First time in 47 years that I was not in DALLAS at TEXAS/o.u.

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    What a BLESSING to have been at all the games from 1972-2017....

    ...had a severely hurt doggie that I could not way, no how....really no decision, there....wanted her to be comforted and loved on....

    ...made a special outing to a sports bar in Bellevue Washington and watched with two o.u. ladies way across the room....very emotional, for sure....a real "out of body" experience watching it unfold on TV...I was 17 the last time I did that....

    ….so THANKFUL for the WIN, finding out my doggies' prognosis is favorable and the sooner ladies turned out to be die-hards and really nice....

    ….streak starts over in 2019!!! Go!! 'Horns!!!
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    That is an incredible streak of ou games.... but your miss this year was for a good reason. Hope your dog makes a full recovery. You have seen some truly incredible and historic games in the rivalry. Lot's of HIGHS and lows! Was 1972 your freshman year at UT?

    Over the years I have attended about 25 games with the first being 1968. Sat. was my first ou game in a long time - wow, what a game / WIN!!

    If you care to share, I'm curious what games were your favorites (and why) and worst?
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    I am so glad your doggie will be ok
    And I know you represented us in Seattle
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    The sports bar let you take a pet in?

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    I did that! always! very emotional TV watching....for sure!!!

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    no, she went along for the ride....was in the glad she got to go along and stick her head out the window....doing better, now....still have a road ahead of us of healing....hopefully, she will get back to normal....fingers crossed...
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    Need a pic of doggie getting better

    and to keep it sports related
    put a football with her in pic:hookem:

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    yes, Worster, I was a Freshman in 1972....was the very first to draw o.u. tickets at the tiny ticket office to the right inside Gregory Gym...believe it or not, I woke up at 6 a.m. in Jester and had breakfast and went across the street and there was this one girl there when I got there and she was at one window and I was at the next....I had all the I.D.'s of the people I was going with and we handed them to the lady behind the counter and she handed me 4 tickets and the girl four tickets....being Freshman and never having done this before we had no idea where the seats were and this guy turned it over and said, "buddy, those are great!"...well, my seats were 32 rows up and SO 50 yard line the guy next to me had RED on....the next three years I was on the field event I obviously was hooked on....and for 46 years, I was there!!! next year starts another streak...Hook'EM!!!
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    Good stuff TnS - thank you for sharing. I too was a tender young college frosh the fall of 1972. Much easier to get ou tickets back in those days!

    Hope your dog is getting better!

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    HOW BLESSED were WE??? Austin was in it's HAY DAY, for sure....the 5 minute rush hour when the University and State let out...Zilker was incredible! Lake Travis was incredible...AND, to be part of 10 folks (instead of 110) cheering the 'HORNS on the field was absolutely incredible!!!
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