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    Vance Bedford... <ducks for cover>
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    Would be an improvement.
  3. SabreHorn

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    Are you wanting to test your new bomb shelter?
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    Gray would be a perfect hire. We finally have an AD that should be able to make things happen. We need someone that knows big time D and Gray fits the bill. Plus one of the finest Longhorns to ever lace up the cleats.
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  5. ShAArk92

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    with only 3 down linemen rushing ... this is correct.

    The occasional safety blitz works when you have 4 down linemen with at least one of those guys a renowned pass rusher because the QB has to miss him ... THEN the safety arrives. But when the QB is chunking the ball within 3" of the the snap, you're absolutely correct. All we did was vacate the throwing lanes.

    I don't like a read/react defense either ... back on our heels, but the game is won at the LOS ... STILL. When 8 of the 11 are off the LOS (no quibbling about a CB in man coverage of a receiver 5 yards from the sideline) ... it's a real challenge to get any pressure.
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  6. ShAArk92

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    Les Miles: I laugh at the superior intellect
  7. BevoJoe

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    Ahhhhhh, a little intrigue among the vassals in the King’s Court....
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  8. BevoJoe

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    :facepalm: I wouldn’t put VB in charge of the toilets at DKR stadium. That would be a mess of epic proportions.
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    Soooo the injuries just don't matter...… oooo kay! A walk on safety is on the field at game's end? Nah, no excuses...… tell me, ominiscient ones, what other college team has this many injuries and are kicking *** on defense? Oklahoma had no injury problems, they just sucked on defense, and then got coached up. Can we at least wait until everyone is vertical and on the field before we burn the witch?
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  10. horninchicago

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    I said in another thread that maybe it's technique that causes all the injuries. Some say it's the schemes that put the DBs in a position of having to make so many tackles, that they usually miss.

    Is it that they are too physical in practice and banged up so that in games they are more susceptible to injury?

    Why is it that Texas has so many injured players compared to other teams?
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  11. SabreHorn

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    Why do members of our defense get hurt in practice? What is different? Because in games the only thing they hit hard is the ground; sure as hell isn’t the opposing players.

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  12. old65horn

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    Our defense has made almost every QB we have faced look like Heisman material. Look at Okie light, their QB has done nothing since our game. WV QB looked pretty good too, not since. Rice, can't say but he got some yards against us.
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  13. wadster

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    No we can't. because a large part of coaching is what do you do when you don't have everyone. Do you keep putting freshman out on islands? Do you ask guys to do what they are not capable of doing with the physical tools they have? Or do you play a bend/don't break game plan like we did against OU. Do you bring the same blitz every friggin time? Or do you show some imagination. That's why I want him fired. Not because of one game, or how we responded to a few injuries. It's his lack of understanding of what he can accomplish with what he has. Good team leaders find the best in the people they have, they don't shove square pegs into round holes. TO seems incapable of that and at 2M a year he sure as hell should be able to lead his squad.

    We either lose or play in too many tight games because of our 3rd down pass defense. The scheme is just stupid. No other way to describe it. It'd take 4 thorp award winners to run that successfully. Michael Griffin knows more about how to run a D than TO. TO should listen to him.
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  14. Austin_Bill

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    Not when you are getting killed by the worst team in the conference. I can live with the injury excuse when we are playing Oklahoma or LSU, but seriously, Kansas? They scored 48 on our defense. Unless that one safety is responsible for giving up all 48 pts it becomes just another excuse.

    This is about Orlando unwilling to make changes to try and fix this. We need change because the status quo is just not working. Herman is going to screw around and lose all the good will he has built up.

    I like Herman, I think he is the right guy for the job, if he can get out of his own way and make the changes he needs to make before it is too late.
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  15. joh

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    Injury report


    10/20/19 RB Jordan Whittington Groin is "?" Saturday vs TCU
    10/14/19 DB Chris Brown Arm is out indefinitely
    10/14/19 LB Jeffrey McCulloch Shoulder is out indefinitely
    09/23/19 LB Marcus Tillman Jr. Knee is out for season
    09/23/19 DB Cade Sterns Leg is out indefinitely
    09/23/19 DB Jalen Green Shoulder is out indefinitely
    09/23/19 DB Josh Thompson Foot is out indefinitely
    08/29/19 TE Rob Cummins Knee is out indefinitely
    08/27/19 WR Joshua Moore Suspension is out indefinitely
    08/23/19 TE Cade Brewer Concussion is out indefinitel

