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  1. fkubacak

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    Haven’t seen anything about a flyover for game honoring veterans
  2. Giovanni Jones

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    Sunset will be at 5:35 p.m., game doesn't start until 6:30 p.m.+, so I think it's kind of doubtful.
  3. fkubacak

    fkubacak 100+ Posts

    My thoughts exactly
  4. Texadelphia

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    Stealth bomber flyover then.
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  5. Giovanni Jones

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    That, or they could play a recorded jet roar over the Jumbotron at full volume and say there were jets flying overhead
  6. Horn6721

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    Best flyover at DKR was several years ago. It was the Tech game. At dusk. F18s came screaming from the south, flew much lower than they do now . Hit the afterburners as they passed. Seeing the "fire" coming out and the roar as they climbed was unforgettable.
    But any flyover is special.
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  7. Giovanni Jones

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    Last time the Super Bowl was held in Houston, the F-16s for the flyover orbited my town (40 miles south of NRG stadium) until it was showtime. (That kept them out of the way from the flight paths for Houston Hobby, I reckon). That was kind of cool to watch.
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  8. Texanne

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