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    Well, baseball is a strange game. There was not a single point until the ninth inning last night that I was not absolutely convinced the Astros would win the World Series. Down 2 games to nothing I still thought Houston in six and even down 4-2 in the 8th inning last night I figured they would walk it off. Houston was the best team in baseball all year with a ridiculously strong rotation and a lineup that was 1927 Yankee'esque. But I guess that is why you play the games. The baseball fan in me loves the historic fact that a road team won all seven games and that the underdog won against overwhelming odds. But I admit I am sad for many of my Houston friends who live and die with the Astros. I still cant think of game six from 2011 without feeling pain so I get how some of you are feeling. Just remember you still have 2017.

    Houston will probably lose Cole and maybe Miley and McHugh but they will still have Verlander and Greinke and still have the best lineup in baseball. You have to make them the early favorite for 2020. My Rangers will be better next year and maybe the momentum of a new park will spark them but they are a wildcard contender at best and still not even within shouting distance of the Astros in the AL West. Boston will come back as will the Yankees because money talks (expect Cole to be in pinstripes next year at a obscene salary). In the NL Washington has a formidable 1-2 with Starsburger and Scherzer and the Dodgers will probably be tops out west.

    February is four months away but the clock is now ticking on when pitchers and catchers report. Have a great off season!
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    Agree, FWHORN. I, too, thought the Astros would win. Seems impossible that the road team won all seven games in this Series.

    Look forward to next year. Even without Cole, the Astros are still the team to beat in the AL West. Our Rangers may be able to compete for a WC slot, but only if management opens up the checkbook in Free Agency.

    Astros fans, we feel your pain. As FWHORN noted, we still remember Game 6 against the Cardinals.
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