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    update on the Fla St. game. I was probably right about the the double overtime playing a role. Here's a report from the Boneyard:

    Just got home from the UVA game. FSU didn't lose just because Thomas went down. FSU has the best rebounding margin in the ACC - UVA outrebounded them by 10. FSU is a pretty good 3 pt shooting team (Romero one of the best in the country) - their 3 starting guards shot 3 for 20. UVA has a swarming defense that can be effective for periods of the game - tonight it was consistently tough. UVA has played some pretty good teams tough. Lost to Louisville after blowing a big lead. Same with Syracuse. Sure losing Thomas made a difference, but she wasn't dominating. I think Monday's double OT game might have had a bigger impact. UVA has been on the verge of this all year. They're starting 3 freshmen. They look really ugly at times - yes, missed tons of layups! Tonite they finally pulled it all together for a whole game.
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    The Oklahoma game was closer than the final score looked; we pulled away very late.

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