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So sorry to hear. Glad your daughter won't need surgery.
There are no words to help.
Just know many people are praying and sending good thoughts.
So sorry to hear of this LC. My daughter had one as well in 2020 and it was very tough on her. She’s since had her second boy and life goes on as best we can.

Hornfans Love to your daughter and all the family.

Daughter called. It’s a miscarriage. It was so early in the life cycle that daughter needs no surgery or much else. She’s good, we’re good. Nice to have good people to reach out to. LC gotta a lot of love you (mostly) faceless friends. :hookem:
We will say a chaplet for your daughter and her family (including you), LC.
Daughter-in-law caught Covid about 5 weeks in and lost her’s a week later. Very tough, very very tough. Many condolences LC, really makes it hard to think politely towards the die hard abortionists after going through this.
LonghornCatholic, very sorry to learn of your daughter's miscarriage. Good to know she's all right physically - but continue to give her support as she copes with the overwhelming disappointment. Continued prayers for you and your family.
Thanks HHD. I actually just dropped by for a quick visit. They're all good and the granddaughter didn't want me to go. It was sweet precious visit. Man, I'm crazy about them girls!

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