Florida's Dunlap arrested, charged with DUI

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by horn blooded, Dec 1, 2009.

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    'Ol Urb will have him run a couple bleachers today, and he'll be ready to go Saturday afternoon.
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    This is beginning to look a lot like "yours, mine, and ours" in the DUI department. Let's see if Urban is as quick to act as Mack.
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    He suspend him for a series, then Dunlap will suspend himself for another series, so he's not a distraction.
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    He's joking (no link), referring to the Spikes suspension where he was told he had to sit out the first half and Spikes made it the whole game.
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    Could this influence Marcus and D.J.'S suspension? No way Dunlap misses the rest of the season.
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    Tebow will lay hands on him and all transgressions will be absolved. Praise be to Jeebus.
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    DJ has already missed two games. If he misses the Big12 championship that would be three. I would expect him to play in a BCS game. Marcus is probably done for the year.
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    I would be incredibly shocked and disappointed in Mack if he changed their suspensions. He is above that. I believe that this is more than football to him. He wants to instill values in his players and teach them proper ethics and so forth, just as a parent would do for their child.

    You guys are giving Urban too much credit. He will suspend him for the opening ceremony and half-time festivities, that should suffice.
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    i imagine urban will need more time to investigate matters. the investigation will probably go on for two weeks. He will probably get suspended from practice for a week and be ready in the bcs game.
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    You're overlooking the real problem, which is that special people - that is, Players - are being treated in a regular-people way.

    What is needed here is a way for the cops to know that they're dealing with a Player, before they get to the point of Official Business.

    The BCS needs to issue a wristband, similar to the nifty "Livestrong" and "Pink Heals" and zillion others, but with an RFID chip embedded, so there's an alarm that gets kicked off whenever the Player is within ten feet (or three meters, for those of you who are Metric kinda folks) of a cop. The wristband could be imprinted with the Team Name and Logo, plus the BCS logo.

    They'd not only protect the Players from unfortunate interactions with cops, but non-chipped versions would be hot commodities, too, and sales of those would probably pay for the whole program - Official Players' Wristbands, RFID Alarms, and all... and if there was a little bit of a shortfall, we'd just pay a few dollars more for a ticket to the Game.
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    Arrest Report

    Check the link. Dunlap was not exactly DWI - more like passed out at a green light with the car in drive (yeah, I know that still qualifies). He's damn lucky not to have injured or killed himself or innocents.
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    Since when are prison jumpsuits green and white?
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    Urban will suspend him for half the game. I think when Florida has the ball will suffice.
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    Sounds like he was blasted. I think Urban takes this seriously and suspends him from the pregame meal.

    I suspect, since he is a starter and great player, that Gator Jesus will lay hands on him tonight and cure him of the demon alcohol. thus allowing dunlap to start the game saturday.
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    Urban will probably take all week to look into the allegations and then hand down a 12 minute suspension for the game on Saturday. If not he will take all week to look into the supposed allegations and have a suspension for two weeks following the SEC title game.
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    "This act goes against everything The University of Florida and Gator football represents, and will not go unpunished. The player in question will not be allowed to participate in the entire first offensive series in the upcoming conference championship game versus Alabama." U.M.
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    An Alabama fan posted this response to the news on the FoxSports site
    " I hope Dunlap did not try an eye gouge the cop who arrested him or he may have to sit out half the game."

    I laughed out loud at that one.
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    Asleep at the wheel is right.
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    Tebow will start at DE, make 20 tackles, and run off with the Heisman.
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