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    I was a big Coach Aston fan and thought she took Texas to the next level. Not as high as we wanted to be, mostly on her inability to beat Baylor, except once, and on the NCAA nonruns. But the trend was very positive. I can understand CDC deciding not to renew but I do not understand the lack of respect for what she did. You can say, you are trying to get the program to national championship levels, but there is no need to say this place was a wreck. It was not.

    UT has the tendency to let coaches oversell their programs. Herman and Smart are classic examples. I love the hiring of Coach Vic but would like to see a little more humility. Herman has outsold his ability to coach. I hope that does not happen here. I was talking to another season ticket holder and we are all waiting for the chance to watch a game live.
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  2. DFW_Horn

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    I've read/heard what are, IMO, some outlandish near-term expectations being placed on Vic & Co. by some fans:
    • Big 12 title this season
    • Final Four this season or next
    • Multiple NC game appearances in the next 4 years
    I'm optimistic but, of the 13 players currently on the roster, only 5 have ever logged a minute of playing time in a Texas uniform. I do expect them to finish in the Top 3 of the Big12 this season but if recent seasons have taught me anything - it's to temper expectations until the play on the floor consistently provides hope for more.
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    WCBBNUT 1,000+ Posts

    Karen had her moments but I’m not a fan of hiring someone who has done well at a smaller program and then expecting them to magically compete for championships at Texas. She kept me interested but never could put a full game together. I’ll miss her recruiting but look forward to a better strategy on the court.

    I’m going to approach this season with minimal expectations. I think Vic was a near perfect hire. He has coached at this level and proven he knows how to compete for championships. While I think he will be outstanding, I still remember GG’s resume and what happened when she got here. That said I think Duke was very dissimilar to Texas as opposed to MS.

    I’m looking forward to - at least - a better season than last year. No losses to Hawaii. :facepalm:
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  4. DFW_Horn

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    The biggest counter-argument to the GG vs Vic comparison is that Vic has deep ties to the state of Texas and everyone on his staff does as well. Johnnie was an assistant at A&M with him, Dionnah is well steeped in the Big12 and knows the Red River Rivalry very well (though from the wrong side), and Elena won juco championships at Trinity Valley.

    I can't think of a better use of the facepalm emoji than in reference to that Hawaii game.
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  5. flash34

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    A few fair and biased opinions. I think the Ladies will be better than current ranking which is outside the top 25.....perhaps 20-22 is a good attainable spot. A successful year will be third in the BIG12, along with playing Baylor better than recent past years. I think next year will be better, even if Collier leaves, and the third year we should see a contending top 10-12 team. I like the team makeup this year and expect exciting, hustling basketball. I believe the staff Shaeffer has is better than Aston's staff ever was as I never was a believer. I believe the in-game strategy will be lights out better. There will be some growing pains this year.......I promise to not be overly critical when they play poorly, and also curb my game day anxiety, relax and enjoy the growth.
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  6. Jacob Johnson

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    I get what your saying but I honestly do think a big part of what we do this year will be if Ebo gets a waiver. Without her we have only one big that is experienced and has proven themselves. Everyone else are freshman in terms of bigs. I do think we finish 2nd behind Baylor this year but beating them is not impossible whatsoever. They did get a grad transfer in Carrington but we definitely have the pieces in Lambert who is an experienced guard who can do it all and of course Taylor and Collier. With that being said I think we are a top 15 team this year and if Collier stays than we can be a top 10 or possibly top 5 in 2021-22. Hopefully Vic can do a Mike white and immediately turn this team into a national championship contending team in his first 2-3 years.
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  7. loyallonghorn

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    Agree zztx1 that Coach Aston raised the profile of the program. Her recruiting was outstanding. But her coaching, both in developing players and in-game strategy, didn't match the talent of her recruits. As the years progressed, this became evident losing to teams that were much less talented (how many times did we lose teams like Iowa State, TCU, West Virginia, & Kansas State). I thought it was intellectual laziness for many reporters to cite Aston's record against Baylor as the primary reason for the contract not to be renewed. In the last two years, many of the top-recruits stopped looking at Texas as an option and Aston's strength in recruiting evaporated. A change was needed.

    I agree with many here, a successful season this year would be finishing in the top-25, and top-3 in Big 12.
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    I'm just taking a "we'll see" attitude this season. One thing I can pretty much rest assured of, there won't be a squandering of talent with this staff. That alone makes me excited to see the team play. Let's hope it will be (and remains) safe enough to have a season.
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  9. zztx1

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    The OU game caused me to write this post. Overselling the product or making unreasonable expectations is not a wise strategy. GG was an AD mistake because her success at Duke was the academics. She was in the competition with Stanford and she could recruit there. Texas was a different market and letting Travis Mays go to LSU was a disaster for in state recruiting. KA brought back the in state recruiting and she had an eye for under recruited talent like Brooke. Her weakness was in game adjustments and losing games they should have won. I also feel she did not get the most out of Atkins, Joyner, Imani, etc. I love Coach Vic. If Karen's history is accurate, we do not need to beat Baylor to get a decent seed. If we split even better. Our team has had a mental block on playing against Mulkey and hopefully that is gone. I think the supers are in Cedar Park not too long from now. Hopefully we and not Baylor are there.
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  10. cnb

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    Expect this team to be hungry, competitive and have a " no quit" attitude. Throw in a bit of talent and a team like that can go deep into the tournament.
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