Fellow Ranger fanatics and our Astros cousins who may live in DFW

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    On the Rangers 2019 thread we discussed a get together this season and based on responses we are planning a Horn Fans get together on Saturday May 18 for the Rangers-Cardinals game open to all the Ranger baseball posters in DFW and anyone else, even Astros fans, who want to come out to the old ballgame. Cant promise high level baseball from this years Rangers team but it will be great chance to say goodbye to the Ballpark in its final season and put some faces to the user names.

    More details will follow re tailgate/sportsbar get together before game, tickets etc. For now hold the date and we will start coordinating as baseball season gets going.
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    The game on the 18th is a 3:00 p.m. start and the next day on the 19th is a 2 p.m start so both weekend games will get May heat. The Sunday game is a free final season logo cap day so if folks are inclined to get free stuff we can look at the Sunday game. Another consideration for potentially looking at Sunday is that Saturday being a day game impacts those of us who have kiddos with soccer/baseball during the day. I know my daughter's spring soccer league finishes their tournament that day with the finals at 2:00 p.m. and depending on if her team advances getting to a 3:00 p.m. game would not work.

    If folks are OK with moving to Sunday let me know and lets begin to get idea of who is looking to come so we can start talking a ticket block and pre-game get together etc.
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    Sunday is fine with me.
  4. HornHuskerDad

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    I'm good either day.

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    Looks like Sunday May 19 is day we will go with, that is a 2:05 first pitch. On vivid seats there are 30 dollar tickets in section 216 which is lexus level right at edge of infield on third base side. We can either buy a block and settle up at game or get our own seats in same section and rows where possible.

    We can also meet before game at Boomer Jack's on Collins or Humperdink's on road to six flags or some other suggested location or just at stadium if we want to do traditional tailgate.

    Suggestions welcome.
  6. HornHuskerDad

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    IMO, it's easier to get a body count and then buy a block of seats together. We can meet outside the Ballpark and settle up as we go inside.

    Any idea yet how many we will have?

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    I will be there and get at least two seats maybe three depending on wife and father in law.
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    Will see if I can make that Sunday game May 19th.
  9. Texanne

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    I’m interested in going.
  10. FWHORN

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    Rangers have been well above my expectations 32 games into the season as they sit at .500 so this game could be interesting.

    My wife and I will be attending. Let me know who else is planning to go and I will look into the block of seats. Looking out in home run porch there are blocks of 8 plus at 35 a ticket, looking at Lexus level the blocks are smaller and the seats run from 43 a pop down the baselines. If we go upstairs the blocks get bigger and prices drop into the teens and 20's. Depending on the size of our group we will adjust location accordingly.
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    Looks like between family obligations, kids sports etc. that the 19th isnt going to work for get together for too many people so unfortunately need to pull the plug. Wife and I may still go so if anyone is going to be at the game let me know and if we do end up going we can stop by to say hi. If there is a game in August before football and the fall stuff really gets going that interests folks we can try again later in the summer.:texasflag:
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    Hi, FWHORN. Sorry to hear that we're going to have to scrub the 19 May plan, but do understand that conflicts arise. Hope we can pull something together for later in the season - maybe sometime in August.

    Thanks for you diligence is setting up the idea - hope it works out later!
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  13. FWHORN

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    Made it out to game and Rangers win 5-4 in ten.:texasflag:
  14. HornHuskerDad

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    ^We missed a good one - nice comeback to score two in the bottom of the tenth for the win. Glad you got to go and see the game - hope we can find a time later in the season to have a Hornfans outing at The Ballpark!
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    We almost left after the ninth and were about to leave when Cardinals took lead in tenth and had runners at second and third but stuck it out and were rewarded with the comeback walk off win.

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