Far Left's Standard European Strategy Won't Work Here

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Chop, Sep 25, 2020.

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    The standard strategy of far leftists, as employed in Europe, goes something like this:

    - create discord and Balkanization
    - make outrageous demands
    - call everyone who is not far-left a "fascist" including normal/typical/apolitical/moderate people
    - control speech
    - attack police and law enforcement
    - violent intimidation of opponents
    - hit the streets with young hoodlums and thugs, starting fights, burning stuff, and creating anarchy
    - constant street battles turn into a revolution
    - mutiny in the military if the existing government is on the opponent's side; purge of military leaders if existing government is on their side
    - civil war

    They've done the first five, with some level of success, and are working on the 6th and 7th. This sort of game plan was put in play in Europe and Latin America. They succeeded in Russia and Cuba, and lost badly in Spain, Germany, and Chile (Chile was more of a successful counter-revolution, and Germany turned out terribly--just not in a leftist sort of way*). There are other examples.

    Why won't it work in the USA? Our bread and circuses are much better. The Romans used to say that "bread and circuses" kept the masses from revolting. Here, whatever problems we have, we have plenty of food. Also, our people are much more into sports and entertainment compared to politics. Euros and Latins are far more political than typical USA folks. We're just a lot more apathetic. Further, our system grinds down, moderates, and de-radicalizes politicians who enter the system. Moreover, our corporate system will co-opt the radicalism and turn it into styles. "Burn Baby Burn" went from a revolutionary riot street chant to a disco song. The outlandish garb of the actual hippies became fashion styles. Also, it sucks being poor anywhere, but it's a lot worse in most places. People aren't starving in mass. Likewise, our military is professional, well disciplined, physically taken care of, incorporated into the civilian world, and has very little history of mutiny. Lastly, we're more religious.

    The vast majority of people of the US won't rise up in mass and revolt. People still trust the electoral process (though there are some hits on it lately). Any change in government will be by elections, not revolutions here. Americans just don't like radicals.

    *The National Socialists were just that National and Socialists, so you might say they were left-leaning in an economic sense. But on the old left-right numberline, they are not generally considered leftists. The Communists they fought in the streets of Weimar Germany were definitely leftists.
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    Just because that particular strategy won't work here doesn't mean no strategy will. For example, I think that if Democrats win in 2020 and do what some have threatened (packing the Court and adding more states to create a permanent liberal majority in the Senate), things will get much uglier. I think you'll see overt, state-sanctioned disobedience of federal authority in some states. Secession will get seriously considered for the first time since the 1860s.

    Just FYI - I don't think Democrats will actually do any of these things. I think they are threats designed to gin up the crackpot elements of their base.
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    The Pope says the the French should "respond to evil with good."

    Je vous souhaite de réussir dans cette nouvelle aventure
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    We got a report yesterday of someone being robbed at a post office parking lot yesterday. A concerned citizen pulled a gun where hence the assailant ran away.
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    They are fleeing Paris to beat the lockdown while they still have a head on their shoulders

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    Iranian newspaper depiction of Macron - the devil of Paris

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    Bangladeshi Muslims are mad at France

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    Good for France!
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    How to go from bad to worse

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