Field Turf pictures?

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    thank you, pancake. i see what you guys mean by 'two toned'.

    actually, i think there are more than two shades of green. if the field were all the same shade of green it would look awful.

    it can't be perfect. chill out.
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    The Spring game on TV had every 10 yards of field dark green, light green, dark green and so on, did they change that to all either dark or green? That is what I meant by two tones, it is definately on purpose. It looks like stripes going width wise across the field.
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    Keep in mind that for the Spring Game they had natural grass turf and it was the last time for it. They ripped it out and sold pieces. Then they put in the turf. I don't recall them ever having the two toned field for any actual games, however. I don't know how I would feel about it. I sort of like it on tv when I have seen other teams play on it.
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    Major was reffering to stadiums that use a different colors of green every five yards and alternate down the field.

    Not mix colors on the blades.
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    That's our old field turf. Judging from the garb, I'd say that was from the '03 game... We installed our 2nd surface in '05 and I believe it's the same version that you guys have. The end zones aren't quite as bright nowadays.

    I think the color looks good in the new end zones - very close to the UT burnt orange color.

    The rubber stuff will kick up pretty badly in year 1 but eventually it'll all settle and you won't notice it. We had planned to move back to real turf when the end zone was completed (you'd think a f'ng ag school could grow grass... ), but I guess the players/coaches love the stuff so much and it's so cost effective to have it that it made sense to leave it the way it is.

    You guys will get used to it and the players like it better anyway, so it'll work out.
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    The different shades of grass (i.e. every 5 yards as seen at spring game) is purely a function of mowing each 5-yard section in the opposite direction.
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    I'm in Austin on bidness today and got a look at the end zones. They're "taint", as Darrell Royal used to refer to rained-on artificial turf that wasn't wet or dry: taint Okey State fire-engine orange and taint burnt orange, either.

    Just make'em the color of the bills of the caps of the baseball team. How hard is that to do when you're spending hundreds of millions on the rest?
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    ..about as hard as it is for some people to stop whining about the colors..

    Maybe just about as hard as impressing an overly picky fan-base over a color that is perceived to be a different shade to EACH of the fans. About as hard to calibrate some of these viewers' monitors to ensure they're seeing true image colors and not saturated/undersaturated colors before they whine about posted pictures. About as hard to calibrate a camera to ensure color correction.

    Cmon people.. the only thing anyone should be whining about is why the season isn't coming any faster! Who the hell cares about the field. I know I'm not cheering for the field. I'm more concerned about the team on the field, and how many tears are shed by the team cowering w/ their tail between their legs as they mope off the field and back onto the bus for one hella long trip. Before you know it, people are going to complain about that Chris Whaley is too big to be a RB...
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    Thanks for setting us straight, dad.
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