Entering the 8th Season Since the Alabama Game and We...

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by KBBAKER, Apr 17, 2017.

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    It's hard to evaluate QBs when you have poor blocking, WRs with perpetual dropsies, and no offensive identity or consistent ability to outscheme opposing defenses.
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    Since the NC game vs Bama we've had 22 players selected in the draft. Only 4 of them were from the offense.
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    Please do not omit WRs consistently making bad reads and running the wrong routes, one of which was the second most important play in the Alabama game.
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    Viper, I would like to watch the LHN, but no point at present. They present/cover a low quality product. I would rather go to the park or find a pick-up game of basketball.
    The richest U in American sports would not miss the $5 million and probably make up that amount and more if UT men's sports presents wining teams.
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    Doesn't matter if no one watches - the $5 million keeps rolling in. After paying off Strong and his staff; Barnes and his staff; D-F renovations; and now $10 million for football improvements and the new arena and parking garage the well needs all the funds it can get.

    When football and basketball start wining the $5 million annual payout will go up.
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    Good point! :hookem:
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    A tad off subject, but here goes. Mack, the coach & the man, was broken after the 2008 and 2009 seasons. Both years he had the best ball club in America and didn't get a title. Once due to an arcane Big 12 rule and the other with Colt's injury.

    DKR was broken after the 1976 OU game. Without the Suber fumble we win 6-0, instead end up with a 6-6 tie and him throwing up on the ramp post game. He knew before he made it to the top of the ramp, that was his last trip. He wasn't winning big anymore, he and Edith had already had to bury one of their children, he was haunted by the death of Stienmark, etc.
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    A lot of psychological insight into someone you do not know personally. Mack Brown was a hell of a coach to fire his defensive coordinator after game 2 and lose his starting QB in 2013 and, as a broken man, rattle off a 7-2 Big 12 record (that's more wins in conference play than charlie had in a single season in 3 years).

    The 2012 Longhorns won 9 games, finished #18 and #19 in the polls, and beat #13 Oregon State in a bowl game. Also pretty good for a broken man.

    If Mack Brown was "broken" in 2012-13, someone needs to wake Charlie Strong out of his coma!
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    WR is such a beauty contest anymore. But, gosh, it seems like a kid who can run good routes and catch the catchable balls get you 90% of the way there. Swing and miss on the good looking specimens and it's just frustrating.
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    Get off my lawn.

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