anything is possible, but I think this was the last best chance for the Spurs. The West is going to take its toll on these guys. They are the grand daddies. LA, NO, and Portland are going to be coming on strong. SA will be the 4th or 5th best team in no time. Bynum could return for the Lakes at or above his most recent level of play, and they get Arriza back, as well. Portland will be getting Oden and, if he can recover, they will have a nasty front court that will swamp SA in years to come. I think Port also has a Euro on the way. NO was better manned this year, but had no one to lead them over the tough humps of playoff basketball. The Spurs provided them with a lesson they will use to extinguish the Spurs in the future. The good news is Popovich and the front office have proven themselves to be master personnel wizards, so help may be coming.
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    If the Spurs get anything out of Ginobili against the Lakers, they are playing for the championship. He's clearly going at about 50% and he's been their best player this year. Outside of Game 2, they had their shots in every game. I don't see the need to completely re-vamp the lineup. It's knee jerk. I understand the Lakers are going to be better with Bynum and their young players getting better, but who knows how Bynum is going to recover? He was only supposed to be out a couple of weeks. There was the same discussion after the Spurs lost to the Mavs in 2006 -- they added a few pieces and came back and won in 07. If you think the Spurs are going to fade away into Bolivian, think again. Duncan, Parker and Ginobili have at least 2 more years at their current level. They will add some pieces, make some adjustments, and go back to business.They are still going to be in the thick of things for the foreseeable future.
  21. LazyEngineer

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    IMO - Their best bet for long-term success would be to build around Tony Parker. The current team will not beat the Lakers. Period. There is very little chance the Lakers are a WORSE team next year and they just owned them 4-1.

    As good of a player as he is, they should shop Ginobli while he still has strong market value. Trade him to Seattle for the #4 pick, a 2nd rounder, and one of their young Centers and draft a future star like OJ Mayo. Then at least you can build for the future. Ginobli takes a pounding and only has a few decent years left.

    So, to answer the original question: Yes this is the end of the pseudo-Dynasty.
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    The Big Three ought to be able to play at an elite level together for three more years or so. They will have some cap space to add youth and talent (especially after 2010, due to Duncan's restructured deal).

    Yes, the West is tougher (I guess). I see the Suns and Mavs fading, the Lakers and Hornets taking their place -- so it's kind of a wash. As long as the Big Three are able to play at or near an All-Star level, the Spurs will always be in consideration. After that, it comes down to good fortune -- shots go in or out, people get hurt or don't, the schedule works out in your favor, or it doesn't.

    In short, I don't see Thursday's loss as neccesarily the end of anything.
  24. Statalyzer

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    Plus, the even-year curse won't hurt them in 2009. [​IMG]
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    I don't think their window is shut at all. i think they have 2-3 good years left, and at least one more title before we come crashing back down to earth.

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