Example of Dems " I am confused"

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Horn6721, Aug 1, 2018.

  1. Horn6721

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    Senator Brian Schatz D HI
    "“We have no equivalent to the dark carnival that is a trump rally,” Brian Schatz tweetedyesterday, after President Trump fans were taped jeering CNN’s chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta in Tampa. “This is not a thing on the left. We just argue about healthcare and climate and sometimes relitigate 2016 but we are not actually out of our minds"

    Well he is either confused or hoping no one has paid attention the last 2 years.
  2. Horn6721

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    here are just few of the instances where I think intelligent people would say Dems were out of their minds
    1. Kathy Griffin held a bloody “beheaded” Trump bust.
    2. Snoop Dogg pretended to shoot a Trump figure and rapped about killing the president in a video.
    3. A “Saturday Night Live” writer predicted that the president’s 11-year-old son would be “this country’s first homeschool shooter.”
    4. Madonna declared that she has thought about “blowing up the White House.”
    5. A teacher was suspended for shooting a squirt gun at an image of Trump, screaming “Die!”
    6. Sarah Silverman called for an American “military overthrow” of Trump.
    7. Stephen Colbert joked about the president giving a blowjob to Vladimir Putin.
    8. Joy Behar said that believing in Jesus is a “mental illness.”
    9. Jimmy Kimmel mocked the first lady’s foreign accent.
    10. Chelsea Handler tore into Sarah Sanders’ looks and weight, calling her a “*****.”
    11. A Democratic congressman made a blowjob joke about Kellyanne Conway.
    12. ESPN anchor Jemele Hill called Trump a “white supremacist.”
    13. Michelle Wolf mocked Sarah Sanders’ looks, calling her a liar to her face.
    14. Keith Olbermann called Trump a “Nazi” and drops regular expletive laced rants.
    15. Samantha Bee called the first daughter a “c**t” with absolutely no remorse.
    16. A Bernie Sanders supporter targeted GOP members of Congress in a shooting.
    17. A Democratic congressional candidate called the first lady a “*****.”
    18. Multiple members of the administration have gotten harassed, shouted down, or kicked out of restaurants just for working for the president.
    19. Multiple people have made death threats against the families of administration officials, including Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai.
    20. A man stole a teenager’s MAGA hat and threw a drink on him.
    21. Maxine Waters said Trump officials are “not welcome anymore, anywhere.”
    22. Left-wing Antifa members have harassed Trump supporters.
    I know there are others
    we have idiots on both sides but I am thinking Dems hold the crown
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  3. Seattle Husker

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    You should have stopped before the "but". Yes, you are contributing to the problem. Only when we start playing whatabout will the solution to the problem start to be realized. More mirrors are needed. This kind of stuff is just as insidious.

    The crazies need to be outed.
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  4. Horn6721

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    Is this the best you could find? Seriously??
    From your link
    At President Trump's rally in Tampa on Tuesday night, a conspiracy theorist who has slowly gained popularity under Trump's presidency leaped into prime time — anonymous conspiracy theorist "Q."

    Some attendees wore shirts with Q logos, while others held up posters promoting the theory: TV cameras even caught one person holding a sign reading “We are Q” as Trump stood in the background."

    Wow you guys are confused

    so SH compare people standing with signs to say to say madonna dreaming of blowing up theWh

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  5. Seattle Husker

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    Mirrors...need more mirrors.
  6. Mr. Deez

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    Does anyone really think that a bunch of Democratic activists wouldn't jeer a Fox News reporter who was combative to Obama? Of course they would.
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  7. Joe Fan

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    Gender equity mathematics or white privilege?

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  8. Horn6721

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    oh NO JF
    I am triggered. Must stay in bed all day
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  9. Horn6721

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  10. Seattle Husker

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    What have we become when just attending a political rally makes one an "activist"?

    This is more political theater. This stuff doesn't happen at political conventions for R's or D's. Why? First, the candidate isn't whipping the crowd into anti-media fervor. Second, the media is placed safely at a distance from the crowd. I'm sure it was coincidence that the media was placed within arms reach of the crowd.

    Whatever, it's read meat for Trump's base. I couldn't care less about Acosta or any media personality but recognize the Trump organization wants those images of the media being verbally assaulted. Aside from playing well to his base, he loves the "media under assault" response.
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  11. Mr. Deez

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    For the most part, political rally attenders are activists.
  12. Seattle Husker

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    Maybe that is the case given the current political environment. It used to be that people would attend rallies to learn more about candidates. Now they just go to cheer then run to their social media platform and evangelize on behalf of their candidate.
  13. Mr. Deez

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    I'm not sure that has changed that much. Back in the day, people who wanted to learn about candidates went to candidate forums or debates. Rallies have generally been politically-oriented pep rallies geared toward amping up the base.
  14. Sangre Naranjada

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    Thus the very name "rally".
  15. mchammer

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    During the campaign I remember when Trump got criticized for kicking protesters out of his rallies, that he paid for with his own money and from which he rented private property. Those criticizing him where trying to allude that Trump was a Nazi for doing this as if he was doing this in the public square. Gosh - people are stupid.
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  16. Horn6721

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    This Dem Ky Sec of State is confused with the term civility.
    this is what she said at a "rally", Fancy Farm Picnic. This witch, Grimes, is considering a run for Gov.

    AP reporter Adam Beam tweeted out the comments:

    Adam Beam@adambeam

    Alison Lundergan Grimes on Rand Paul: “Just ask his neighbor. He can be beaten.”

