Following recruiting is fun again.

Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by I35, Feb 20, 2015.

  1. I35

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    What Charlie has brought to recruiting was the way it was in the earlier 2000's. It was exciting to follow then and now its back. The last several years I would only visit the recruiting board right before signing day. But Charlie has changed all that. I figured Charlie would go on vacation after Feb 4th, but I'm starting to think vacation isn't in his vocabulary. Relentless Charlie is doing his thing.
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  2. Badass

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    Agree 100%. the nationwide net makes it ALOT more exciting to me
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  3. Godz40acres

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    Charlie don't do vacation.

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  4. MudHorn

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    It feels like there is some passion around recruiting again. Charlie is going after what he wants and I think he’s ready to scrap with anyone. He knows he is in a great position with something special to sell.

    I know I'm biased and wishful about all this but I do think he is restoring the program’s championship ambitions, and maybe doing it on an accelerated timetable.
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  5. Godz40acres

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    Agree. My guess is 2016-'17 we're in the "playoffs."
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