    Date Pos Player Injury Status
    10/19/19 RB Trestan Ebner Undisclosed is "?"
    10/13/19 LB Clay Johnston Knee is out for season
    10/07/19 OL Connor Galvin Undisclosed is out indefinitely
    10/03/19 RB Craig Williams Undisclosed is out indefinitely
    09/13/19 WR Gavin Holmes ACL is out for seaso


    10/13/19 LB Dru Prox Shoulder is "?" Saturday vs Texas
    09/30/19 RB Khalil Herbert Personal is out indefinitel


    10/20/19 WR Malik Knowles Foot is "?" Saturday vs Oklahoma
    10/20/19 RB Jordon Brown Undisclosed is "?" Saturday vs Oklahoma
    09/26/19 LB Cody Fletcher Leg is out indefinitely
    08/29/19 LB Justin Hughes ACL is out for seaso


    10/20/19 WR A.D. Miller Undisclosed is "?" Saturday vs Kansas State
    10/20/19 TE Grant Calcaterra Undisclosed is "?" Saturday vs Kansas State
    10/20/19 S Robert Barnes Undisclosed is "?" Saturday vs Kansas State
    10/04/19 K Calum Sutherland Suspension is out indefinitely
    10/04/19 DB Miguel Edwards Transferred has left team
    08/08/19 CB Tre Norwood Knee is out for seaso


    10/20/19 WR Al'Dontre Davis Undisclosed is "?" Saturday vs Texas
    10/20/19 RB Emari Demercado Undisclosed is "?" Saturday vs Texas
    10/20/19 CB Keenan Reed Undisclosed is "?" Saturday vs Texas
    10/20/19 WR TreVontae Hights Leg is "?" Saturday vs Texas
    10/07/19 WR Dylan Thomas Leg is out for season
    09/20/19 QB Justin Rogers Knee is out indefinitely
    09/02/19 QB Matthew Baldwin Undisclosed is out indefinitely
    08/11/19 DB Noah Daniels Undisclosed is out for season
    08/05/19 PK Cole Bunce Undisclosed is out indefinitel

    10/17/19 LB Vandarius Cowan Knee is out for season
    10/13/19 CB Hakeem Bailey Suspension is OUT 1st Half
    10/10/19 S Jovanni Stewart Redshirt is out for season
    10/09/19 WR Sean Ryan Upper Body is out indefinitely
    09/25/19 OL Josh Sills Shoulder is out for season
    09/21/19 DL Taijh Alston Knee is out for seaso
  16. joh

    joh 25+ Posts

    there are some updates - but didnt have the time to update
  17. zuckercanyon

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    Maybe Mike Stoops or Brent Venables are available. So you think a new guy yelling at these guys missing tackles will make a difference? I kinda think if you had this many injuries to any other defense in the country, you just might see a fall off...maybe not 'Bama because they're llloooooaaadddeedd, but, as I've said on many different threads here, Texas is not loaded, far from it, maybe in a couple more seasons of recruiting.

    Don't get me wrong, we have those younger all stars that are hurt, you'd see a whole different result. They go down and the guys who aren't as good in practice and not as highly recruited etc etc etc, you're going to see lesser results, BECAUSE THEY'RE NOT AS GOOD AS THE STARTERS!!!!!

    All of you geniuses who don't believe in recruiting/stars/logic, please continue....
  18. tchill

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    It seems to me that some are missing the point. Yes, there are injuries. But, for God's sake, don't put the replacements in positions that need skills that they have not yet developed. TO should acknowledge the limitations of the replacements and put them in positions where they are somewhat protected. Make the offense earn the yards a few at a time. These all out gambling tactics are like betting on an inside straight, might hit one every once in a while, but you will go broke waiting.
  19. X Misn Tx

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    i think if we could separate out these two issues, it would help our friendly conversations. the truth is when you minimize the impact of injuries it muddies the discussion.

    to your point...given the extensive injuries to our impact defensive players...what should our coaches be doing to help the backups/unprepared to 1 improve quickly and 2 hide their deficiencies? and should they have been making changes already?
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  20. horninchicago

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    Since Texas is so prone to injury, why are they are unprepared?
  21. Detective Shilala

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    I have to admit Its fun to be mad at someone, and I myself have piled on TO PLENTY.

