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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Godz40acres, Jul 26, 2022.

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    Yep, no chance for them to succeed. Gonna have to wait til' next year when the 5* recruit arrives.
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    But the 5* recruit/transfer arrived this year. ;)
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    As I understand a scrimmage favors the defense anyway
    And Texas is trying to get a mostly new Oline up to speed.

    I am keeping my burnt orange glasses on for now.
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  5. Godz40acres

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    Freshmen Kelvin Banks, DJ Campbell now first-teamers

    The first-team offensive line combination was left tackle Kelvin Banks, left guard Hayden Connor, center Jake Majors, right guard DJ Campbell and right tackle Christian Jones. Banks and Campbell are two of coach Steve Sarkisian's highly-touted seven freshman.

    The second-team line had left tackle Andrej Karic, left guard Malik Agbo, center Connor Robertson, right guard Neto Umeozulu and right tackle Cameron Williams. Umeozulu and Williams are freshmen, too.

    Now, it should be noted that offensive line coach Kyle Flood reserves the right to change the lineup every single day if he wants. He’s purposely cross-training guys at multiple positions, too.

    Casey Cain impresses at wide receiver

    During this first year on campus, Casey Cain did not see any playing time. The second-year receiver is seemingly in line for more playing time this fall, though.

    Cain was wearing a green non-contact jersey on Tuesday night, but he still participated in the practice and saw meaningful reps. Cain ended one drill with a nice catch in the end zone. During another section of the practice, Cain ran a crossing route and caught a pass from Quinn Ewers while projected starters Xavier Worthy and Jordan Whittington also ran routes on the field.

    Interceptions aplenty by all quarterbacks

    In our only viewing of a full August practice, the results weren’t optimal. The quarterbacks threw probably 10 interceptions or more with little clarity at the position, and there were way too many dropped passes.

    [More at AAS]
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    Open Practice Review

    QB's / Receivers (interesting on Worthy)
    Offensive Line (good on Banks and Junior)
    Receivers (Cain)
    Running Backs
    (Bijan D'Beast™)
    Defense (Tucker-Dorsey)
    Kickers / Returners
    Offense & Defense

    *Just a personal note: I'm glad the practice favored the defense. Card and Ewers need to get accustomed to pressure cuz they'll see plenty of it beginning in the 2nd game.
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  7. Chinstrap

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    This just in. The 2022 season has been cancelled in preparation of the 2023 season!
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    Somebody needs to reset the countdown thingamabob.
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    Restart the clock (err..calendar). 377 day countdown. Do we have a #377 we can post?
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    HOF Post
  11. NRHorn

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  12. mchammer

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    People upset that Ewers hasn’t beaten Card by now. Yet Card has improved since last season and Ewer is basically a true freshman. Hey, I tried to warn people.
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  13. Chop

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    And according to some reports, Charles Wright is playing very well at QB. We’ll see how it all shakes out. We have multiple, young, high-talent QBs on the roster. Sark will develop them.
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  14. Chop

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    I know one person who will be sweating it out on our sidelines this year.

  15. nashhorn

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    Hahaha, 11:00 am game, we’ll all be sweating it out.
  16. Godz40acres

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  17. Godz40acres

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    3 takeaways from Texas' open fall practice

    If [Casey] Cain can continue to prove that he can handle these first-team reps on the outside in fall camp, then he will very likely get some starting reps with this offense this season...

    Moreover, the physical tools are definitely there for Cain, as he’s got the size at 6-foot-3 and leaping ability to be a threat on the outside.

    It will also help Cain’s case to get the starting reps at the z-wide receiver spot this fall that... Troy Omeire is clearly still recovering from the season-ending injury he suffered last fall.

    A big-time takeaway from the last few days of fall camp is the play of defensive lineman Byron Murphy, who is clearly taking his game to another level heading into this season.

    One of the more notable nuggets that came out of the open practice, in particular, is... Murphy and Vernon Broughton were the starting nose tackle and defensive tackle, respectively.

    Murphy seems to be getting wins in pass-rushing drills and scrimmage situations against the offensive line so far in fall camp. And that was the case in the open practice, as Murphy showed the seamless ability to work through his offensive line matchups when rushing the passer and defending the run.

    Quinn Ewers continues to give the offense a much higher ceiling, and lower floor, than Hudson Card.

    What became clear throughout this open practice... was that there are some important throws that Ewers can make that really open up this offense that Card just can’t on a consistent basis. Ewers might be making more mistakes right now, but he clearly has the type of arm talent and overall accuracy that will really open up the passing game...

    At this point of camp, Card does look more comfortable and in command of the offense than Ewers. But the latter of those two is clearly making more NFL-caliber throws that can beat opposing defenses over the top and really work the sidelines...

    [More at Hook'Em]
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  18. Godz40acres

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    Alotta video of the open practice from the stands

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  19. LousianaHorn

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    2 of the super Frosh were 1st team OL...............Kelvin Banks (LT) & DJ Campbell (RG)...........2 had moved up to 2nd team.............(RT) Cam Williams and Umeozulu (RG)...........interesting to see if this holds up
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  20. Chop

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    I could definitely see Campbell filling in for Angilau as a big physical mauler in the interior.
  21. Your Wrong

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    People analyze the hell out of the QB battle. If they want to do that for the OL, they were awful. Pass pro poor. Only occasionally got to the 2nd level, which unless the DLine is truly doing that well ain’t going to fly in season.

    It’s just hard to gather much from one practice. You are limited on knowledge of what the coaches want. And really who executes it in a daily basis.

    The narrative that Ewers upside is that much greater cause of his deep ball is a bit odd to me. I think Cards arm is good enough to use the playbook. If not, that’s an odd playbook. If Ewers is dominant down the field but can’t consistently play the short to mid range game, then defenses will adjust.

    When we are talking upside, is that future years or this year? I want this years. But that’s games 1-12 not 7-12.
  22. mchammer

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    The word on the street was correct this time.
  23. horn_fan_cpa

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  24. Run Pincher

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    If Ewers has the stronger and more accurate arm then yes he probably has a higher ceiling, but if he's making more mistakes then he also had a lower floor.

    I remember when Todd Dodge threw 6 interceptions against UH. That's a floor no QB can get off of.
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  25. Run Pincher

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  26. Horns11

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    HEY! It was only 5 picks. His QB rating for that game was actually -38, and I'm not using hyperbole. It might have been the single-worst outing for a QB of a #3 team in the nation in the history of anything.
  27. Godz40acres

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    ESPN named Bijan Robinson as the fifth-best player in college football regardless of position. [LINK]

    Robinson is listed as the #1 running back and the top dog player in the Big 12.

    Xavier Worthy is listed at #51.
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  28. moondog_LFZ

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    No matter how good Card plays he will only get back-handed compliments.
    No matter how bad Ewers plays he is still the golden boy.
    Yea, Card gets a bad rap.
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  29. moondog_LFZ

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    Major threw six against K-State.
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  30. Godz40acres

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    And the one I've never forgiven Mack of... 2001 B12 Championship - Simms 3 INT's + a fumble and still no Major until Simms' hand or finger injury.
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