Field Turf pictures?

Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by JesterHorn, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. JesterHorn

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    Anyone up in Austin have some pics of how the field is coming along? I know they started removing the real grass on Sunday.
  2. Texas Taps

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    Remove it? They sold it.
  3. LongJohn

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    Still bulldozing and prepping the field. Nothing picture worthy yet.
  4. l00p

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    Trust me, you don't want to see what it looks like now, it's ugly. Bulldozers rumbling on the field, digging in with their metal talons and ripping **** up. It's a big mess of dirt and nothing of recognition. Ther is no field. Like Dave, it's not here, man.
  5. Endust

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    that sounds picture worthy to me!
  6. Zuerst

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    ^^^ yeah, how many times do you get to see a barren DKR?
  7. Dogbert

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    I agree. Pics of the demolition would be interesting.
  8. TyWebb

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  9. Burnt Orange Bevo

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    Very nitfy pics, thanks TyWebb.

    Can't figure out if it looks more like a strip mining operation or a cornfield that's about to get planted.
  10. TexasGolf

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    It is going to look great at night.

  11. Hu_Fan

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    not only great photos, but perfectly sized for the bulletin board.... you get 10 Stars for that effort. Absolutely professional.
  12. Lone_Star

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    They painted the fireworks stand burnt orange? I just did notice that. Thanks a lot for the great pictures. Those stands that are going up are going to be semi-permanent? I guess I just don't really see the support structure for potential bathrooms and/or concessions, but I don't pretend to be an engineer.
  13. Lat22

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    Our stands lay back too much.
  14. drborange

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    Thanks for the pics. As said, very good size and angle. Now I have a pic for this stage of developement. Much appreciated. [​IMG]
  15. Bevo's Buddy

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  16. Trifecta

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    I flew in to Lubbock last weekend and it looked about the same.
  17. win1

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    What happened to the mega drainage system we had in place? Does it work with the new turf or do we install an entirely new system?
  18. Vol Horn 4 Life

    Vol Horn 4 Life 5,000+ Posts

    Based on the trenching it looks like a new system going in.
  19. alt875

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    I hear they are planning a monster truck rally before they put the new field down.
  20. Santafe

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    You have plenty of time to post additional pictures of the installation. The prep work for the FieldTurf installation started in early April and the actual FieldTurf installation is scheduled for June.

    Think FieldTurf doesn't look like real grass? Check out this LAWN installation in Islamorada, Florida The Link .

    See The Link for more information.

    The installation process is pretty involved:


    At the most simplistic extreme, site preparation requires only the stripping of existing sod (generally requiring a “sod cutter” machine) and some hand manicuring of the underlying soils so as to soften naturally occurring peaks and valleys. At the other extreme is major excavation involving substantial areas of “cut and fill,” and involving an extensive array of landscape enhancements as might be imagined.

    In relation to the areas to be covered by, the only important considerations are:

    - The soils must be stable, but not necessarily compacted;
    - Contouring of soils must provide drainage away from permanent structures at a slope that optimally does not exceed 30%;
    - Soils must be suitable to permit vertical drainage without excessive retention;
    - Flat surfaces are avoided in favor of undulations that accentuate what would be considered naturally appearing to the overall landscape.


    A specified structural edge must be installed. The laying out and staking of the edging over the entirety of the site is the precursor step to the physical installation.


    Since the design phase recognizes how standard (15 foot width rolls) will come together within the limits of the perimeter edging, the turf is first cut into rectangles (known as panels). The panels are laid-out on the natural soils and within the predetermined pattern.

    The panels are then cut/trimmed into the edging the same way as indoor carpet is cut to a wall surface. Next, the panels are seamed together using a tape and/or glue process which is also traditionally similar to indoor carpet.

    The turf is then attached by screws into the structural edging on the entirety of the perimeter.


    Layers of specified sand and rubber are drop spread and settled between the synthetic grass fibers through a process know as “Infilling”.


    Grooming utilizes a power broom and hand broom to manicure the final rubber infill layer to a desired and consistent exposure height of the synthetic grass blades.


    This final step involves the maneuvering of planting bed soils, mulch, stones and/or other landscape materials back against the outer side of the perimeter edging. General clean-up and the return of ornamentation completes the installation project.
  21. RecklessKelli

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    Great information there Santefe. Thanks for that. I've thought many times about removing the GIANT pain in the *** that is mowing the yard and treating the lawn by putting in an artificial turf. I think as water costs go up we'll see people doing this. One question though. Looking at their website it says "great for pets." What about all the piss and sh*t?
  22. rickysrun

    rickysrun 2,500+ Posts

    the thought of field turf makes me sick
  23. DigglerontheHoof

    DigglerontheHoof 1,000+ Posts

    No matter how "real" it looks, it's ******* plastic. Football should not be played on plastic. But that's "progress" for you. We should just put a roof over DKR, change the name to Joe Jamail Dome and be done w/ it. [​IMG]
  24. MilkmanDan

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  25. glenn

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    the thing that bothers me about field turf for residential use is what do you do when that goes bad? everything we do has a life cycle. can you just replace the carpet?

    it reminds me a little of the vinyl roof craze for cars some years ago. nobody thought about what do you do when the sun eats that stuff up.

    laser eye surgery is a little like that, too. how good is it 30 years later? 40? 50? we don't know.
  26. cincyhorn

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    How about motorcross??
  27. 4th&5

    4th&5 1,000+ Posts

    I guess since it requires very little maintenance, our season ticket prices will go down in price! [​IMG]
  28. Wesser

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    Dont we have enough ******* plastic in the world so that we don't need to replace our grass with plastic? Come on you posers, this is akin to fake flowers and covering your couch in plastic. For a football field is one thing - for you lawn
  29. Texas Jack

    Texas Jack 1,000+ Posts

    Just a question...

    How many of you went to the spring game?

    The field was actually bald in some spots.

    Plastic is cheap any doesn't have the same nostalgia, but you don't see us going back to leather helmets.

    Get used to it. This is Texas, grass doesn't grow here.
  30. Santafe

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    Alll of you bitching and crying about the new fake grass better deal with it. It's going in whether you like it or not, and you'll see more Big-12 teams installing it.

    If you don't like the idea of the new fake turf, why don't you ***** about it to Coach Brown? (It won't change anything, but I guess you'll feel better. ) Who do you think made the decision to replace the real stuff with the synthetic? Think back to how crappy our real grass looked and how bad the footing was during the A&M game, or have you conveniently forgotten about these important factors?

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