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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Denmark, Jan 20, 2021.

  1. Denmark

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    ...until Saban and Bama roll in to Austin! So, every year we overhype ourselves, and have over inflated egos and expectations. I'm not going to go there this time. I'm going to just sit back and try to enjoy the college football season the next two years, then we'll see if we should be making any expectations in 2023. I'd like to think better than 7-3 next year, but don't expect it. Remember, any thought of a NCC game in 2022 0r 2023 most likely involves going through ou and Bama twice ;) How 'bout y'all?
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    Next year's schedule is pretty rough considering new QB with not much experience at college level unless a transfer comes in but that seems unlikely at this point since most schools have started back. With Herm I had us at 4-8 next year. Louisiana in the home opener is a game I'd like to push back a few years and get a gimme in that spot. Maybe Tennessee will hire Napier but I think they have like 19-20 starters returning and will be ranked ahead of us when we play. @ Arkansas, @ Iowa St, @ WVU, @ TCU, OU, Okie St, K State are all toss ups. Feel we can handle @ BU, Rice, KU, and Tech. With BU and us as the only schools without a returning QB is going to make it tough. I'd put the O/U @ 7.5. A lot will depend on how spring practices go with Covid as well.

    Next year I'm focused on Sark getting his culture started and hopefully in 2024 we are in the discussion for CFP's, playing OU in title games, and basically in the Top 10 week in and week out.

    We have no depth at any position except for WR. Need a few recruiting classes and appears we have a staff that will develop those guys once they are on the 40...
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  3. Giovanni Jones

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    I'm cautiously optimistic ... but I'm not expecting immediate miracles, either. A two-season grace period is probably in order. (I'm getting tired of these.)
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  4. moondog_LFZ

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    If we can get back to some kind of normal spring practice, my expectations are high.
    I think a staff is being assembled that can "coach em up".
    We have talent.
    The run game should be awesome and Thompson/Card have the ability if coached up and put in the right situation.
    Defense should be more than adequate.
    So glad Sark will call plays.
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  5. rick mueller

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    I'm getting too old for many more of these two year grace periods. It seems we got our guy this time. I'm pumped. However, I felt the same way about the boy wonder we just fired. I also think that a MUCH better job of vetting took place with Sark than with boy wonder. I'm very optimistic and walking around with Burnt Orange sunglasses drinking orange koolaid by the gallon.
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  6. ViperHorn

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    When you are getting paid what the new staff is getting paid, the Spring Game is the grace period. Any regular-season record less than 10-2 should move the concern meter a little (how much depends and who it is and if there are any unusual circumstances involves). There is too much talent on the roster to lose to anyone other than Arkansas and Oklahoma (and they should win one of those).
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  7. n64ra

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    Not quite. Saban retires in 378 days after hauling in the best recruiting class of his career for his predecessor (and after winning his eighth natty).
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