Favorite Grandparent Stories

Discussion in 'Quackenbush's' started by Crockett, Aug 16, 2020.

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    My parents became grandparents when my teen-age little brother and his teen wife brought a child into the world. Initial disappointment in an unplanned pregnancy gave way to family-wide joy with the infancy of a beautiful, happy, precocious little girl. The child came to my parents house almost every weekend while the teen parents did teen age activities. However one weekend the child didn't show. My mother, mad as hell, saw my little brother drive by, got in her Cadillac, pulled him over and demanded to know what was up....

    Shaken ... he said, "Mom... we can't leave her with you ... you just won't discipline her."

    Still enraged my mother promised: "If that little girl EVER does anything wrong, I WILL discipline her."
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  2. WillUSAF

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    My favorite grandparent story takes place June 23, 2019.....that is the day MY beautiful granddaughter (my 1st) came into our lives

    I looked at my daughter and said, "Well you know what this means right?" she replied, "what dad?" I said "You used to be my favorite, your not anymore...."
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  3. Dionysus

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    My mom told me something similar when we had our first. She said you’re no longer my son, you’re just the dad to my granddaughter now. I’m good with that. :smile1:
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  4. iatrogenic

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    99 Year Old Grandma: You got a girlfriend Iatrogenic?
    Iatrogenic: Not currently, Grandma
    Grandma: Well, get you one that has a job!
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