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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by moondog_LFZ, Jan 26, 2020.

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    Wasn't he an offensive "advisor" for us? How much will he share with Baylor about our offense? And what adjustments would it be possible for us to make to counter that? Does it not matter now because we have a new OC, and likely a different offense?
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    I think Fedora's role was more scouting, tendencies, and analytics re: other teams. He may be able to give Baylor some insight into our methodology but as you mention, we've got a new OC too. Regardless, Tom Herman is getting paid over $5m annually to field the better team and best the coaches on the opposing sideline. Next year will tell us how well spent that money is.
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    I thought Fedora would be a highly sought after OC. If so, as with Aranda choosing LSU over Texas, why wouldn't Herman have made Fedora the Texas OC?

    Makes me wonder what the hell it is about Herman and Texas that the best aren't trying to go to work for him.
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    Fedora was already here as an analyst.
    Makes me think Herman didn't ask him.
    You really think he would choose Baylor over Texas if it was up to him?
    We'll see how good he does at Baylor.
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    Well, I wouldn't think he would choose BU over Texas, but that is my point. How do you know Herman didn't ask him to be OC? Or, what makes you think he didn't ask him? And if he didn't, why not?
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    Think about what you're posting. Fedora had no idea he was getting the Baylor OC job. Do you really think he would turn down an OC position here vs an analyst position? He wasn't offered. He didn't pick Baylor over us as an OC. He picked an OC position over an an analyst position. Who wouldn't?
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    What I'm saying is TH hired someone else several weeks ago to be the OC. Did he offer it to Fedora? Did Fedora turn it down? Is he not a good OC? Does TH know something most everyone else doesn't see to know about Fedora?
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    If we had the same OC next year, that might cause a problem. But, we have a new staff so I tend to believe it won't be a major concern.
  11. Statalyzer

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    If everyone else knows it, wouldn't he be somewhere other than Baylor?
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    TH most likely knows everything about Fedora, football wise. But he wouldn't know non-football things about him like if he wears his under ware backwards, or when his wife is gone he might do stuff like walking around the house naked, wearing only his socks, smoking cigars, drinking cheap gin out of the bottle and watching reruns of I Love Lucy. Tom wouldn't know about that kinda stuff. But then, who would want to know about that? Nasty!
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    Not really. His family is 75 miles down the road in Grimes County. Age may be a factor. Add the **** he went through at UNC - hard to have practice when starters are dragged out of class everyday by FBI, DPS, grand jury. Baylor is past that - safe, big money, close to home.

    Beats the hell outa places like FSU, Ole Miss, where you know you're going on probation in two years or convict gables where you know you're one and done.
  14. PecosBill

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    Fedora was fired Feb 2019 at UNC after 2-9 season.
    Mack Brown was hired to replace Fedora.
    Fedora signed 1 year analyst for $25K at Texas.
    TH had a long look and chose another direction.

    From Texas Sports 2019:
    Herman's addition of analysts added decades of coaching experience to the Texas staff at a minimal investment, which is a significant win for the Longhorns as the analysts help assist in scouting opponents' game film, self scouting, helping in evaluating recruits and assisting with the Longhorns' game planning while they work in a quality control type of role. The analysts are restricted from coaching players on the field and cannot help recruit away from campus.

    While the Longhorns' got off easy in paying their group of analysts, it's likely because of the contracts the former coaches had at their previous schools, which are still paying out the amount of money owed prior to their termination.

    Fedora is set to make the most of the analysts, as his deal at North Carolina featured a $12 million contract buyout, which will be paid to him in $3 million increments over the next four years that remained on his contract with the Tar Heels, according to contract details obtained by GoHeels.com.

    Looks like Baylor is getting a really good deal for Fedora.

    Aranda keeps Joey McGuire, brings Jorge Munoz with him from LSU and hires Fedora as OC. Aranda gets HC level experience in Fedora, LSU NC passing game experience from LSU and keeps a solid recruiter and successful BU coach which keeps BU and Texas HC coaches happy.

    Smart move for a HC with 6 year contract. He builds for the future with hotshot offense up and comer in Munoz that he knows better than any of us, keeps the home base TX HC and recruits with McGuire and gets an experienced HC with Texas credentials as OC while Fedora waits for next HC gig.

    I don't remember a whole lot of "Hire Fedora" posts back in December.
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  15. rick mueller

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    OMG! It's going to be a LOOOONNNGGG offseason!
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  16. Galvestonhorn

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    The sky is falling!!! But who are you referring to as "most everybody else that sees something about Fedora that TH doesn't"? Thats a good one.
  17. rick mueller

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    So, are you saying we are DOOMED?!
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  18. horninchicago

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  19. Austin_Bill

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    I'm sorry but are you guys serious.

    People here cried about Herman offering the DC job to Ash because they called it a comfort hire. He goes out and gets a OC from Ohio State, who just finished the season with one of the most powerful offenses in the country, and you are questioning why he didn't offer a guy who was an analyst for us?

    This the classic definition of damned if you do, and damned if you don't.
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  20. horninchicago

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    Seems to me the overall feeling was not one of being gruntled about the OC hire. Many around here called it another comfort hire.

    Is Fedora not a good OC? Not better than the guy from Ohio State?

    I don't know the answer. I'm just asking. There seemed to be level of citement when Fedora was brought on last year. Now, no one else wonders why he wasn't at least seemingly in the running for OC?
  21. Pomspoms

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    Who cares? I like Yurcich. He looks like a good hire.
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  22. moondog_LFZ

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    Herman has a specific offensive system in mind.
    Seems to pretty much mirror the one at tOSU.
    Yurcich would be a good fit for that.
    Perhaps Fedora was not.
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  23. X Misn Tx

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    1 you may be right. but he did come help us at a cheap price (analyst position that he didn't have to take). that lets me know he and Herman are friendly.
    2 i may be crazy. but i don't think Herman gets along w/ everyone. so your poiunt might have some validity overall, just not w/ Fedora.
    3 i bet he just isn't the lunatic that herman was looking for. maybe herman really wants to be the super OC with an sub OC (I think Garrett did that with the Cowboys to his demise). Maybe Fedora had some different philosophies that made not the ideal fir with Herman
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    One liked almond joy, the other mounds.
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  25. ViperHorn

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    Agree. Fedora is an offensive guru for an offense that Herman doesn't want to build his team around. Not really a big deal, and doesn't reflect on either coach. Yurcich has had success in the offense that Herman (whose *** is on the line) wants and has recruited to.
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    These comments make sense. Hadn't thought about it that way. Thanks. And, I appreciate the reasoned responses from you two.
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    I prefer mounds myself!
  28. Austin_Bill

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    I have some inside information on this.

    What I have been told is that Herman is a right side Twix lover and Fedora was a left side Twix guy. They could never come together.
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