FAU PPV Directv channel?

Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by orangeandwhite, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. orangeandwhite

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    Anyone seen what Directv channel the game will be on?
  2. orangeandwhite

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  3. Lake_Travis_Horn

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    I've been looking for it and finally e-mailed them. Got a reply today - it won't be on DirectTV. (There's not an emoticon that shows how much this ticks me off, so use your imagination.)
  4. '98 Horn

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    You have got to be kidding me... I may cancel my service over this, if it is fact
  5. Texas Taps

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  6. orangeandwhite

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    Thanks LTH and Texas Taps. From link it looks like channel 784, but there is no such channel as of yet. I worry that LTH's info is more current than texassports.com. I guess I'll check the listings Saturday morning...
  7. BevoDave

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    I spoke with a DirecTV CSR yesterday (so take this for what it's worth--consider the source), but the game WILL be broadcast, they just haven't chosen a channel yet (meaning 784 is a phantom channel until they decide the actual channel that will carry the game). I was told to check back Friday or Saturday to order the game, which can be done online.

    I'm still nervous, b/c the person I was speaking with didn't sound like the most educated person.
  8. taco

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    assuming its on directv (which I am pretty confident it will be)

    once you order it, can it only be watched from one receiver in your house or will all boxes be able to show it?
  9. RP McMurphy

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  10. UTFan2

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    I will be at the game but if DirecTv does not carry the game, it really screws up our tailgate options. We have a sweet deal - we go to the games but we have lots of friends that enjoy coming to the tailgate and we order the game for them to watch and at the same time....babysit the tailgate sutff so we dont have to lock it all up before kickoff.

    I can't remember DirecTV NOT carrying a Longhorn game on PPV that was in Austin. I remember having a hard time finding some freakish fead of an away game v. CO St (??) but that's about it.
  11. Ignatius

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    Methinks LakeTravis Horn works for Time Warner...
  12. theredbarron

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    I was able to get the Arkie State game last year on DirecTV. I had to call them up on game day at the tailgate, but they were able to take care of it. I was worried about not being plugged into the phone line, but apparently that didn't matter. And FYI, they waited until about the last minute before they opened up the PPV channel, but it did indeed work (except for a few minutes in the middle of the game, grrrr).
  13. TexanWolv

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    Can someone explain why Texas always has a PPV game to start the year? Before I attended UT and was solely a Michigan fan I never had to deal with this as long as I had GamePlan. Is this because of greed, Big XII having a crappy TV deal or some other reason? It is ridiculous that we have to pay $30 bucks to see a game that better be over by half-time.
  14. Knoxville-Horn

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    Great. I dropped DirectTV for Comcast last year. Wonderful job. [​IMG]
  15. ngnichols

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    Just checked channel 784 on my DirecTV and it is there. No listing as to what it is or an option to purchase. Hopefully they'll have it up and ready to go 100% tomorrow.
  16. Lost_In_Ohio

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    My dilema: The only place I can watch the game is an hour away. I would have to pay my friend to buy it for me as I would be using his DirecTV. Only problem is, he doesnt think it's going to be on because nothing is on Ch.784. Do y'all think I am justified in driving down there? Will it actually be there to purchase on gameday?
  17. Texas Taps

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    IT WILL BE ON DIRECTV! Look, DirecTV doesn't realize that Longhorns want things done yesterday. It will be available for purchase sometime before kickoff.
  18. Texas Taps

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    I see it available on Channel 784 now
  19. daytonhorn

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  20. longhornswf15

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    I don't normally get FSN with my Directv since I don't watch much tv at home. So I was wondering if I would be able to order the game and watch it or not. Or should I just go find someone else to get the game and watch it there? Anyone know the answer to this?
  21. Texas Taps

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  22. CCBEVO

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    I am not showing a ch 784 and I do have the sports pack.
  23. 90 Grad

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    Just got off the phone with them

    Channel 784 (you can see it online)

    Cannot order until tomorrow
  24. Texas Taps

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  25. taco

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    I'm assuming it won't be HD?
  26. ngnichols

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  27. UTeed

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    The game will also be available on Grande/channel 610 ppv in Austin.
  28. ngnichols

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    I checked earlier tonight and the channel is available with all the information. Still no option to purchase though. [​IMG]
  29. Texas Taps

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  30. Big Ess Fro

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    It's been 12 months since I last did this, and I recall that I screwed it up and missed a little bit of the game last year....

    How do I do it?

    Do I have to both choose to record it using the DVR remote but als get on the internet to pay for it?

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