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    1. Jimbo-no excuse to lose to LSU. Sure 8-5, but 2 of those were against Kent and Prarie View.
    2. Riley- 2 losses with this talent? And fire Grinch as well.
    3. Saban- lost to Auburn? Well should have. And Aggie? With all of this 5* talent? He must go
    4. Ryan Day- tOSU was not prepared
    5. Harbaugh- oh wait , that was last year. Never mind give him a raise and extension.
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  2. mchammer

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    Sagan should have lost but won with great players.
  3. HoffHorn

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    Re- Set! #3

    I LOVE YOUR PASSION!…..but…..
  4. mchammer

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  5. Horn6721

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    I see what you did there, :clap:
  6. NRHorn

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    I know, I corrected it. Auburn outplayed Bama and I turned it off :)
  7. 22Horn

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    Ala was very impressive on the last drive of 98 yards and very little time on clock. I had alteady counted them out of playoffs but they believed in each other. Might have been a different outcome if ref would have called the ear hole tacke a penalty as it should have been. Still impressed and I am not a Bama fan!!
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  8. caryhorn

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    He certainly has great players. I think he won because the Auburn running back ran out of bounds. Had he just sat down 40 more seconds would have run off the clock. Game over.

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