    But we really are a mash unit. Its impossible to now how much better the defense would be if Sterns, Green, Brown, McCullough (all impact players in our back 7) were healthy.
    The play would definitely be "elevated" But still, would TO have them playing to expectations? I have some doubts but like I said, its impossible to know.

    Also maybe some of the blame should be shared. Should we also be mad at Yancy McKnight? Ou conditioning seems good, and so he seems above reproach with the fans. But could it be that functional strength or flexibility have suffered resulting in injuries?
    Or could it be the nature of the physical summer practices that contribute, and is on Herman?

    Anyway. I don't know ****. All I know is I am mad.
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  22. stanhin

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    Injuries are a huge part of the problem, but, as other posters have noted, the remaining players cannot handle the current scheme, so, until we get healthy, simplify the defense, rush only 4, disperse the remaining seven in a simple zone coverage scheme, keep the receivers from getting behind them, focus on tackling, and force the other team's offense to earn their scores by driving the field in relatively small chunks without making mistakes.
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  23. BevoJoe

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    IIRC; we were losing guys during the summer workouts. Then lost some during the season also during practice, a couple during games. So, I echo your question, what are they doing in training camp and practice during the season to generate so many injuries? Do they happen during conditioning drills or when practicing O and D plays and sets? Whatever it is, it has sidelined too many starters, particularly on the D side of the ball.
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  24. Pomspoms

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    In the mean time our fans will suffer ...pain
  25. Pomspoms

    Pomspoms 2,500+ Posts

    You're right but I can't see Herman getting out of his own way. I could pile on with negativity but I don't feel like it.
  26. SabreHorn

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    Solution is simple. Everybody chip in and pay Dionysus to drive the few blocks over from his house and convince Gary Joseph to accept $500,000 a year to be a defensive "consultant". His dad used to sit with T & Phyllis Jones at some of our games.

    Last time Katy HS was blown out or embarrassed by their defense?
  27. moondog_LFZ

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    Just win, baby!
  28. wadster

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    Have you read anything in this thread? Of course there will be a fall off. But have you ever watched a football game? Did you see us blitz guys on this stupid delayed blitz and vacate the middle of the field every 3rd down? Did you see those guys ever get to the QB? No of course not because it's physically impossible. So they were playing 11 on 9 on every 3rd down and then the QB looks all world. Of course he did. Quit making excuses for TOs stupidity. Yea, we've had injuries. Yea, we won't be as good. But no, we don't have to play stupid on top of it. It's not that complicated to dissect the incredibly stupid scheme we ran time after time after time. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result TO is by very definition insane. He needs to be fired because he's just dumb. No other way to spin that. And BTW IQ is not the only way to measure intellect. One of my worst employees ever was a mensa. Guy couldn't give me squat as a programmer. Kept wanting to rewrite his code over and over. What i needed was results, not perpetual evaluation. Our mensa boy over analyzes everything. Simple things like take the touch back. Take the easy yards. Oh no... we can't do that.
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  29. MajesticII

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    Herman is just as idiotic on offense. Refuses to get under center with a yard or two to go and PUSH the QB five yards with big bodies behind him, like so many other teams are doing time and time again.......NOOOO...He has to stay in his shotgun because ," That is what we do and we can't deviate from our way of doing things....SMDH
  30. wadster

    wadster 5,000+ Posts

    There is this unemployed dude out there named UM. Give him 9M a year but get him signed. Rest will take care of itself. I like TH. He's a good coach, but he outthinks himself. TO has shown he's incapable of getting it. We've been in the 100s in pass defense for 3 years now. A decent DC would at least figure out how to get us into the 70s even with injuries. At first it was LSU has a great QB. OU has a great QB. Hello, Kansas does not have a great QB. I'm about done and I'm sure most want me to go away anyway. I'll be fishing if it's not raining Saturday. They gotta earn my time. So far not so much. The only game I enjoyed this year was the LSU game because it was the only game I felt we played pretty well in. Outside of 3rd and 17 and once again we bring the house, leave our CBs on an island and of course lose the game. But at least it was fun. Rest of the games just feel more torture than fun. Because I know we could get so much more out of this team. Time to do something else.
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