    8:46 PM - Aug 3, 2018"

    Rand was beaten so savagely he had six broken ribs, three displaced ribs, pneumonia, and a pleural effusion .
    Stay classy Lady.
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  17. Sangre Naranjada

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    I find that comment rather humorous.
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  18. Mr. Deez

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    I wonder what the reaction would be to a joke made about Gabrielle Giffords being shot.
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  19. EDT

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    Maxine Waters is more entertaining than Saturday morning cartoons. I hope that she becomes the poster child for the Dems during the next several elections.
  20. bystander

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    It was my impression that the DNC pushed Hillary to win the nomination because Bernie's brand of socialism wouldn't play well in the general election. He stumbled in an interview with the New York Times (yes, they sounded balanced with their questions) on how he would pay for everything. But it seems the adults that exist on the Left have taken a vacation.
  21. Mr. Deez

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    That was certainly part of it. However, they also owed her the nomination because she got in line behind Obama back in 2008. It was her turn.
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  22. ProdigalHorn

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    If you think CNN didn't want that spot, you're naive.
  23. Sangre Naranjada

    Sangre Naranjada Liquor Man

    Paving the road to a POTUS nomination for any candidate will usually get the party in trouble. I don't have firsthand knowledge, but I do specifically remember news stories talking about how the Rs used to operate that way, and it's why they coughed up loser candidates like Dole and McCain - simply because they were good troopers and it was finally "their turn".

    My opinion is that parties ought to stop rewarding long term loyalty with the inside track to POTUS nominations, because the longer a politician has been around, the more compromised they become by their very voting record, not to mention the idea that Joe Citizen simply gets worn out hearing the same damned name for decades on end. Jeb Bush in 2016 never had a chance for precisely this reason.

    I think most American voters dislike the idea of career politicians; some express it more vociferously than others, but the sentiment is out there, and it is very real.
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  24. Mr. Deez

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    Other than incumbents seeking reelection, it almost never works. Nixon was probably the last candidate who was a long time insider to win. HRC, Romney, McCain, Dole, Mondale, and Humphrey were all "it's my turn" candidates beloved by party insiders and got whipped.
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  25. Sangre Naranjada

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    Instead of looking at who got whipped, let's look at POTUS winners over the last 40 years. For purposes of this post, when I say "party outsider" I do not mean a completely disruptive, Donald Trump style candidate. Rather, the thought is somebody who is not inside the schmoozy DC beltway/party headquarters club.

    1976 - Jimmy Carter. Governor of Georgia, a party outsider
    1980, 84 - Ronald Reagan. The most disruptive of all POTUS candidates, he was despised by the beltway crowd. A definite outsider.
    1988 - Bush Sr. A party insider who was not given the inside track to the POTUS nomination, but earned it by serving as VP for Reagan and riding Reagan's fond memory to victory. Probably ended up hindering him in his quest for re-election against a true outsider named -
    1992, 96 - Bill Clinton. Governor of Arkansas, and a beltway outsider. Similar pre-race qualifications as Carter.
    2000, 04 - W Bush. Governor of Texas, beltway insider due to Bush family connections, but outsider due to never serving in any capacity in DC. He's the toughest POTUS to characterize using this paradigm.
    2008, 12 - Obama. DC outsider but recognized as a rising star due to one speech at the party convention in 04 (?).
    2016 - Trump. Party outsider, beltway outsider, totally disruptive figure to the establishment on both sides.

    Looking at winners through this lens should tell both parties that long time denizens of the swamp (Senators, etc) are often the very longest of shots to capture the imagination of the American public and win a national election. Yet both parties repeatedly shoot themselves in the foot for financially backing just those types of candidates.
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  26. 4th_floor

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    My fellow American...since the party had swung hard to the middle after the Goldwater fiasco in '64.....I was strongly opposed by the liberal/moderates controlling the party who first put up George Romney then Nelson Rockefeller. Both were soundly rejected by the voters. Only Ronald Reagan, a true outsider, put up much of a challenge. Even though I was an insider in '60, I was actually an outsider in '68. I think Hoover was the last GOP insider who was elected president.
  27. 4th_floor

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    Forgot about the Bushes. They were insiders. W is the only insider to be reelected since Franklin Roosevelt.
  28. mb227

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    There has ALWAYS been a difference between a 'meet the candidate' sort of event at a local library or other institution as compared to a 'rally.'

    I have no qualms with the premise that social media has changed things, generally for the worse, as has the whole nonsense surrounding SJW's and the fact that too many people have done their damndest to widen the chasms of popular opinion with respect to one party or another.

    In the old days, we did not see people engaging in acts of violence because someone dares to wear a cap or shirt related to an opposing point of view. Yet now we see that sort of event as an almost daily occurrence, to say nothing of the claims invented out of whole cloth fabrication that are almost always shown to have been an act created by the reporting person...
  29. Sangre Naranjada

    Sangre Naranjada Liquor Man

    Yes, and his opponent was a D insider, past Senator and VP Al Gore. That is the only election in my memory in which both parties ran what could easily be termed Beltway Insiders against one another.

    Edit: Mondale/Nixon in 72 was a battle of insiders. Not much of a battle, but still.
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  30. Mr. Deez

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    McGovern was the Democratic nominee in '72. Like Bernie Sanders, he was a US Senator but also generally disliked and disapproved of by party leaders but liked by the base. He was the reason Democrats created the superdelegate system.

    Mondale was the nominee in '84. He was very much of an insider and got curb-stomped.

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