Expectations for the Bama game?

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by HornFan16, Jan 2, 2010.

  1. HornFan16

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    Post any and all expectations or predictions for the game here. I will start it off.

    Colt will start running early and often. This will get him settled down and into rhythm in the passing game. He finishes with over 70 yards running and over 250 yards passing, but also has one pick.

    We will have at least one big return on special teams, but also give up one big return to Arenas.

    Williams and Ship will both have big games and we will even get Greg Smith involved a little bit for 2-3 catches. Kirk will drop an important pass, but also have an impressive run after the catch.

    Our defense will come to play. We will sell out to stop the run and mostly succeed. Our aggressiveness will set the tone, but it will also cause us to give up a long run and a couple of long passes. Their offense won't be able to sustain long drives and will need to get help on special teams, turnovers or big plays. In the end our aggressive D and better QB play will turn the tide and we win a close game with lots of FGs.

    Final score. Horns 23 - Bama 16
  2. ut1978

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    I'm going out on a limb to say that our O-line is going to be howling mad after the Nebraska game and seeking redemption of sorts. We will get 200 on the ground (including Colt's draws/scrambles, etc). Colt will throw 1 INT. We contain and harass McElroy all evening, limit their running game to 100 yds total, and win 30-21.

    I will start drinking on Wed evening.
  3. agssuk

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    I just hope we score and Colt is able to walk after the game. I would hate to be the first team to be shut-out in the championship game. The O-line hasnt blocked all year, no reason to think they will start now.
  4. freyguy

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    i expect to see no more ******* threads abt Mike Leach & co.
  5. salonghorn-70

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    No more Tebow stories.
  6. WashU-Horn

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  7. centexorange

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    Honestly i have no clue how this game is going to go. Can our d stop Bama's run game? Are we going to be able to sustain any drives? Only time will tell.
  8. Eichmare

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    Bama loses to UT
  9. Tailgate

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    42-13 Horn. I actually do predict an absolute full-throttle experience from our staff and players. I think we are going to shock Bama and rock the SEC fan base.
  10. Nytejag

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    35-3 Bama. I love my Horns, but I just don't see us matching up in this game. Especially watching the rest of the Big 12 in their bowl games. I had a lot better out-look a week ago, but not now. Bama will spank our ***, I just hope it is not as bad as Florida beat Cinci. Sorry for the neg post, but the rest of the Big 12, besides Nebraska, has looked like ****, and we just survived them.
  11. borna_horn

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    We played our most complete game of the season after barely surviving OU 16-13. I think the same thing happens on Thursday.
  12. SHS1984

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    After watching all the SEC teams in bowls, it looks like Bama has fattened thier defensive stats against lame SEC offenses. Florida v Cin is the exception to this. But I think the Bearcats were not ready to play that game.
  13. general35

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    I agree, these SEC offenses have struggled against some avg teams. I expect a win in this game. I'm fired up.
  14. El Sapo

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    After watching the Big 12 CCG, I felt that Alabama would beat us by 21. Now that a little time has passed, I'm not so sure. It seems over the last few years that we play lights out when we're the underdog. Clearly, we're in that role now because it sure doesn't seem like anyone in the country is giving us a chance in this game.

    I would not be surprised if Bama beat us by a couple of touchdowns and I also wouldn't be surprised if we came out with an enormous chip on our shoulder and let it fly. We've got nothing to lose going into this game and I sure hope we play like it.
  15. OldHippie

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    Beat down. We're doomed.
  16. Dr.Spot

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    Texas 48-10. We jump on Bama early & force them out of their ball control running game. They have to pass to catch up & we take 2 ints to the house. This will make last years Utah game look tame in comparsion to the beating they are about to get.
  17. banksypete

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    Greg Davis will frustrate all of us.
    Offensive line will fail us.
    Defense will play well but will break down in the late third and fourth quarter as a result of being on the field all game.
  18. WhiteH2O Horn

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  19. Lancehorn

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    I agree Bama should be slightly favored going in mostly due to their drubbing of Fla. but if you look at both teams last 3 or 4 games and mixed the order up randomly you'd probably call this a pick'em.

    I think our defense is being completely underappreciated at this point. I think it will be our defense's ability to contain (chill overconfident Bama fans, I didn't say "completely shut down") their running game, and force McElroy into mistakes. I think we can get a couple of short fields this way and through a return or two that will make the difference. I expect a tight game and I like our QB in that situation better than theirs.

    If their players are half as cocksure as their fanbase, they will get an eye opening experience.

    well...wait. What the hell am I thinking?

    We have no talent that could even get playing time at Alabama, the Big XII sucks, we can't run, Emmitt Smith puts posters of Mark Ingram on his wall, we would go 3-5 in the SEC, Nick Saban tutors Bob Stoops, Greg McElroy has never lost.

    I have changed my mind. I really think TCU should have been given the chance to be the doormat for this game. 'Bama is just...almost superhuman.
  20. Bill_McNeal

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    Heart: Texas by 3 on a late field goal.

    Head: Alabama by 14, and it's not that close.
  21. AustinBat

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  22. pulque

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    I expect us to whip their ***!!!! [​IMG]
  23. Third Coast

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    I am surprised so many are predicting Alabama to win big. I mean before the Florida game they were considered relatively inept on offense. Now they are going to score 30+ on our defense? I don't think so.

    On second thought, maybe 'inept' is too harsh a descriptor for their offense. Perhaps suspect would be more accurate.
  24. mstrat

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    Judging by our overall bowl history, we win, but we seldom DOMINATE a bowl game. So no Texas blowout. No way. We are what we are and between bad senior o-linemen that have no shot in the NFL other than scout team dummy, no working tight-end, no threat at tailback and a small secondary save Scott and Williams trying to tackle Bama's backs this is going to be ugly by the second half, if our kick coverage doesn't hurt us first.

    In looking at Bama, judging at it's own merit point out a weak spot on Bama's team. Go ahead. What they have it worst is mediocre kick coverage, D ends. Bowl games are about explosive plays and minimizing mistakes. Greg Davis

    Heart: Texas by 4. Colt plays gutsy and Malcolm Williams explodes early while Shipley is ineffective. Shipley makes key plays late thanks to Williams emergence. DJ Monroe provides lift for offense as they struggle on longer fields. Defense stops Ingram most of night, but Richardson has good game. McElroy plays well, but throws a pick to Aaron Williams. Game winner is McCoy pass to Malcolm. 24-20.

    Head: Alabama by 14-18 and we're lucky our defense plays as well as they do cause there will be a lot of 3-and outs by our offense. Score gets uglier if defense is worn out by offensive failures. Greg Davis defenders will be as scarce as those who defend the o-line talent lately. 31-13
  25. Hornin Hong Kong

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    A bunch of nancys on this thread.

    I am flying to the Game from Hong Kong, I flew to the last one with a torn Achiles tendon from London.

    I expect us to ******* win.

    Bunch of *******.
  26. l00p

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    I bet you are not flying coach this time. What do I win?
  27. b UT ful

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    "A bunch of nancys on this thread.

    I am flying to the Game from Hong Kong, I flew to the last one with a torn Achiles tendon from London.

    I expect us to ******* win.

    Bunch of *******."

    Amen! Haha

    Longhorns by 9! [​IMG] have fun
  28. pulque

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  29. Hornin Hong Kong

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    Thats right Loop. You win nothing
  30. Aragorn

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    I'm driving to this game from stinking Burbank. Some of you have no commitment. [​IMG]

    Oh, and Horns win a close one, just like always.

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