Famed baseball stadium museum gives an in-depth look at the history of Disch Field

Discussion in 'Baseball' started by John Thompson, May 31, 2016.

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    Beginning 2 weeks ago, Digitalballparks.com did an in-depth look at 3 baseball stadiums of the Big 12... Texas Tech, Baylor and they started the series with the Longhorns' Disch-Falk as well as a look at the original Disch Field. Digitalballparks has been traveling all over the world trying to photograph in hi-def photographs, every baseball stadium ever and so far they have nearly 16,000 photographs on line.

    What do you think of the series on Disch-Falk Stadium? it certainly showcases the ballpark as one of the best in NCAA Division I ball.
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    The history is wrong. Disch-Falk replaced Clark Field which was on campus.
    the original Disch Field that hosted minor league ball was on the south shore of Town Lake.
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    I sent an email to them about that Elgin and they were aware of it already and when I checked this morning, the history was corrected.
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    Anyone who can get by the paywall - anything new said?
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    Thank you for your reference to Digitalballparks.com which shows the wonderful pictures of Disch-Falk as it looks today.
    I first entered the old Clark Field in 1959, when it still contained what was probably the most unique feature in all of baseball, the so-called "Billy Goat Hill". Mercy, how much has changed since then. You had to be a real MAN to play right or center field in those days.
    I moved from Austin in 1966, and have never been able to get back to the field since. I am surprised at the spartan qualities of the bullpen and dugouts in view of the very up-to-date amenities of the rest of the place. Otherwise, I suppose Disch-Falk is one of the best in all of college baseball, which is as it should be.

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