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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by LonghornCatholic, Jan 8, 2019.

  1. Hoop

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    10 wins, a Sugar Bowl victory, and a top ten finish in the AP...I like it. It's been awhile since we did anything like that.
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    PROGRESS, Ladies and gentlemen...…!!!
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  3. X Misn Tx

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    There no ranking in the NFL. It's a non sequitur.

    We don't have one league with full playoffs.

    Bowls are mostly earned pageantry. The records matter
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  4. Statalyzer

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    We're also many spots ahead of a team with the same number of losses as us, only one of those came without their senior QB, and who took the head to head on our home field.
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  5. horninchicago

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    As in 2008, the polls should reflect how good each team is now, not several weeks back. We beat ou head to head in 2008 and ended up behind them because everyone thought they were better at the end.
  6. NJlonghorn

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    I assume you mean the 2008 pre-Bowl poll. Yes, we were behind OU in that poll and you are probably right that the biggest factor was the end-of-season eye test. But we had the same 1 loss they did at the time, meaning the voters had to find a basis to decide who goes ahead. Link If it were me, I'd have given more weight to head-to-head, but I can't argue that this result was entirely irrational.

    In contrast, we ended this season as the highest-ranked 4-loss team. Given how our ranking trended through the season (link), it looks like the pollsters gave us a lot of credit for how we played down the stretch. Otherwise, we wouldn't be rated ahead of 4-loss SEC teams, not to mention a 3-loss SEC team and a 2-loss PAC 12 team. But I don't think it would be fair to put even more weight on that factor. We did lose to Maryland. That should count for something.
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  7. NJlonghorn

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    I just looked through the final AP rankings for every year since 2000. We are the highest-ranked 4-loss team in that era and only one other team was close (Auburn, 10th last year).
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  8. horninchicago

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    @NJlonghorn, good stuff. I will still not be convinced after throttling Georgia they should still be ahead of us. It was also noted that Texas finished with highest SOS, so we lost 4 games with the toughest SOS. What did Georgia or ND or others ahead of us finish SOS wise?
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  9. Sangre Naranjada

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    I can agree Georgia should perhaps be lower than #8. We shouldn't be any higher than we currently sit though.
  10. Chinstrap

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    Non sequitur........grasping the obvious? Or just a failure to understand the use of a satirical attempt to show the ludicrousness of polls whose voters don’t even appear to watch the games.

    As to bowl games being only for pageantry, that ended many years ago. And The Committee has a few pageants (bowl games) in their so-called M-NC trip. If the outcomes of bowl games do not matter, let’s just give a certificate of participation in keeping with the snowflake mantra, “everybody gets a trophy”.

    As to the matter of records, not pageantry results, UCF ranked #11 at 12-1 will need to be ahead of #5 LSU at 10-3, who beat them. ND who has a record of 12-1 should not be behind OU with their record of 12-2 since both lost their pageant games to members of The Committee’s selected final four.

    Here’s the deal. Texas is better than Ga., Clemson is better than Bama and LSU is better than UCF. All because they beat their respective opponent at the end of the season. When you beat the other guy, you have proven that you are better than the other guy. Why in today’s world is that hard to understand (everybody gets a …………?)? Let the Polls reflect the truth of who is best at this point in time. It seems that the only one of the three teams above that need not apply is Texas, and I do not understand why some on this board choose to accept that. When I grew up if I beat them on the athletic field, the playground on in a fistfight in the neighborhood, I was the best. But, these are just polls by the sometimes uninformed and the sometimes biased and so they really do not matter that much.

    This is where I move on to get my tasks done so that they do not interfere with my happy hour session with a bottle of Scotch .
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  11. Horn6721

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    Yes NEVER let anything get in the way of a bottle of scotch.

    I know it is not feasible but I might like to see a mini tournament where it is not lose one game and it is over.
  12. LonghornDave

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  13. X Misn Tx

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    While I appreciate your passion...
    1) I didn't say ONLY for pageantry, I said mostly. Because they do factor in to the records. Also, head-to-head is also important.
    2) Never said the outcomes of bowl games do not matter. I'll leave it at that.
    3) Maryland has proven that they are better than Texas? That seems hardly right.
    4) I think Texas is better than Georgia, I just accept the logic of the college football pollsters (except for the 4 teams that actually get a playoff) that take total record into account, not solely the very last game.

    EDIT:: This is partially why I'd support an expanded playoff. I think playoffs determine how well a team finished.
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  14. horninchicago

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    That record should include SOS, IMHO.
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  15. Htown77

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    In 2007, a 6-7 Maryland team beat an 11-3 Bost College team that finished #10 in the AP Poll.

    In 1951, a #3 10-0 Maryland team beat #1 10-1 Tennessee in the Sugar Bowl.
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