F-ing Koreans

Discussion in 'Quackenbush's' started by Hornin Hong Kong, Feb 12, 2014.

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    here is a little bit of advice. Koreans can destroy Russians when it comes to drinking.

    Don't assume a 110 pound Korean Mother of three cant drink you under the table

    Also, every asian airport lounge has spicy ramen noodle bowls, which can save you from the freaking effects of hanging out with f-ing koreans

    i am in the Kimpo JAL lounge. It is 1108. My flight leaves at 1145. I am still very very drunk. I have a dinner with 15 Japanese dudes at 7.

    Japanese dudes cannot drink like Koreans, but they are on par with Russians.

    I am quite sad
  2. hooklahoma

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    That's a considerable achievement since asians on average have less alcohol dehydrogenase due to a variant allele in the ADH gene. I think koreans might might be making up for it due to up-regulation of the "tough son of a *****" gene.
  3. l00p

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    HA! Oh how I wish I had seen this before now.

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